Part 3: Like Father, Like Son

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Let us review just where we now stand.  The U.S. had put into place a legal Act closing all or most banking and financial institutions from doing business with a list of specific people and a variety of banks and other institutions associated with Russian and international criminal activity.  This stops financial transactions and it freezes all of the assets of those people and institutions whose money is located in the U.S.  This then extends to the allies of the U.S. and then to other financial institutions who wish to do business with the U.S. from time to time.  If these other independent institutions choose not to go along, they are shut out.  Who is their biggest financial partner, the U.S. or an individual crime lord or laundering institution.  Tough choice.  As time moves along more names of people and institutions are added to the list.  The effect on Putin, on those who do his work loaning and bribing individuals and governments, is crushing.  Everyone has a great deal of money that they cannot now access.  The work diminishes, their influence on others diminishes.  The Russian economy becomes increasingly hampered daily, boxing Putin in. 

What is the response from Putin?  An immediate short term and long term plan to overturn the sanctions is developed and initiated.  New lobbyists show up in Washington, DC and on Wall Street.  Suggestions are made. Payments and loans are offered.  Support is solicited.  Donations are made to political campaigns through a number of front organizations.  Do you get the picture?  An “all out” bribery effort on an individual-by-individual basis is being carried out.  The goal is to weaken or do away with the Magnitsky act.

Enter the campaign of businessman Donald Trump for the office of President of the U.S.  Trump has a reputation as a very successful developer and being very rich.  Behind the popular view lies a string of bankruptcy and failures, enterprises that didn’t go well, fraud, and massive loans.  Where did those loans come from?  Russia.  The money trail from drugs/crime-to-Russian Bank-to-loan-to-repayment or interest became a laundry chute to clean massive amounts of money around the world.  It is believed that Trump took advantage of those easy-loans to finance some of his building.  Comments several years ago by a family member noted that ‘much of our working capital comes from Russian money.’

Enter Donald Trump, Jr.  He is not directly part of the campaign and policy team.  But, he did play a role in the running of the many Trump Enterprises along with his brother, Eric.  He also played a role in the Republican Primary overseeing the computer-based activities of identifying potential voters, tracking trends, and assessing voting patterns.  Just prior to June 9th, 2016, he received a message from a past associate acting as an intermediary.  He, Donald Trump, Jr., would receive an important e-mail.  That e-mail noted that a Russian government lawyer had information about Hillary Clinton and her campaign that would help his father’s own campaign.  Would he be interested in having that material?  It seems that he could not say “yes” fast enough.  We have to note that it is common practice for Russian agents to ‘dangle’ something worthwhile in front of someone to see if they are interested.  This is standard spy-craft practice.  On June 9, 2016, at Trump Tower in NYC, that meeting took place.  Donald Trump, Jr., his brother-in-law Jared, and campaign director Maniford attended that meeting with several others who were part of the Russian group.

What was discussed and shared is not known.  We do know that Donald Trump himself announced hours later that in a few days he would share what amounted to a bombshell of information about Hillary Clinton.  Apparently he was anticipating substantive information to be received.  That announcement by Trump Sr. never happened.

Following is a t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return for Donald Trump, Jr. dated June 6, 2016.


This is a t/Moon-in-the-9th house opposite n/Sun-in-the-3rd-house chart.  Information from a distant source is quite appropriate.  Note Donald Jr’s n/Mercury-n/Neptune in the 2nd: emotions and quick responses to deceit and promising ideas is indicated as one expression of this pattern.  n/Mars leads the n/Sun indicating rashness in thinking and acting is a likely expression.  It is the n/Moon-IC opposite n/Jupiter-MC which defines the angular nature of this chart; a responsiveness to big opportunities.  Note t/Mars conjoining n/Uranus; an impetus to act.  The Advanced chart for the date of the meeting, the 9th of June, 2016 is shown below.


On this meeting date the following patterns are noted:  t/Mars opposes t/Mercury; an meeting takes places, discussion and negotiation occurs.  t/Moon makes a square to this pattern, emphasizing the lure of the subject matter for Donald, Jr.  The Advancing angles are leaving n/Moon-opp-n/Jupiter behind.  We can look, for an Advanced chart, at t/Sun, t/PoF even if they are not angular.  t/Sun-t/Venus in the 8th house indicates a shared interest and value behind the meeting.  The t/PoF conjoins the n/Sun, emphasizing the importance of what was being discussed.

We now move ahead to July 9, 2017 when news broke about that June 9, 2016 meeting and who was in attendance.  For much of the intervening year constant rumors and denials about interactions between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives had been common.  This increased once Trump was elected and then became President.  A string of denials took place, followed daily by more news reports and changing stories by DTjr.  It soon became uncontrollable.  The story overshadowed the President’s trip to France, the Senate’s efforts to focus on crafting a health care bill, as well as other government business.  Then, on July 11th, 2017, DTjr released the e-mails in an effort to be ‘transparent’ and wrap the story up. 


The above t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return (5th house) of Donald Trump, Jr. occurred one day before the news of his meeting broke in the media.  Angular planets include t/Venus-MC and t/Neptune-t/PoF-Desc.

The t/Venus-MC can related to his values and credibility being on display.  With his natal pattern of n/Mercury-n/Neptune, the presence of t/Neptune-t/PoF at the Descendant is troubling.  How will he react to others; with deceit and lies or with idealism.  As it turns out, both!  It had been noted that a natal pattern, Mars ahead of the Sun, prompted him towards rashness and acting in a hurry.  Note t/Sun-t/Mars in the 11th house of this chart — the same pattern exists, broadly in opposition to the natal pattern.  His reaction to the breaking news story would likely be rash, not thought out prior to speaking.

Lets look at a chart for July 11, 2107, when Donald, Jr. released the e-mails pertaining to an invitation to attend a meeting one year ago to receive information from the Russian government to help his father’s campaign.


The story hasn’t been wrapped up.  The emails didn’t tell the whole story about the three Trump representatives and the Russian lawyer.  Day by day, following this chart and date, it emerged that another, than another person was part of the meeting.  At least 8 people, not the original 4, were involved.  On top of this, early in the unfolding news cycle, President Trump and his family crafted a story about Donald Jr. just looking for information which was not given, so nothing illegal happened.  That shortly proved to be untrue, the President had lied to protect his son.


Why is all of this so important.  The Magnitsky Act has crippled Putin and all of his rich friends, as well as a great number of others he uses to influence events and people around the world, from accessing and using much of their funds.  These funds are held in western banks to remain free from others in their own countries, and free from taxes.  Those funds are now all frozen.  The Russians, and the Russian lawyer in the meeting with DTjr. have been intensly lobbying the members of Congress for months to eliminate or soften those sanctions.  Russia is hurting.  Money and other services are being offered to politicians to help buy their support.  Some of them, including Trump himself, have already been helped by being able to retain their positions in government due to the influenced voting. 

The outlines of why Trump has been so soft on the Russians is becoming clear.  Money loans and money laundering as a result has helped Trump maintain his empire.  He may not be quite the business man he claims to be.  If he is compromised by Russian loans and favors, this will be the very biggest scandal ever uncovered in the U.S.  Time will tell.  The full story is not yet known, all the facts are not in.  What is known can be made to fit a very troubling picture.  The picture will become clearer, one way or the other, soon.  With the active presence of a Special Prosecutor, all of the Trump campaign’s activities and the roles of those in the campaign will become clear.  Already questions and pressure is being raised to remove the security clearance of the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushnir.  Kushnir acts as a close advisor to the President and his special envoy for all kinds of domestic and international endeavors.



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