Chart Elements 4: Moon As An Agent Of Change In Return Charts

Return charts, cast in a bi-wheel format, have two Moons – the natal Moon and transiting Moon.  Each of these Moons can be read or interpreted in more than one way. 

The natal Moon, as read in a natal chart, represents “potential”.  What do we mean by that?  First, we need to think about the established attributes of the natal Moon; our primary needs, how we react to changes in the environment, fears, sensitivity, habits and routines, connections with the past, nurturing and responsive inclinations.  So, back to “potential.”  The inter-connectivity with any of the planets and chart elements portray how we are most likely to express the Moon’s sensitivity to change and our response to change over time as a ‘go-to habitual response.’

As we age and move into adulthood, our expression of Moon attributes emphasizes some factors and depresses other factors.  Our family, work, neighborhood and cultural-national environment all plays into how we shape our Moon-expression.  Instead of ‘potential’ we have developed a big part of our personality as our way of moving through life.

The transiting Moon in the Return chartBy definition, the transiting Moon is conjunct, exactly, the natal Sun in the Return chart.  If we are using a dual-cycle Return chart, the transiting Moon will be exactly opposite the natal Sun as well as – at other times, in other Return charts – be conjunct the natal Sun.  The point of using the dual Return approach is to utilize a two week cycle instead of a month-long cycle.  The new-Moon has a recognized character of being a seed and growth cycle of discovery while the full-Moon has a recognized character of offering clarity and distributing what has been gathered or learned in the earlier half-cycle.

Special cases involving both the natal and transiting Moons.  Consider a natal chart having a ‘new Moon’ configuration or a ‘full Moon’ configuration.  Whenever a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return occurs for a new-moon-natal-chart the t/Moon emphasizes both the natal Sun and natal Moon.  The manner in which the adult-subject has developed their ‘spontaneity-of-life’ expression will be triggered by the t/Moon AND any significant aspects by the planets to that Return focal point.  On the other hand, when the t/Moon opposes the natal Sun-Moon conjunction point, the subject is often introduced to a new clarity or perspective on their current life situation.  Every month the person having a natal new-Moon chart will alternate between plunging into life-at-the-moment with (two weeks later) seeing the consequences of life-lived and being able to make adjustments.


Those born with Moon-opposite-Sun, a “full-moon” birth, will likewise have an alternating experience. The full-moon person experiencing a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return will have conflicting emotions, often involving another person.  Should one be accommodating or enjoy their short-term sense of feeling aligned and poised within their personal life?  With a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return, both the natal and the transiting Moon will oppose the n/Sun.  One’s current intentions and life-style will likely feel upset by confusion or conflicting emotions.  Where did that famous ‘full-moon clarity’ go to?  A choice will need to be made and adhered to.

For those born with a n/Moon-square-n/Sun pattern, both t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns and t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Returns can offer challenges.  The depth and intensity of those challenges from a Return chart will depend upon either or both natal aspect patterns and transiting aspect patterns to the Sun and Moon.  Obviously these will be different during each Return chart and will need to be evaluated with some care.


In Angela Merkel’s Nov. 20, 2005 t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart (25 degrees Cancer, 12th house, the n/Moon was 16 degrees beyond the opposition point to the n/Sun.  This Return occurred just prior to her being elected (a political seizure is a more apt description) as Chancellor of Germany.  From the previous text we have to consider the confliction of being accommodating or taking advantage of their own sense of poise and control of the present moment.  The 12th house placement of the t/Moon-n/Sun emphasizes this issue:  sacrifices and service to others or moving quietly behind the scenes to fulfill one’s own desires.  Merkel undercut her former mentors and supporters and took control of the public discourse.  She was always better prepared than her opponents.

Donald Trump, elected President of the United States in 2016, is another ‘full moon’ person.  He is well known for his frequent outbursts and seemingly spontaneous behavior, although that is also supported by other chart elements beyond the the full moon natal pattern.  He is constantly shifting positions and erratically adopting conflicting postures on any and all subjects.  He is an ‘extreme’ example.

Other considerationsAs the transiting Moon moves, so does the transiting Part of Fortune.  The Moon’s relative position to the transiting Sun defines the transiting Part of Fortune’s position relative to the Return chart Ascendant.  In Merle’s Return chart t/Moon at 25 Cancer is 237 degrees ahead of the t/Sun at 25 Scorpio.  Consequently, the t/PoF is 237 degrees ahead of the Ascendant (at 14 Leo) and is placed at 11 Aries.  This t/PoF squares n/Jupiter and t/Venus-n/N.Node.  Jupiter equates to government officials, Venus equates to friends who help, N.Node equates to associates.  Merkel effected change by changing her past relationships with these people.  Politics is tough.


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