Part 2 of 2: Swami Vivekanandra’s 39th Year Crises

Swami photo-2As a continuation of the last posting, we will be addressing the following issues:

5)  The Swami’s Solar Return for his 39th year.

6)  An explanation of the MC-Solar Cycle.

7)  The date of his passing and what his progressed daily angles chart shows us.

The whole point of these explorations is to determine what makes the 39th year of life so acute for some of us.  Let us recognize that many people do not die in their 39th year, nor do they have a life-changing experience.  They pass through this particular year like the many others that are encountered.  Solar Returns can be powerful charts to work with, particularly when the subject has a scattered placement of planets such that the likelihood of several angles can be active with planets is enhanced.  If we do not move, or if we relocate such that we are at a particular place for a period of time and resonate with that location, our natal MC angle will return to the MC of the Sidereal or p.c. Tropical Solar Return on our 39th year.

Having the t/Sun, t/MC and t/Asc. return to their natal positions in the Return chart is a powerful match up of energies.  The natal imprint is reinforced to one degree but it is also changed in another way.  The other planets have taken up new positions within a familiar chart orientation.  It is like we have come back to our familiar home, yard and front door only to find that all of the furniture has been rearranged or even replaced.  We are home yet we are uncomfortable in some ways.  How will we adapt to changes?   Let us see how the Swami reacted?  At this point in his life he had returned home to an area just outside of Calcutta, India.

V sr 1902 belur Math-J

5)  The Swami’s Solar Return for his 39th year.

Sure enough, being back very close to his childhood home, the MC is back within a few minutes of a degree and his Ascendant has also closely returned.  Of course, his n/Sun and t/Sun are conjoined as this is part of the definition of a Solar Return.  There are differences, as expected.

  • t/Saturn is at the Ascending degree.  He will be taking on new responsibilities.
  • t/Jupiter brackets the n/Sun-t/Sun with t/Saturn.  Saturn and Jupiter, as a pair, signify the business of life.  They are at the completion and start of a new cycle.  The Swami will be ‘using less’ (Saturn) to ‘do more’ (Jupiter) by organizing and clarifying his life views (Sun).
  • n/Venus-n/Mercury find themselves aligned with t/Mercury, placing an emphasis on plans and communication.
  • t/Mars in the first house and n/Mars on the IC angle point to a lot of energy being expended this year.  One life-long problem for the Swami has been n/Mars opposing n/Jupiter, signifying that he is always reaching out for more.  So, we have a ‘doubling up’ of Mar’s energies.  With the closeness and involvement of n/Jupiter and t/Jupiter near angles, we can also note a ‘doubling up’ of Jupiter energies.  Can he overtax himself in this coming year?

Let us review his life during this overall period.  Having returned to Calcutta, Vivekananda founded a mission offering social services to the poor.  It was run by a religious group.  He also founded two other monasteries, all to provide famine relief.  He also made one more brief trip to the west, England and the United States, where he established some societies to carry on his teachings and work.  All of this time, his busy schedule and intensity of work had taken a toll upon his body.  He was increasingly tired much of the time.

This man with such a brilliant and educated mind had devoted himself exclusively to teaching and working to aid the poor.  On July 4, 1902 he had awoken early, as was his habit.  He went to the monestary and meditated for three hours.  Later he taught grammar and philosophy to his pupils.  At seven in the evening he went to his room and asked that he be left alone.  He died about 9:20 in the evening as determined by his pupils who had been constantly checking him.

His pupils claimed that he had consciously and intentionally left his body while in a yoga state. This is considered to not be the same as a physical death.  A blood vessel had ruptured in his brain and was considered to be the cause of death.  The disciples claimed this was the result of the seventh crown chakra, a bodily focus of one’s mind and spirituality, being pierced as his spirit left his body.

V pssr 7-04-1902 death-J

Advanced chart for July 4, 1902.

This chart is most fitting to his death.  t/Venus is upon the MC angle.  Venus is often angular in charted events where love or death is involved.  Venus is a symbol of harmony and balance, of love  and inclusion, of reaching a state of bliss and peace.  It is the only angular planet.  It is a statement of a yogi reaching an ultimate point in his life.

As a supportive factor we might note t/Saturn conjoining n/Venus in the 5th, a channeling of those harmonious feelings.  Yet, when I see a singular angular planet, or perhaps two, I tend to let those sparse factors make up the message of the chart.  There is little need to seek embellishment of a powerful story.

So, once we have a 39th Solar Return, what do we look for should we wish to view this period when either death or a life-altering experience might come to us?  Using the Riyal for Windows software, which is an excellent tool for working with Solar Returns, I create the Solar Return chart and then, upon being prompted by the software, choose to examine PSSR’s.  This brings up a daily listing for the annual period following the Solar Return.  For each date, a listing notes the MC and Ascendant for that day and any natal or transiting planets that will be angular.

One can scan the list, looking for when angles contact natal angles, when sensitive planets come to an angle, when planets are ‘doubled up’, when concentrations of planets come to angles, or (using this current example) only one planet contacts an angle during a quiet period of several or many days.  Once an interesting date is spotted, when merely clicks the mouse and the daily chart appears on screen for examination.  Riyal for Windows is free to download and free to use.  It is also the most well designed software for the purpose of studying Solar Returns.  Riyal also has many other superb features.

In the future I will continue to provide examples of these charts and the challenges of the 39th year of our life.  We will also be able to explore other fascinating features of Solar Return charting such as avoiding ‘bad’ periods each year and finding when ‘good’ periods will occur, and determining when a problem is likely to be resolved.  Also, how to cast a spell to affect the future.  There is so much to explore in these charts.


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