Part Two: A Death Becomes A Form Of Justice

Obama signs act photo-2Because of this brutal act of murdering employee Sergei Magnitsky and stealing the holdings of their Russian office, the prominence of Hermitage Capital Management, and the evidence on hand, caused investigations to be launched and a great deal of criminal fraud and money laundering uncovered.  With an uprising of political interest and pressure, President Obama signed the Magnitsky Act on Dec. 14, 2012.  This act banned a large number of Russians and criminal bankers from doing business with the U.S.  It also froze their assets, most of which were held in the U.S. or among its allies so as to safe keep that money from their own governments and to avoid paying taxes.  Later, the ‘Panama Papers’ released a small partial listing, part of an ultimate 212,000 businesses and individuals who had overseas accounts, hidden accounts and other resources that were, in some cases, used for drug and criminal activity money laundering.  A huge opening-up of money flows around the world was becoming visible thanks to a cooperative journalistic investigation.  The Return and Advanced charts for the signing of the Magnitsky Act are shown below.

These are unusual Return-Advanced charts.  I have taken the Magnitsky ‘date-of-death’ chart (the Advanced chart for Nov. 16, 2009) and used it as a natal or reference chart for the signing chart of the Magnitsky Act.  So, to be clear, the Nov. 16, 2009 Advanced chart for Sergei Magnitsky’s death-due-to-beating in prison is used as the natal-reference chart (outer wheel chart) to calculate a Return and then an Advanced chart for the signing of the Act created in his name.

By linking Magnitsky’s death-date to the signing of Magnitsky Act, I am attempting to created that “string of pearls” that I referred to in Part One of this series.


For these charts in Part Two, Magnitsky’s Advanced Death chart planets will have a “d/XX” prefix in place of the typical “n/XX” prefix.  Unlike Magnitsky’s Return chart for his death with its Moon-in-12th-opp-Sun-in-6th pattern, this t/Moon-to-d/Sun Return is a first house Return chart!  Its purpose is clear and straight forward.  t/Moon-d/Sun squares d/Chiron-d/Neptune (in death chart).  This is a statement countering the intended deceit and dispersion of Magnitsky’s work.  Grouped with Moon-Sun are t/Venus, t/N.Node, t/Mercury, d/Mercury.  This reflects the personal imprint of this man’s work. 

t/Neptune-d/Neptune-IC; the t/Neptune, in three years time, has not advanced much from the date of his death.  His idealism (natal chart) is at work here.  Since t/Moon is at the Ascendant, we need to look at d/Moon — we see it conjoined by the t/PoF and squared by t/Mars; public support is challenged and sought to fight the aggression and criminality of the money laundering and criminal efforts.


In this chart, one day later on Dec. 12, 2012, the only changes are the t/Moon moving to a square to t/Uranus, a public surprise.  t/Mars has become exact in its square to n/Moon, and the IC is directly upon n/Neptune (Magnitsky’s ideals). 

Perhaps the double Neptunes at the IC angle sum it all up:  former deceptions end, new ideals take root.  t/Sun squares the MC of Magnitsky’s death date chart:  What was done then has to be seen in the current light of these consequential actions.

A significant blow had been dealt to Russian banks, criminal banks, and criminal activity that was laundering money and then storing and using it to further their financial control in legitimate markets.

In Part 3 I will take this story a step further.  We will start to see the outlines of Trump’s strange obsession with Putin and ‘all things Russian.’  Understanding these events will help us understand the next, second, 180 days of his Administration and all of strange maneuverings we have seen to date.  Dave.




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