Part One. Magnitsky: the Man, the Act, and Donald Trump, Jr.

The title indicates three areas of discussion, each is related in some way, but each area of discussion is also separate.  When writers wish to link three diverse story elements they use a device called ‘a string of pearls.’  Unfortunately, in the case of astrological charts for a Russian man, the chart for former President Obama’s signing of an act affecting international finance, and the current President’s son releasing e-mails on a clandestine meeting in New York, the string that links these elements is not so evident, astrologically.  However, we will still present this story in three parts.   For some, this series will paint an outline of  the relationship between Trump-Putin which may be based upon past loans and favors which Trump wishes to remain unknown to the public.



Sergei Magnitsky was born April 8, 1972 (time unknown) in Odessa, Ukraine.  His natal chart (shown below) has a generally spread-out placement of planets but two groupings interest us.  Saturn-Venus-Mars in Gemini provide a key insight into his likely adult nature.  I will quote in-part directly from the book by Sandbach and Ballard, Planetary Containments: These people have a carefully focused and defined set of values.  In this lifetime they are learning to project their personal values in a dynamic and aggressive manner.  They may be uncomfortable since they fear attack or dispute which may sway their sense of self-worth.  Since this is an untimed “noon” chart, this is one key piece of information for us to consider.


Another useful pattern is the Moon in a last-quarter square phase to the Sun, suggesting that he will be one who sets his own goals and seeks to be a role model for others to follow.  The Moon at the Moon’s North Node paints a sensitivity to relating to others.  He is honest with others and tells it like he sees it.  With this Moon trine to the Saturn-Venus-Mars pattern he is likely to find that his clarity of purpose will convey his personal values well to others who value them.  This same Moon also trines Pluto, lending a self-absorbed intensity to his character.  Whatever he does, he does it within his own world view and does it well.

We can see his natal Moon as being very important to understanding his natal chart.  Note this Moon at the midpoint of Neptune and Mercury (Mercury trine to Neptune, sextile the Moon).  His mind and ideals, the ability to see imaginative pictures, relating to nebulous ideas — all of these have to play various roles in his life at one time or another.

In his adult life, Sergei Magnitsky moved from Ukraine to Moscow, Russia.  His chart gives us clues about how he might make his living.  His angular Mercury-opp-Pluto can signify an investigative reporter, historian or forensic accountant, for example.  In time, Magnitsky did become a lawyer working in Moscow for U.S. Hermitage Capital Management as a lawyer and accountant.  He discovered losses for his company of some two hundred million dollars, reported that to his superiors, and went on to uncover a network of fraud and criminal activity by Russian interests.  When his firm protested to the government, the head of the firm was banned from Russia, books and assets were seized, Magnitsky was arrested and charged with the fraud and theft that he had uncovered as the work of Russian criminals.  While in jail, he was beaten to death on November 22, 2009. 

His Moscow-based Return and Advanced charts for his death are shown below.


It is important to remember that “noon” natal charts as well as “timed” natal charts for any specific date will all have the same MC position within some 7 degrees.  This fact makes “noon-timed” charts workable with Moon-to-Sun Returns.

Two patterns immediately standout in this Return chart.  First, t/Moon is in the 12th house of institutions and imprisonment, opposing the n/Sun in the sixth house of adjustments.  n/Uranus conjoins t/Moon, n/Chiron conjoins n/Sun.  With natal Uranus opposing natal Sun, Magnitsky was fated to have surprising turns of fortune dog his life, causing him to suffer upsets and make continuing adjustments to support himself.  The second pattern is t/Mars-MC opposing t/Jupiter-IC; attack and legalities-money are the key words for these planets.  His reputation was attacked, killed.  Jupiter represents both legalities and big money.  What Magnitsky uncovered was the tip of a financial iceberg of international money laundering, both drug money and criminal activities. Money from any illicit dealing could be placed in a Russian bank, then put out on loan to others around the world, and the proceeds later placed in safe-havens like banks in Switzerland, or the Caribbean islands, or the U.S.  Once in these places, the money was both clean and available.


Return charts can be diurnally ‘advanced’ to any following date in the current cycle.  The MC moves ahead at the rate of the Sun’s daily advance, the angles and houses then readjust and the transiting planets take up their positions for that date.  Natal planets take their position within the zodiac reference circle.  In these charts, houses become important expressional areas, particularly for natal planets.  The transiting planets take their significance from a position near the angles or from their natal counterparts who happen to be at an angular position.

In two days time, t/Mars remains at the MC, t/Jupiter-t/Chiron-t/Neptune at the IC.  All the Return chart drivers remain active.  t/Sun squares t/Neptune; a time of confusion and defeat of ideals.  t/Moon is now squaring the t/Mars-opp-t/Jupiter pattern.  Remember, the n/Moon seemed to tie in so much of his natal chart.  His whole life’s values and self-absorbed focus on his own values had blinded him to the external ‘values’ of the Russian government and its agents.  They won out over him.  However, in spite of his brutal murder, his ideals were not obliterated.  We shall see in Part Two the consequences of his life and of the Russian brutality that was visited upon him.  

This is a somewhat ‘political’ series of blog sites.  These three parts of the blog series seem to link together factual elements that have a bearing on what is currently happening in Washington, DC.  The possible conclusions do not, at this time, make this series of blogs into a conclusive proof of anything.  They are only a ‘potential’ version of a story that is yet to fully emerge.  Dave


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