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Alexey Navalny; Part Two.  It isn’t easy to seek election against Putin.

AN photo-2We will now explore a more recent period of Alexey Navalny life.  One year ago Navalny was in a critical situation.  He had registered to be a candidate for the Russian Presidency and had produced a documentary that criticized Dmitry Medvedev, the former President, for corruption.  His candidacy was not allowed by the authorities.  Most opponents of the ‘system’ are selected or allowed because they cannot offer any serious competition to those in power.  Navalny was obviously too popular to be allowed to be on the ballot. 

On March 26, 2017 Navalny struck back at the government by organizing and holding a series of anti-corruption rallies in several cities across the country.  The authorities were not happy about this.  One month later, on April 27, 2017, an important incident occurred.  As he stepped out of his office at the Anti-Corruption Foundation, he was approached and a green liquid was squirted onto his face.  Whatever kind of acid it was, it resulted in him losing 80% of his sight in one eye.  This ‘warning’ was one step short of assassinating him.


The above chart is Navalny’s t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return, 8th house, for April 15th, 2017.  The book ‘theme’ for this position, modified to fit the context of Navalny’s life, is “Managing programs brings conflicts if one strays from areas of capability or safety.  Confidence when under attack must be matched with care.  Some will show stress, you have to show assuredness and draw upon your own resources to survive.”

We can see that three of the chart angles are populated; n/Saturn at the MC, t/Jupiter as the Asc., and t/Uranus at the Descendant.  Jupiter-Asc. points to Navalny seeking recognition through his activities to expand his influence.  Saturn-MC points to his plan and organization to make the public more aware of the issues.  Uranus-Desc. relates to waking up others to the importance of his message.  With t/Moon conjoining n/Neptune, we can see that he will have to respond to a mystery (the fluid that was splashed onto his face by someone).  With t/BML nearby we can expect a nasty situation to be behind this terrible act.  The t/PoF, even though not angular, is always a factor to consider.  Here, t/PoF conjoins n/Venus-n/Sun.  This terrible incident will have an impact on his popularity and leadership.

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The chart above is the Moon-Sun Return ‘advanced’ diurnally to April 27th, 2017.  We immediately note the natal angles have returned to the chart’s angles.  This realignment of the angles signifies a turning point in one’s life.  One may die, or die in a figurative sense to their past life, or one may take on a major new or enhanced version of their present life.  With his n/Mars-n/MC pairing at the Advanced chart’s MC, this symbolizes the attack on him and his attack on the government’s corruption.  t/Sun squares this MC grouping, adding fuel to his fire.  

As an overall, long term pattern, t/Pluto has been in contact with his n/PoF.  His desire to upset the government apple cart is part of his on-going activities at this point.  Jumping over to the transiting Part of Fortune we find it conjoining the n/N.Node; he will be seeking partners to support his wide-scale plans.

Navalny emerged from this serious incident physically damaged but mentally strong and having a wider and more sympathetic following.

I cannot stress too much the importance of natal angles and chart angles coming together.  This always signifies a critical life moment.  The average person may have this occur a couple of times in each annual period.  Even other angles coming together are important to watch.  For example, the n/Ascendant at the chart’s MC can indicate one taking steps to accomplish an important goals or plan by acting upon it.  Having the n/MC at the chart’s Asc. angle can indicate that one has to deal with the consequences of one’s goals or plans.  These combinations are covered in my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, on page 160.

Again, I cannot stress too much the interpretive importance of any natal chart (or relocated natal chart) angle being at or very close to a Return or Advanced chart angle!  These angular match-ups always tell us what to expect, what is going on.  When the match up is same-angles-to-same-angles, the situation becomes tense.  It is a time when your life can change, is likely to take on a new direction.


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