Betty Shelby; A ‘Win’ At A Great Cost.

Betty Shelby photo-2Two blogs ago we looked at Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby’s charts relating to her shooting of Terrance Crutcher.  Crutcher was a 40 year old black man who stopped in the middle of a street and indicated he had problems with his vehicle.  Shelby and her partner were first on the scene, followed by a police helicopter and a second team of officers.  Crutcher was near his vehicle, his hands in the air.  He did not lie down on the ground as he was ordered to.  Shelby and her partner were between their car and Crutcher’s car, some 20 feet from him.  The partner fired his taser to disable Crutcher, Shelby fired one shot, fatally striking Crutcher.  For several minutes no body knelt to help Crutcher who died a short time later.  A video was provided in the earlier blog.

Shelby turned herself in and was arrested, then released on bail.  A court case was opened on Sept. 30, 2016, and concluded on May 17, 2017.  The Moon-to-Sun Return chart that applies to that court ruling is shown below.


This t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart occurs on the same day as the trial was concluded.  The first thing we note is t/Moon-n/Sun in the 4th house, near the IC angle.  A new phase in her life is to begin.  The second factor we note is t/Mercury at the Desc. angle along with the n/Asc.  Mercury represents news (or in this court trial context; testimony, documents or news).  Important news or testimony will be given by another on this date.

The natal Ascendant at the Descendant angle.  In my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, page 160 at the end of the chapter defining planetary-pairs, notes are offered on the meanings of natal angles found at the Return or Advanced chart’s angles.  The generic meaning suggested for n/Asc. at t/Desc. is “changing your direction, canceling efforts made on another’s behalf.”  We will review how this fits with her court finding.

t/Moon-to-n/Sun at the IC and t/Mercury-Desc.-n/Asc. are the only angular planets.  The t/PoF (even if it is not angular) is always something to consider.  Here, t/PoF in the 9th opposes t/Pluto-n/MC;  a total change will affect Shelby’s career and life plan.

It is now time to play ‘astrological hopscotch.’  Having looked at t/Mercury, let us now look at natal Mercury which has an out-of-sign square (4 degrees of orb) to t/Sun.  The news is not fully in her best interests, problems will be a result of that news.  n/Moon conjoins n/Saturn and this pair opposes t/Saturn-n/N.Node.  At the critical adult year of age at 43, Betty Shelby will be held to some form of accounting.  We can also look at n/PoF in the 11th house of community service where it is opposed by t/Neptune, squared by t/Mars.  Rash actions (n/PoF) with unclear objectives (t/Neptune) cause an attack by those having shared control and actions concerning ‘you.’ 

On this date, Betty Shelby was found to be not guilty.  Her penalty was the loss of her job at the police department, a letter from the jury stating that they viewed her as unfit to ever hold that or a similar job in the future, and the riots that occurred in Tulsa over this finding which so many saw as grossly unfair.  This incident was one of many similar incidents where a member of the black community was shot and killed by a white police officer.  Widespread protests over these incidents have always followed and yet little progress in resolving these actions seems to result.  This blog site isn’t ‘politically’ driven yet this is one example taken from the daily news that occurs across the nation.  While I use these news accounts to demonstrate how we can use them to practice and improve our astrological skills, we cannot overlook the terrible costs to families and to our own individual communities that result.  Dave.



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