Why Is Trump Slamming A Nice Lady Like You?


Mika Brzezinski is co-host on the Morning Joe show, MSNBC, 6 to 9 AM weekday mornings. The show’s other co-host, Joe Scarborough who is a Republican, pairs off against Mika’s Democratic leanings while the mix of other guests either adopt a neutral posture or clearly lean one way or the other.  The mixture provides a lively point and counter-point.  With the Presidency of Donald Trump and his domination of the news due to the steady stream of outlandish remarks and actions, “Morning Joe’s” ratings have done nothing but climb up the charts.

On June 29th, Thursday, Donald Trump took to his twitter pulpit to denounce Mika for her prior criticism of his tweets and actions.  He chose to highlight her and Mike Scarborough’s start-of-the-year visit to his Mara Lago Resort to set up some on-air meetings and interviews, a visit that lasted about 30 minutes.  In his tweets of that day he claimed that the pair had tried to visit him for a three day period, that Mika had just had a face life and was bleeding, and that he did not want to see her.  He went on to identify her as a low-IQ person and also made derogatory remarks about Joe Scarborough.  This incident seemed to arouse many Republicans into demeaning the President’s remarks.  The whole incident has blown up into another week-end fiasco which slows down the Congressional Agenda and detracts from Trump’s agenda and the time he has to deal with several severe international issues.  Let’s take a look at Mika’s Moon-to-Sun Return and Advanced chart for June 29th, 2017.


Like many such Return charts relating to a single incident out of very many that will occur in a busy life over the following two weeks, this chart has a limited set of patterns that we might apply to the attacking tweets of the President.  Let’s do the angles first:

  • t/Jupiter-Asc-square t/Mars-MC;  an expansive agenda involves a lot of action and effort.  The number of differing guests to deal with Congressional hearings on intelligence, on Russian collusion, on health care, on innumerable protest groups and town-hall meetings, polls — well, this was a very busy period.
  • t/Pluto-IC-square-n/Mars in the 1st;  Pluto often indicates an up-side down event or set of actions that redefine a situation to the extreme.  The square to n/Mars at the Asc. points to a personal inflammation of events and actions.  Mars and Pluto are not nice astrological companions to have at the chart angles.
  • Doubled-up Mars — t/Mars-MC and n/Mars-Asc.;  Fights and angry situations are indicated.  Since this is a “Return” chart, we have to expect the whole two week period to be ‘turmoil-oriented.’

In summary, we have to view this period as a busy one for the morning show with a promise of attacks of varied nature coming.  As was born out, press releases and partisan politics was very messy.


This chart is interesting for several reasons that are not obvious.  Trump’s n/Sun at 22:58 Gemini conjoins Mika’s n/Venus.  Trump’s n/Moon at 21:42 Sag conjoins Mika’s Saturn and opposes her n/Venus — this means that Trump’s natal Full Moon pattern (Male-versus-Female energy) lines up on Mika’s n/Venus.  And, Trump’s n/Mars at 16:48 Leo conjoins t/N.Node and squares t/Venus on this date.

For Mika, this Advanced chart for June 29th, 2017 has n/Mars-Asc.; a classical attack pattern.  A fight is scheduled for today.  Note this n/Mars-Asc. is square t/Mercury; words (tweets) will be the weapon used.  n/Mars-square-t/Pluto (also opposite that t/Mercury) indicates that a lot of upheavals in the words and messages category will be flying about.  Finally, we have t/Part of Fortune opposite t/Sun; others will cause chaos and upset.  

MSNBC's Scarborough and Brzezinski arrive for the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner in WashingtonJoe and Mika, who are engaged, returned from Boston to be on their show Friday morning, June 30th, to reply to the Trump accusations. They had hoped to see the Boston Red Sox game, but that was not to be.  They took the high road, elaborating on the poor conduct and role model Trump was setting with his incessant tweeting and demeaning of all who disagreed with him.  Support from politicians on both sides of the Congressional aisle, from other TV networks, from overseas politicians and celebrities poured in.   All of this will last the weekend on the talk shows, but will likely end up being just one more sad incident in Trump’s path to non-achievement.  Almost six months will have soon passed without any form of meaningful legislation being passed and signed.  An amazing, pitiful record. 


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  1. dadsnook says:

    Tweeting about the hosts of the Morning Joe show included the following: “Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad people, but their low rated show is dominated by their NBC bosses. Too bad!” Then our President offered to stop the publication of a hurtful story to appear in the National Inquirer super-market tabloid if Joe Scarborough would call him up and ask him to intervene. That didn’t happen. Why is this soap opera continuing? Are there not serious issues for the President to address? Will someone please by him a PlayStation to keep him occupied !

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