Trump & The Solar Eclipse


There has been much written about the upcoming August 2017 Solar Eclipse.  The eclipse path will pass from the northwestern US to the southeastern US.  While the total eclipse path will not touch Washington, DC, the eclipse will change the energy of Earth and specifically interact with those having similar zodiac sensitive areas in their chart.  In this posting I will examine how this eclipse may impact our President, Donald Trump.

For some time I have been focusing on the use of transiting Moon to natal Sun Returns and the diurnally advanced daily charts that follow the Return chart.  The natal Sun, in an adult chart, is no longer ‘potential.’  It has become a self-defined life-style, core character and intention force.  The transiting Moon represents the changing environment and shows by aspect and house position just what is affected by change in our daily life.  We have, with this type of charting, a day-by-day flow of events portrayed for us.  As long as we know the context of the subject’s life we can state very accurately the timing and the nature of the changes that are likely to impinge on their life, as well as see what they may do to shape those changes for their benefit.

Donald Trump will have a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return on Aug. 17, 2017.

DTMtoS8-17-2017eclipseThe following are the factors that seem most important in this chart:

  • n/MC at the chart’s Ascendant; “Taking action on your personal life-plan or to bolster your image” is the theme of this pattern.
  • The Moon-Sun “Return is in the first house which indicates a very personal involvement in something that does affect his public image. Note that n/Uranus-n/N.Node-n/Sun is in the first; all of his charm and scheming will be focused on presenting a good face.
  • t/Saturn and n/Moon are opposite n/Sun in the 7th, he will have a tough audience to convince and support whatever his agenda is.
  • Having looked at the n/Sun, we need to also look at t/Sun and t/N.Node.  These are in the 4th house conjoining n/Mars. Note that the Washington, DC location moves n/Mars further away from the n/Ascendant than was the case in New York. Yet, for Trump, Mars is a “talking attack” symbol. He will be attacking associates during this period. With t/Mars even closer to the IC angle, we can expect a new set of targets or new way of attacking them.
  • t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) at 5 Aries squares n/Mercury; new thoughts and plans are stirred up. With the opposition to n/Neptune, we can expect to see lies and misrepresentations as well as distractive “bright and shiny” words and claims.

We will now advance the Return chart to August 21, 2017, the date of the Solar Eclipse.  The chart below has been “diurnally” advanced from 8-17 to 8-21. This is done by keeping the Return chart’s calculated time (12:32:43 AM) and merely changing the chart date. The angles advance much like the Sun’s rate of advance for that time period, and the planets take up their proper position in the zodiac. The angles of the chart move forward — in this case almost 5 degrees in four days. Other than the eclipse which will occur on this date, what else has changed from the Return chart?


  • The Ascendant has advanced and left the n/MC to be visited by t/PoF; changes in Trumps life status are likely today. They may not be fully revealed right away. (12th house placement).
  • t/Mars-IC-t/Moon-t/N.Node; Emotional outburst, talking to his base while reacting to public and media.
  • Now, note t/Sun also is in the 4th at 28 Leo inconjunct t/Chiron. This Sun-Chiron pattern speaks “adjustments” in a big way — partly because the inconjunct requires adjustment approaches, and Chiron also represents adjustments in how one deals with past and present hurts and carried-forward grudges. Chiron is in the 11th. For Trump, the 11th house always seems linked to the Congress and what it does or what he want them to do. It seems likely that health care will be a big issue at this time. The Republican’s don’t seem to be able to unstick themselves from this issue.
  • Since t/Mercury is angular in the 4th house, we have to look at it. We would expect Mercury to be linked to speeches, to press briefings, to dealing with the media. Yet, Trump seems to use his Mars as a mouth-attack tool to speak o Since t/Mercury conjoins n/Neptune, perhaps this will mean an attack of significance against the fake media or some media claim.

We have to look at the Solar Elephant in the room; the eclipse. Everything that the t/Sun touches is subject to emphasis by the focus of the eclipse point. The primary outlet for the Sun to distribute the eclipse energy is through the conjoining Moon and the inconjunct Chiron. If the eclipse means the loss of light (and of unifying understanding) than Chiron’s past hurts may not be able to be resolved due to a similar lack of understanding and moral light. Will this be a big defeat for healthcare-by-any-means?  Will this shatter the Republican party and Congress’ reputation with the public?  This is a big deal. Now, the question is will this all happen on this date or will it play out as this trigger point is hit upon over the coming weeks and months.

Many astrologers have opinions on what a Solar Eclipse is and how it affects us.  Those ideas and comments would be welcome as part of this exploration.  As we approach the middle of July, 2017 we see Republican support for the leadership version of health care falling apart.  We also see great difficulties in defining a budget without first putting the Health Care issue to rest.  If these two issues cannot be fully resolved, it is likely that the whole of 2017 will pass without any meaningful legislation being passed.  This, in turn, will strongly affect the mid-term elections of 2018.  This eclipse comes at a crucial point in time.  Dave




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