When Cars and Lives Meet & Crash

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Not all confrontations take place while the participants are standing still or just shuffling around.  Some take place at the blazing speed of five or fifteen miles per hour.  Not to jest about a tragedy, but sometimes the facts don’t tell the story.  Such is the case for Venus Williams, tennis star, and a senior couple who lived in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  

That story occurred June 9, 2017, just a few weeks ago.  Venus was driving her car, the traffic light changed as she was entering the intersection in traffic.  Her speed was only five miles per hour.  The traffic stopped, the traffic light was now red.  An older couple coming from the side, with the now green light, drove into the side of Venus’ car.  The wife was injured, the husband, Jerome Barso, was badly injured and taken to the hospital.  He died June 23rd.  Let us look at Venus’ t/Moon-n/Sun Return for May 27, 2017.  Her natal birth chart in California has been relocated to Florida.


This chart is some 13 days, almost the full half cycle of the Moon relative to the Sun, before the accident date.  What can it tells us about a “theme” for this period, this cycle?  t/Moon-n/Sun is a few degree shy of the IC angle; endings and beginnings are in the picture.  t/Chiron hovers just above the Ascendant by 4 degrees;  Adjustments of a personal nature will be required.  t/Saturn is just behind the MC, suggesting a sobering condition will be part of her public image.  OK, so what might this mean in real life terms?  Well, we still have a few more items to throw into the pot.

t/PoF lies between t/Venus-and-t/Uranus.  Treating this as a midpoint picture we might say personal happiness and excitement may hide a sudden twist of fate.  If we play astrological hopscotch and look at the natal versions of transiting planets, and vice versa, we might consider:

  • n/PoF-t/Pluto-10th;  Changes and chances can rearrange one’s life situation.
  • n/Moon-t/N.Node;  Associations with others will cause you upsets, break your routine.
  • t/Sun-square-n/Jupiter;  Luck and social well-being is strained and takes your focus off of your plans.
  • t/PoF (with t/Venus, t/Uranus) squares n/Mercury;  The above mentioned ‘happiness of the moment’ seems to be twisted by Mercury things (travel, news, communications).

Venus has had her ups and downs over the past few years, and her standing in the world of tennis reflects those personal travails.  She has also had a bit of driving difficulty in the past but that seems not to be the culprit here.  Lets advance her chart and see how all of the unfocused astro-babble works out.  After all, we have no context for her life at the time of this Return chart.


Looking at this Advanced chart is like putting on a pair of glasses.  Much becomes very clear.  Most obvious is t/Pluto-MC-n/PoF and t/PoF-Desc.-n/Pluto!  Doubled-up Pluto and Part-of-Fortune.  Pluto equates to irrevocable change that is a personal happening in a public setting.  Part of Fortune equates to personal chance and change that can go one way or another.  However, doubling up the PoF symbols almost always equates to chaos and difficulties.  To all of this, add t/Uranus-Asc. to the mix; Personally felt upsets and changes are endured.

What of that t/Venus just below the Ascendant?  n/Venus-n/Sun is in the natal 8th house of shared responsibilities.  Natal Venus-Sun squares n/Chiron, squares n/Saturn.  This is sort of like a ‘bad luck rabbit’s foot.’  In the US, a rabbits foot is often kept upon a key chain as a good luck charm.  This natal T-square suggests that Venus’ charm and balanced life has to content with a series of adjustments that cause her to make constant small sacrifices of some sort.  This is true for her life up to this point.  

So, do we need to hunt for Mercury, relative to car-travel, and Mars, relative to hurts and an accident?  n/Mercury is in the 4th house, opposite t/Pluto-n/PoF-MC, and square t/PoF-n/Pluto-Desc.  t/Mercury forms 45 and 135 degree orbs to these angular placements of PoF and Pluto.  So Mercury is highly involved.  t/Mars and n/Mars are not tied into the angular PoF and Pluto, so no hurts relate to Venus herself.  

While I may not be able to ‘see’ everything in a chart as it relates to an event, we do need to step back here and ask ourselves, “Just what would we say to Venus if she was to ask our advice earlier that day?”  Would we specifically state that she would be in a car accident?  Probably not.  We would say, “What ever you engage in today will likely have consequences that will ruin your day and have some impact on your life for awhile.  Conditions around you will change very suddenly.  Travel or talking and committing to something can lead to sudden complications.  If ever there was a day to stay home and read a book, this is it.  Distractions need to be minimized.”

Venus came to a traffic light while driving in heavy traffic.  She pulled ahead to cross an intersection, going only 5 miles per hour, when the car in front of her stopped.  She was out in the traffic lanes for the traffic crossing her path.  A car came along, also at a modest speed, didn’t see her and crashed into the side of her car.  Venus wasn’t hure.  The lady driving the car suffered some broken bones.  Her older husband apparently was thrown forward and was hurt.  Two weeks later, he passed on from his injuries.  No citations have yet been issued.  This was just one of those small accidents that are common — except that in this case there were severe consequences for an older man.

If you have any insights into this somewhat typical everyday event, and the manner of interpreting the chart, or advising a client, please comment.  Dave









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