Chart Elements 3: The Sun As A Foundation Of Time, Place and Season

AMnatalHamburgGermanyAUsing Angela Merkel’s natal chart, cast for Hamburg, Germany, as a basis for discussion we will look at the special role of the Sun relative to cyclic charts such as Solar and t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns.  I will be trying to not view the Sun in the way that beginning astrology books do.  I hope that the reader will approach my description with an open mind.

One:  The Sun can be looked upon as the great ‘enabler’ of the planets and their energy and influences as astrologer’s think of them. The Sun empowers the expression of each planet.  The Sun also has its own individual expression and empowerments separate from its interactions with the planets.

wo:  The Sun has a ‘seasonal’ journey as seen from the Earth.  This journey should not be seen as a series of 360 points along a circle. Get past the 360 degrees.  Think more like ‘thousands’ of individual points, not a fixed number.  Angela’s natal Sun is at a unique-to-Angela point that happens to be near 24 Cancer.  So, this Angela-unique-Sun is a 24-something-Cancer – but that alone does not define her Sun.

Three:  Angela Merkel was born in Hamburg, Germany.  That provides a unique place.  She was born in the afternoon.  We need not dwell on the exact time except that that exact time defined the location of the Angela-unique-Sun’s position in the sky over-around Hamburg, Germany at the time of her birth.  In other words, the rotation of the Earth at her birth time places the Sun in a particular chart-house.  This being in the 7th house at the cusp of the 8th house.

Four:  While the Sun is at the center of our Solar System, is not, so to speak, the King of the Hill (referring to the child’s game where one stands at the top of a small hill or pile of snow and keeps others from climbing to the top).  The Sun is influenced by the planets; Jupiter being one example, and any other planets that happen to align with the Sun.  Further, scientists are now noting that great flows of interstellar energies seem to power the Sun, providing it with additional energy resources.  Just considering the planets from an astrological viewpoint we might observe that Angela Merkel’s Sun draws upon the incisiveness to act and the sudden cognition of Uranus, then empowers and enoble’s those attributes which it serves up to Pluto as a tool to shape social events according to her own plans.

(Four, continued).  Conversely, we can look at how the Sun is influenced by the planets.  Jupiter has a ‘gathering’ function which pulls social contacts together, organizes opportunities, and then seeks to expand the power of ideas and connections to grow complexity, organizations and personal achievement.  Angela’s Jupiter feeds these attributes into Uranus which sharpens the ideas and channels them as sudden cognition to Angela’s Sun; the Sun adds clarity, direction, application and power to the idea – Angela acts incisively with seemingly great understanding.  This was very clear in the early days of her political career where her deep study and preparation of the programs she was assigned to enabled her to act as a spokesperson when few others could grasp and frame ideas as well as she could. These qualities kept her in the public eye, made her valuable to her employer-Politians, and conferred upon her respect and ability, all of which she used to advance a political career.

So, at the date, time and place of her birth, Angela had a unique-to-Angela Sun position and a house position for that Sun based on the birth time and birth place.  It is likely that the use of a different house system might place the Sun in the 8th house.  For our purposes, the Sun is in the 7th.  Angela’s-unique-to-her-Sun carries with it the powerful natal network and interplay of the planets in her chart.  Nobody else has her seasonal-Sun combined with her natal planet patterns and her house-placement of the Sun and those planets.


The Natal Sun in a cyclic or Return chart.


t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return charts always portray the natal chart and planets.  This is usually placed in the outer wheel of a bi-wheel chart, enabling the transiting planets (the cyclic chart) to be ‘advanced’ to any given date.  (It is a function of most astrological software to only allow advancing the inner chart of a bi-wheel chart).

The natal Sun and the natal chart no longer portrays “potential.”  We are adults now.  Our life experience and nature have shaped the way we choose to portray and react to our natal planets and Sun. The natal Sun represents our core character, our vitality, purpose, lifestyle and intentions.  On the other hand, the transiting bodies represent change, opportunities, pressure or (if not involved) a lack of pressure or resources.

The transiting Sun can function as 1) an event trigger, 2) the empowerment of an angular planet to be an event trigger or shaper of the event, 3) the symbol for one’s own decisions, the presence and intent of another male or authoritative person, 4) the embodiment of a person of authority or legal decision.

The angular natal or transiting Sun in a Return chart.

 When the the t/Sun comes to an angle, or when an angle advances to the n/Sun position, the whole combined patterns of the n/Sun and the t/Sun’s patterns of planet aspects, if any, all come into play.  The force of the Sun at an angle almost always coincides with an event.  When other astrological bodies or points are also angular, these overtly combine with the angular Sun and contribute to the definition and nature of the event.

Should the t/Sun be at an oppositional point or square point to the n/Sun, and be angular in a Return or Advanced chart, a crises with another ‘equal’ person is likely.  Or, one can have a change of one’s mind that affects the direction-of-life.

Note: The earlier references to interpreting three planets in sequence is a method advanced in the book Planetary Containments by Sandbach and Ballard.  Since I am presently on vaction on Cape Code with limited resources and internet service, the title and author’s last names is all I can cite at the moment.


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