Chart Elements: Angles at Angles #1

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Angela Merkel will be the subject of our charts in the next few posts but she will not be the actual focus of this post.  I will instead by focusing upon the elements that we find in both Return and Advanced charts.  This series will be ‘instructional’ in its nature.  My book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, offers a very complete explanation as to how this charting system can into being and how all of the interpretive elements work together to allow us to follow and forecast the flow of daily life within each Moon-Sun cycle.  This first posting in this series will focus on natal angles coming to Return-Advanced chart angles.

The Natal Chart of Angela Merkel.


Sun and Uranus conjoin in the 7th house.  Here we have our first conundrum.  We might expect to see a subject with an unusual appearance, dress or mannerisms.  Not so.  Merkel was often referred to, early in her career, as the ‘grey mouse.’  She did not stand out in her appearance, then or now.  Her ‘unusual’ attributes are an ability to study, focus, analyze, and network.  She is like a camouflaged steel trap, often overlooked, never forgotten once contacted.  Sun-Uranus opposes Chiron; she is always aware of weaknesses and the need to make adjustments in order to take advantage of other’s skills or position.  Her moon has a full-moon phase (180-225 degrees ahead of the Sun), called the ‘Seeker Phase.’  She is subject to upsets in her relationships, surprised in what others do, or is instead reaching out to involve others in her schemes.  Sun-opposite-Chiron is squared by Neptune; Merkel has an ideal in each area of her life that guides her.  Yet, she is able to also deceive others or to ‘use’ them to her own advantage.

Like Donald Trump, Angela Merkel has Mars rising in the first house.  Whereas Trump expresses Mars through his verbal attacks to defend his image and ego, Merkel expresses her Mars through the force of social ideas and concepts.  Mercury and Jupiter are joined by the Part of Fortune in the 7th house;  Merkel is a ‘talker’, one who communicates and can quickly respond to the needs of the situation.  Her whole career has been marked by her always being ready with answers, ideas and a clear way of communicating when others were unprepared to speak about changing situations.

These are enough insights to allow us to start examining her charts to see how natal Angles coming to Return-Advanced chart angles can be interpreted.

When Angles come to Angles:  natal MC opposed to the Return MC.

Page 160 of Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2 informs us that when a Return or Advanced chart has the natal MC at the IC angle (opposite the MC) that “Choices to change, to modify, to scrap a public plan or image.  Making a new start for the future.”  Let us look at her Return and Advanced chart for Nov. 22, 2005, Berlin, when she became Chancellor of Germany.


We get some help in grasping the impact of n/MC-opp-t/MC in this chart, noting that t/Saturn is near the Asc., n/Saturn is near the IC, and t/Neptune-n/Moon is at the Desc. angle.  We have a ‘doubled up’ Saturn (Asc. and IC), a ‘doubled up’ Neptune (IC and Desc.).  Let us break this down.  Angela Merkel is assuming (Asc) a burden (Saturn) to bring new direction (IC angle) and stability (Saturn) to her new job.  She has won the public support (Moon-Desc.)  This is a position of service (Moon-Sun in the 12th) requiring constant adjustment and maneuvering (opposition to Chiron).  Merkel was not popular among many of her mentors whom she had stepped upon in her climb to the top.  Let us take a quick look at her Advanced chart for the date she assumed office.


The n/MC is still close to the IC angle two days later, with n/Saturn closer to the angle.  The t/Moon is now at the Ascendant, opposite the n/Moon, and conjoining n/Pluto — a doubled up Moon!  Merkel is seizing the reins of power.  Note the t/PoF now at the MC; she has changed her public image and goals.  All of these other elements support the  n/MC-opposing the t/MC pattern.  When ever angles come to angles it seems that everything else in the chart jumps onto the haywagon to join in the ride.

Perhaps our first rule in reading these Return and Advanced charts is to look at where the natal angles are in relation to the chart’s angles.  If a natal angle is at a chart angle, then we start our evaluation with that singular observation.  Dave















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