Chart Elements 2: The Part of Fortune

Fox News on Seth Rich

Fox News has had its problems this last year; news anchors have left the network, sexual assault charges have been filed and senior people have left Fox as a result, and their standing in the general media-sphere, as well as with the right-wing politicians, has suffered.  Fox got caught up in the truly ‘fake news’ claiming that Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered to keep him quiet about his role in leaking material to Wiki-Leaks.  It is true that he died, but seems highly unlikely that it was due to shady involvement and murder-to-quiet-a-problem.   Anyways, a Detective was hired to investigate the Seth Rich death, then the investigator was asked for a report so that the White House could review it and then Fox News could report on it.  This all got to be to ‘unreal’ for the Detective who felt he was being used.  It got to close to ‘smelling bad’ for Fox, so they bowed out.  The whole story came to light.  It is embarrassing for many as it truly looks as if Fox may have been trying to fabricate ‘fake’ news.

In any case, we have a chart to look at, the incorporation and stock offering for Fox Entertainment’s IPO.


The ‘Part of Fortune’ (PoF) is a calculated point; the arc distance from the Sun to the Moon is applied to the Ascendant degree.  In the above chart, 101 degrees separates the t/Sun and t/Moon (8 Leo to 19 Scorpio).  Going from the Ascendant forward 101 degrees puts the t/PoF at 12 Capricorn.  So, what does this PoF mean?  The Moon expresses, reflects the Sun’s light or purpose.  The Moon is reaction to change, the making of adjustments to the environment, our sensitivity to upset and ability to move through life’s challenges.  Wherever the PoF is placed (house position) is where the Ascendant can find another area of expression.  This is particularly nice if there are no planets near the Ascendant or in the first house.

In this chart, t/Jupiter is in the first house, squaring t/Pluto in the fourth house and near the t/PoF.  Note that n/PoF is at the Ascendant!  We have a ‘doubled-up’ PoF!  This is an ’emphasis’ flag.  We must pay attention.  We have a dramatic example of the PoF symbolism here, just the best example to learn from.

The PoF represents ‘chance and change.’  What happens if we have too much ‘chance and change?’  How about ‘chaos!’  Fox is dealing with a lawsuit by the hired Detective for ruining his credibility and means of doing his work.  The Seth Rich family just wants to quietly move ahead with life and privately mourn the loss of their son.  Fox and some of its staff wants to hide under a rug.  And many of Fox’s competitors want this full story to come into the spotlight.  The network is now in full panic mode.

Note t/Jupiter-n/MC-1st square t/Pluto-4th.  Fox’s reputation and image (n/MC) has to be addressed (Asc. and first house) because the expansion of this story is challenged (square) by what is uncovered (Pluto).  With t/PoF at the IC, we might choose to see this as “truth or basic information is being shaped anew.”  

In these cyclic charts we are always aware that natal planets no longer represent the ‘birth potential.’  Instead they represent the acquired expression that we as adults experiencing life have chosen to make them.  Yes, Jupiter is always opportunity, socialness and luck, but as a 3rd house natal planet, Jupiter has been the drive to grow in news and entertainment.  Applying that to this transiting Jupiter we can see that they tried to go to far along this news-path, seeking to make a rumor into the possible truth, ruining their own credibility (the MC angle) in order to achieve popularity and fans (t/Venus at MC).

So, this is a good example to introduce us to the Part of Fortune. 








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