Comedian Takes On “Debt”

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I am not sure exactly what I wish to demonstrate in this posting in terms of what the chart is to tell us.  It is a good chart.  But, it isn’t so much an “event” as it is the “telling about an event.”  And while John Oliver is known as a comedian, he also has his serious side.  In this posting he is talking about what happens to your personal debt when you cannot make payments on that debt.  Only John Oliver could talk about this subject and still interject humor into his story.

As the story given in the URL video link above indicates, when you default on paying a loan, the lender (or bank) gives up after awhile and “writes off” your loan as a loss on its books.  There is always a certain small percentage of such losses.  But, the bank “sells” that loan to a debt collector, perhaps for 5 cents on the dollar, thereby recovering a small part of its loan.  The debt collector than starts to call you, seeking the full amount of the original loan.  This is where it gets interesting.

Let us assume that you, the defaulting loan recipient, just keeps the loan-money and somehow avoids the debt-collection agency.  While they could attach your pay check, take your car, etc., let us assume you somehow avoid their clutches.  They will give up and resell your loan, perhaps for one cent on the dollar, to another loan collector.  Now, this other debt-collector goes after you for the original loan amount.  

So, let us look at a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for John Oliver, June 5, 2017, set in Jackson, Mississippi, USA.  


t/Sun is at the MC and the t/Moon-n/Sun opposition is from the 2nd to the 8th house.  In conventional astrology, this house axis has to do with money, resources, the management of other people’s assets.  So, this chart seems to very much reflect just what this TV show is talking about.  “Talk.”  Can chart’s show ‘talk.’  Well, in this case John Oliver did more than just talk.  He, and his staff, set up a ‘debt-collecting’ business in Jackson, Mississippi.  They purchased some $15,000,000 of debt!  This only cost them a few hundred dollars.  Then, they just forgave that debt, giving those that had defaulted a gift of their full load amounts.

Too bad a group couldn’t find out who held their debts for pennies, or less, on the dollar, set up their own collection agency, and then purchased their own debt a very little cost.  

Now, note that the t/Moon-opp-n/Sun axis is squared by t/Part of Fortune.  A very important relationship (Sun-Moon) is going to be changed (PoF).  Let us jump over from the t/PoF to the n/PoF which is up at the MC along with the t/Sun, both opposite n/Neptune-IC and squaring t/Neptune-Desc.  Do you suddenly get the feeling here that Moon-Sun-Part of Fortune-Neptune (natal and transiting versions) are all in some sort of comedy situation here?

So, let us re-cap just what happened.  John Oliver set up a debt-collection agency with his staff, purchased $15,000,000 in debt for a few hundred dollars, and then ‘forgave’ that debt on a TV show.  All of this to make a point, to show just what the loan-industry is all about.  It is no wonder that these collection agencies are willing to call you at supper time or after you have gone to bed, to call you at work or to call your supervisor at work, to send threatening letters, to file liens on your house.  It doesn’t cost them much to do this and the payback, when it works, is very great.

So, to get back to the beginning, can a chart show “talk?”  In this case, no.  The chart is actually depicting the actions of the TV show host, the involvement into monies and their management (8th house) of personal cash and resources (2nd house).  It is interesting.   Oh, also note t/Venus (money, wealth) conjoining n/Sun!  Dave




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  1. dadsnook says:

    Consider this. If you default on a $5000 loan, that loan could now be owned by a company who purchased it for as little as $10. They can initiate legal action. If you ignore that (because it will cost a couple of thousand for legal fees), they will automatically get a judgement against you and be able to attach your pay, place a lien on your car and/or house, and totally disrupt your life. John Oliver’s comedy show has served a good purpose. Dave


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