How Happy Can A Girl be?

There is nothing like a Royal Wedding to change one’s life.

Royal visit to Northern IrelandA royal wedding: How happy can a girl be to become a Duchess in England on her wedding day? Meghan Markle is certainly living a dream and her Moon-to-Sun Return and Advanced daily chart certainly show this.  On November 7, 2017, a half-year ago, she and Prince Harry announced their engagement.  Six months is a very short time to go from an engagement to a royal wedding — the planning, the assimilation of royal protocols and behavior, the personal adjustments in one’s life is a great intrusion into the lives of all those in their circle.  The good thing is that there was no time for disruptions to occur.  The wedding would go on.


The t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return for May 7th, 2018 is a 5th house Moon (how appropriate) and an 11th house Sun.  The book theme for this pattern is, “Committing oneself to projects involving others.  Planning for the future of family . . . supporting the arts or creative efforts.  Acting contrary to what is expected . . . Unease between personal and public life.”  The next several days may give us hints of how these overall theme statements will work out.  We have already seen that this new royal couple will be involved in public events for the next several weeks and that a conventional honeymoon will be delayed — current plans appear to enjoy fragmented short periods of personal time among their public event schedule.

Note that her relocated natal chart for Windsor, England has placed her n/Sun at the n/MC along with Mercury and N.Node — and placed this pattern in the 11th house of community service. Again, how can this not impress us astrologers?

Most striking is the n/PoF-IC-n/Neptune opposite t/PoF-MC. Chaos, changes of an extreme nature within a fairytale (Neptune) affects her private life (IC) and public life (MC).  Note also t/Neptune and t/Chiron near the Desc.; a new door opens for her (Chiron) due to another representing a dream situation. We also have n/Moon rising in the first house along with the pair Saturn-Jupiter (the business of life planets). Enough.

On May 19th, her wedding day, Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex. Her mother was the only one of her family who was able to attend, she was escorted by Prince Charles.

The Advanced (diurnally) chart for May 19th, 2018, is quite striking. t/Venus-MC says it all. This pattern opposes t/Saturn-t/BML-IC; a new life and responsibilities befalls her, but these may not be ever-present as t/BML weakens the Saturn-IC meaning. Before you disagree with this statement, note that t/Sun in the 9th opposes t/PoF-n/BML and n/Uranus. The changes and novel events are weakened by n/BML and the t/Sun in the 9th tells us that she is independent and distant from any of that negative stuff.

Again, n/Moon is rising and t/Chiron is exact on the Desc.; the new door in her relationship with Prince Harry has opened. Adjustments in how they strive to live within their relationship, within two countries and two cultures (California and Royal England) is now their path.  Note the t/N.Node-n/Sun, a nice touch blending Sun and Moon. 

 The day after changes everything.

MMMtoS5-20-2018dayafter This t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return is for May 20th, 2018, the day after the wedding.  This eighth house Moon-Sun pattern suggests issues concerning the management and flow of monies, financial interests — both personal and those affecting the lives and interests of others.  Investigations, making decisions on behalf of others, seeking to consolidate one’s own interests.  What might this mean, how might these issues play out in what would normally be the ‘honeymoon’ phase of this new marriage between two cultures?

We always consider the angular planets, plus the t/Sun, t/Moon, and t/Part of Fortune (t/PoF) as being the primary interpretive indicators.  Also, this being a Return chart covering the following two week period, we might advance the angles to see what else might be activated.

t/Chiron-IC opposes n/Moon-MC; The assumption of new royal protocols will be exciting to experience but they will upset the established daily routines that the new Duchess of Sussex formerly practiced.  Some of those will likely creep back into her life to the extent that they can. Will Meghan be able to deal with this?  t/Chiron squares t/Venus; harmony will need to be worked at; the schedule of appearances and travel will be a strain.

t/Sun behind the Desc. angle opposes n/Uranus-n/BML.  This pattern will, each day, fall behind the angles further and further, becoming less of an issue.  Any strain (opposition) between her new husband (Sun) and her former sense of identity will be adapted to — n/Moon trines t/Sun.

t/PoF squares t/Mercury-opposite-t/Jupiter.  This looks like plans and objectives become to big to be achieved.  Perhaps travel and public appearances become too much of a strain following this heighted emotional period.  Can we expect some announcement of ‘exhaustion’ of the part of the new royal couple?

 If we Advance the chart we will find on May 24th, a Thursday, that t/Moon conjoins n/Moon at the MC angle, in Meghan’s daily chart,  t/PoF passes over the IC angle in opposition.  I would watch this day carefully for some form of upset in the planned routines of this couple.

On the 27th, the following Sunday, t/PoF opposes t/Moon-t/Jupiter.  Expectations and plans take on a greater meaning or a changed meaning.  This can be looked at several ways.  It is possible that this young, normally carefree couple, might make a publicity boo-boo, have to re-do or take some sort of backward step.  Keep an eye on this date.

The 29th of May is a bit distressing for Meghan.  t/Moon has come to the Advanced chart’s Asc., opposing the t/Sun-t/PoF at the Desc. angle.  This would typically be seen as a disagreement between husband and wife.  Meghan’s n/PoF is in the first.  Choices need to be made, changes will be made whether one chooses or not.  The fall-out from these events may be seen or may be ‘alibied’ the next day, May 30th, as the t/Moon passes the n/Neptune-n/PoF.

The 31st of May can see a situation resulting in constraints or disappointment for the Duchess as the t/Moon conjoins t/Saturn and opposes her t/PoF.  Within hours of this point, t/Moon will oppose t/Venus-n/Mars in the 8th house.  This 8th house was important in the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return.  It is hard to see how money problems could be the issue.  Perhaps some legal papers, or arrangements affecting Meghan’s parents come into play.  If so, these may be kept away from public notice.

On June 1st, Meghan’s t/Moon picks up t/Pluto interests of control and making changes.  Note that t/Pluto-squares-n/Pluto, emotional issues can become paramount for her. 

In summary, the overall tone of the pre-wedding and wedding date seems likely to change once the ‘day after’ kicks in with a new Return chart to consider.  It should be an interesting week or two of news about the royal couple, not all of it being as smooth as the press releases and reporters make it out to be.




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2 Responses to How Happy Can A Girl be?

  1. Seola says:

    Thank you for the astrological update first…i too felt the vibe of something ‘fizzling out’ right after being pronounced husband and wife. Of course the royal media and PR will make it all look like they are ‘living the dream’ for as long as possible.

    (I think taking over comments sections on well known papers to make it look like the ‘real public’ thinks so, has been a PR firms ‘service’ for the past 3 or 4 years, because word of mouth and online comments are almost never aligned initially )

    You eloquently described that Pluto/Moon connection that I hope this couple is spared from if it is for their higher advantage, but which I have often seen in divorced people charts, wedding day….

    on the other hand a flamboyant Leo sun (Her), and a practical Virgo Sun with a thrifty Taurus moon and ‘dont waste money’ Capricorn Ascendant, who only ever orders house wine as he knows who pays for the privileged life he was born into…I can see how money problems can occur…eagerly awaiting your Jeff Dunham posts now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dadsnook says:

      I also look forward to the Jeff Dunham series. I love most of his characters. Not happy with Achmed’s son or Daddy Dee.

      Liked by 1 person

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