When Astrology Works So Very Perfectly!

Relocating Meghan Markle’s chart makes a point.

MM photo-3Discussions about whether the use of original natal charts or relocated natal charts is best have always been held.  The answer has never been accepted by those on the opposite side of the argument.  Examples can be offered to those who are willing to look and consider.  Such is the case for Meghan Markle, now the Dutchess of Sussex after her wedding to Prince Harry on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England.

Meghan Markle’s birth chart in California is shown below.  It is an unremarkable chart in many ways when one first glances at it.  The chart could be classified as a ‘bowl’ chart with Mars leading and Neptune trailing if one does not count Chiron.  161 degrees separates Mars and Neptune, placing the minor planet Ceres at the midpoint.  We might see this, interpretively, as one who attempts to resolve the problems of others, one who is idealistic about what charity can do, one who becomes stressed out when involved in too many support roles. 



Natal chart: California

The Moon’s N.Node is at the Asc. angle, indicating a gregarious person who can build bridges to everyone she meets.  This is augmented by Mercury, Pallas and Sun in the first house.  “Strategic thinking” is a phrase my friend Martha Wescott links to the Mercury-Pallas pairing. For this natal chart I would say that she uses her words well and is considerate of others.  Sun in the first house lends to being outgoing and open to others, being joyful.

The IC and the fourth house is also occupied in this chart.  Moon-Saturn-Jupiter are consigned to the third house, leaving Pluto and Juno to the more-active fourth house.  Pluto-Juno requires a book to cover all of the possible manifestations.  Perhaps we can pick out the more obvious expressions here:  A life involving drama, drastic changes, a gravitation towards those who bring upheaval and change into one’s daily life — or others who expect that from you.  When looking for aspects to this Pluto, it is obvious that the midpoint of Pluto-Neptune is Chiron; Finding doors that open to lead one into fantasy, fast-changing situations, excitement and drama.  We can equate this to her career in acting as well as being popular.

Meghan’s Moon is 52 degrees, 1/7th of the circle, from her Sun.  In the book, Vibrational Astrology, Linda Berry and David Cochrane notes that this harmonic pattern is introverted and controled, mature, and enjoys learning and training and being within a routine life-style.  On the other hand, the Moon-from-Sun phase relationship, 2nd of 8 phases, suggests one who breaks the mold of her early upbringing, and who struggles to find her own life-rules and direction.  This second consideration seems more appropriate here.  The only chart opposition is between Chiron and Uranus.  We can see this as meaning her individuation and changes in life (Uranus) are brought about by others (opposition) opening doors in her life (Chiron), effecting changes in her life.

Relocating the natal chart to England.

What a difference eight time zones can make.  In Windsor, England, Meghan’s MC is joined by Mercury and Pallas. her Ascendant now hosts Pluto and (exactly) Juno.


Mercury-Pallas-MC tells us that Meghan will be, can be, a highly effective communicator and spokesperson, will want to travel and place her mark on many parts of the world and wherever her life’s work takes her.  Her Ascendant tells us that her life will likely be busy, having a strong impact upon others, and others will impact her life as well.  She will symbolize change and hope through her relationships with others.  One of the interesting factors in the chart is the Part of Fortune.  In relocated charts the PoF maintains it position relative to the Ascendant — but, in doing so it has to change its sign-degree position.  Here, it has moved from Virgo to Sagittarius; changes in her life will abandon routine services and take on a healthy adventurous and more enthusiastic outlook.  By its move in this relocation chart, PoF also joins up with Neptune; signifying that changes in her life will often be associated with drama and with fairytale scripting.  Of course, ‘disappointments’ are also in the mix.

Clearly, we can see the background for her association with Prince Harry and her royal wedding which has taken place this past few days.  In the next posting we will examine her t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return and Advanced chart for the wedding.  We will also see the strength of this relocated natal chart in those Return and Advanced charts.






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4 Responses to When Astrology Works So Very Perfectly!

  1. Seola says:

    Followed you already, as genuine astrological scholars/researches like you who really understand the subject are hard to come by on the internet these days.

    I am neutral about Megan Markle but do find it fascinating how well relocation astrology worked for her. I also love that she didn’t cover her freckles, they are beautiful.

    however I do wonder how despite marrying on a day with many positive yet seperating aspects (Jupiter and the Moon and the Sun and the Moon) how the applying Moon opposition to Pluto on that day would play for them…so definitely can’t wait for your post this coming Thursday!

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    • dadsnook says:

      I note that she broke with Royal tradition for weddings in several ways, making it her own statement. She walked down the aisle with only her covey of small girls and boys following her. She and Harry had picked out the music program, which was contemporary, and the musicians — all but one hidden behind the flowers — and the reception was not a dinner but a stand up session with finger food and bowl-served foods. They did not go on a honeymoon right away but have public events and Charles’ birthday party on their schedule. All her wedding flowers were shared with old-age homes and charities about the area. All very different. Pluto, as a control factor, is evident.

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  2. Seola says:

    excellent post. You have written a very clear and enjoyable post to read.

    I have also written about relocation astrology, somewhere on my blog, though that is not the focus of my blog.

    If I remember well to, if you relocate Prince Harry’s (Henry actually) chart to Los Angeles, California, Venus would be on the ascendant, a sure sign for men that they’d find a lover there, or that a life partner would be from there. I am going to go enjoy the rest of your writing as you know your subject well, keep it up!

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    • dadsnook says:

      Thank you. I have one more posting on Meghan set for Thursday. On Sunday I start a longer series on Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist, and his several characters. Dave

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