Some are born to resist authority.

Part One; Alexey Navalny, Political Activist in Moscow.

AN photo-1Within the Russian dictatorship a limited amount of dissent pops up here and there.  Some dissent is directed against food shortages, inadequate pensions, politics.  Like the “Whack-a-Mole” game, most who dissent are battered down until they comply, are jailed for long periods, or killed to silence them.  A very few gain a level of recognition which permits them to speak out within a continuing bubble of harassment, apparently safe from extreme retaliation as long as they don’t cross some ill-defined line.  Alexey Navalny appears to be such a person.  He couches his political dissent within attacks on ‘corruption.’  Everyone in Russia lives with pervasive levels of corruption that reach into every area of daily life. 

Alexey Navalny was born on June 4, 1976 at 1:30 PM in Butyn, Russia.  His natal chart has been relocated to Moscow where most of his adult activities have taken place.  Navalny is known in the ‘west’ as one of the more active, vocal and persistent political activists in Russia.  He has been arrested and his life threatened on a constant basis.  He has formed political parties and has been a severe critic of Putin and the corrupt oligarchs that run Russia today.


In this posting we will examine:

1)  The role of Mars in the relocated natal chart.

2)  The realignment of natal angles and Return/Advanced angles.

3)  When an on-going event spans two Return-chart cycles.

Navalny’s Sun, in the 8th, opposes Neptune in the 2nd house; this is an indicator of a visionary, an idealist, a dreamer.  The focus of his vision for his countrymen is to offer a better management of daily life to reduce corruption.

The role of Mars in the relocated chart.

With Mars on the MC, this visionary will act to bring dreams into reality.  I always favor the use of relocated charts.  A ‘new’ location will often bring a planet into prominence or, conversely, move a planet away from an angle and (magically) out of your life.  No matter where he resides, Navalny’s n/Mars will always square his n/N.Node, lending him a tendency to be aggressive in his relationships with others.  He will always try to make any ‘relationship’ (personal or public) fit his own criteria.  Mars is at the midpoint of Neptune/Pluto, a strange combination that can include social reform, idealistic demands, as well as personal misinterpretation of social issues.

AN photo-3

Fortunately his Sun is conjoined by Venus, lending him a public likeability.  The photo on the left displays his ready smile for his fans.  The Virgo Moon, square by Vesta, lends him a sense of practicality and connection on basic-life issues.   And, how can we overlook Uranus-Asc. opposing Chiron-Desc.?  This links his exciting way of framing issues that everyone knows to needing fixing; he seems to have realized that targeting “corruption” is a handy word to substitute for all the issues of criminality and political maneuvering of the Kremlin and Putin.  Corruption is highly prevalent in all aspects of Russian life and cannot be discounted by the government.

Nalvany’s activities in 2011 brought him to the point where he was arrested..  There was to be a parliamentary election.  The party that Nalvany supported and campaigned for lost that election.  There were protests of fraud.  Several thousand people protested and some 300 were arrested.  Nalvany was arrested on Dec. 5th, 2011 and held for 15 days.  His arrest is mirrored in the Advanced chart for that day.

I will skip over his Return chart and show the Advanced chart for the day of his arrest.


The realignment of angles.

The chart above is Navalny’s Advanced chart for Dec. 5th, 2011.  We immediately note the angular realignment of his natal and daily chart angles.  This realignment often signifies a ‘death or rebirth-redirection’ moment in one’s life.  What type of change would come into his life on this date.  n/Mars on the MC indicates his past/established proclivity for actions that supported his goals.   t/Saturn-Asc., indicates that he is constrained on this date.   With the t/Part of Fortune on the IC angle, some form of start-stop, a ‘break’ in life’s actions would be likely.  An arrest will do that for you.

The presence of t/Jupiter and n/Chiron on the Descendant angle can be interpreted several ways.  Legal issues (t/Jupiter) are raised and debated (Desc. angle) over past injustices (n/Chiron); this is one way we can fit this pattern into the context of his life.

In effect, this arrest turned his public image from a political activist and agitator to that of a spokesman and face for ‘change’ on a grand scale.

When an on-going event spans two Return cycles.

He was released after the mandatory 15 day sentence was completed.  A span of fifteen days means that one Return chart has lapsed, another has occurred.  Let us look at the Moon-Sun Return prior to his release.


On Dec. 10th, 2011, while in jail, Navalny experienced a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return.  I doubt that he was aware of this.  This chart is shown above.  When an on-going event such as his jailing for a 15 day period occurs, we have two return charts to consider; he is arrested under one set of conditions, he is release under a different set of conditions.  Due to latitude distortion the 10th-11th-12th houses fit into a 48 degree arc, half of the more normal 90 degrees of arc would be.  The book-theme for this placement is, “Committing oneself to projects involving others. Planning for the future . . of group members. . . acting contrary to what is expected. . . unease between personal and public life.” 

t/Pluto-Asc. is a powerful factor in this chart.  ‘Seizing control’ is one likely meaning for this pattern.  We notice that the only other angle that is populated is the IC angle where n/BML and n/Mercury are posited.  The natal grouping suggests that his words and ideas are not as strongly influencing upon others as he would hope.  Yet, at the IC angle, we sense a new start for him and his words.  The presence of t/Pluto-Asc. will certainly help him feel that he has more ‘public power’ and influence.

His ‘advanced’ chart for Dec. 20th is shown below.


In those ten days since the Return chart, much has changed.  While t/BML is just behind the IC angle, t/Mercury is at the MC, strongly positioned — this is in contrast to n/Mercury-n/BML that was angular in the Return chart but which has now faded into the background of the 3rd house.  n/Mercury is at the midpoint of Venus/MC within 0d 02m; that natal imprint will carry into t/Mercury’s 10th house position, providing him with a public appeal.  Navalny’s words will be strong and resonate with the public.  Not obvious in this chart is the sensitive point of 3 degrees Cancer; the midpoint of n/Mercury/Mars — a pattern that indicates an ‘aggressive speaker.’  In this Advanced chart t/Sun and t/Pluto are opposed to, and bracket, this midpoint axis, greatly magnifying his public impact.  t/Venus picks up the n/Venus-n/Sun combination and gives him a popular boost.  Later in the day and the next day, t/Part of Fortune will be angular in the 10th house.   We can see this as a burst of enthusiasm and public support popping out of the jail-house door onto the public stage.

“On his release on December 20, Navalny called on Russians to unite against Putin, who Navalny said would try to snatch victory in the presidential election, which was to be held on March 4, 2012.” This is quoted from Wikipedia.   Navalny did not expect that he would be allowed to run, the government would use past arrests and charges as a basis for excluding him from being a candidate.  That did not prevent him from being the major voice of opposition to Putin.


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