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Making It Big With Johnny Carson

Young Jeff Dunham was very serious about his devotion to ventriloquism.  As a student in high school he always had a dummy with him.  He entertained others at school, his family, he did commercials for local automobile dealers, acted as … Continue reading

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Talks A Lot, Plays With Puppets

Jeff Dunham; One:  Something small can later shape a life time. Children grow and learn through the process of playing.  Sometimes a special gift inspires a child in a manner which has an impact on their whole life.  Such was the … Continue reading

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How Happy Can A Girl be?

There is nothing like a Royal Wedding to change one’s life. A royal wedding: How happy can a girl be to become a Duchess in England on her wedding day? Meghan Markle is certainly living a dream and her Moon-to-Sun … Continue reading

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When Astrology Works So Very Perfectly!

Relocating Meghan Markle’s chart makes a point. Discussions about whether the use of original natal charts or relocated natal charts is best have always been held.  The answer has never been accepted by those on the opposite side of the … Continue reading

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Green doesn’t indicate a ‘Go’ Signal.

Alexey Navalny; Part Two.  It isn’t easy to seek election against Putin. We will now explore a more recent period of Alexey Navalny life.  One year ago Navalny was in a critical situation.  He had registered to be a candidate for … Continue reading

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Some are born to resist authority.

Part One; Alexey Navalny, Political Activist in Moscow. Within the Russian dictatorship a limited amount of dissent pops up here and there.  Some dissent is directed against food shortages, inadequate pensions, politics.  Like the “Whack-a-Mole” game, most who dissent are … Continue reading

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Part 2 of 2: Swami Vivekanandra’s 39th Year Crises

As a continuation of the last posting, we will be addressing the following issues: 5)  The Swami’s Solar Return for his 39th year. 6)  An explanation of the MC-Solar Cycle. 7)  The date of his passing and what his progressed … Continue reading

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