Talking Heads Offer Chaos On DVD


DVD controlled chaos photoRelocated charts are effective in both timing and interpretation.


Watch a video clip from Dunham’s Controlled Chaos


Jeff Dunham played to a full house at each stop on a road show tour.  His primary characters, Peanuts, Walter, and Achmed were joined by lesser characters such as Jose and Achmed’s newly discovered son, as well as by new characters, Bubba, Melvin, Seamus, Sweet Daddy Dee and others.  Each character served to target a wedge of the demographics’ of a national and foreign audience.  Stereotypes make it all work.  Stereotypes are symbols.  They are quick to recognize and for people to grasp their range of reference.

It was likely that both the number of road show appearances and the need to create and improve the dialog of each character’s part in the show led to Jeff wanting to limit his on-the-road time and be able to spend more time with his family.  A solution would be to do TV specials which would attract large audiences and pay him much more.  The problem was that ‘ventriloquism’ had gone out of style when Edgar Bergen left the scene decades ago.  This view persisted in the minds of TV network producers in spite of Dunham’s success on his road tours.  How to get by this obstacle?

Dunham decided to produce a DVD that could be sold to the public as well as be used on TV. He would have to produce it himself and pay for it himself.  This new venture would be called “Controlled Chaos.”  The DVD was produced and taped in Richmond, VA on June 3rd and 4th, 2003.  The DVD was released in the U.S. on Sept 25, 2003.  We will look at Return and Advanced charts for these dates.  First we will look at the t/Moon-n/Sun Return for May 29, 2003 at Richmond, VA.


Of most immediate note is t/Neptune-MC opposite n/Pluto-IC.  Ebertin notes in his Combination of Stellar Influences, “. . . a highly active imagination and fantasy, illusions” and “the tendancy to concentrate strongly upon peculiar or strange aims and ideas . . .”  With t/N.Node-Desc. he notes “The sharing of peculiar experiences with other people . . .”  The t/Moon-n/Sun occurrence is in the 11th house of community outreach and work.  n/Uranus is also near the IC angle indicating a new effort or approach to his communication.  By itself, these symbols outline the whole story for us to know.  However, we can also incorporate (as always) the t/PoF’s meaning in this Return chart.  That t/PoF is conjoining his relocated n/MC for Richmond.  t/Sun is in the 12th house of preparation and hidden efforts, squaring the t/Neptune-n/Pluto opposition.  As a focus for this T-square, Dunham’s whole focus is on this creation for his DVD.

Edited to add:  Jeff’s MC, when relocated from Texas to Virginia, shifts some 21 degrees from Aries into Taurus.  This affects his natal chart greatly, but affects his Return chart much less in terms of timing.  If the relocated MC and/or Ascendant are contacted by an angle of the Return or Advanced chart, then the relocated angles play a major role in events that happen.  That is not the case in this example.

Let us look at the Advanced chart for June 3, 2011.


The advancing diurnal angles for the May 29th Return chart, on June 3rd, are instructive. Notice the MC clumping of t/Neptune-n/Jupiter-t/Chiron-n/Chiron squared by t/Mercury in the 12th and opposing n/Pluto near the IC.  First, t/Chiron-n/Chiron indicates, according to Chris Brooks’ book “Midpoint Keys to Chiron” an opening of a new door in one’s life in addition to any possible inner ‘hurts’ or issues that Dunham might be experiencing.  Those inner hurts might just be his frustration at the TV networks for them not noticing his prior entertaining success and not appreciating his future potential. 

t/Jupiter-n/Neptune at the MC points to happiness and speculation; quite appropriate for this private funding venture.  Note also the t/Moon in the first house, pouring ones emotional energies into a personal effort.  We can also see that the first house t/PoF squares n/Moon in the 5th; a struggle to fit emotions and needs into a creative and speculative venture.

Jeff Peanut photoA short video from Controlled Chaos can be found at:

The DVD was released in the U.S. on Sept. 25th, 2011.  A prior t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return occurred on Sept. 15th, ten days prior to the release date for the DVD.  This Return chart is shown below.  One would think, looking at this chart, that an astrologer had picked the date for the DVD’s release within this Moon-Sun cycle. The eye is immediately drawn to t/Sun-t/Venus-MC opposing n/Mars-IC.  The energy in this pattern is very strong, the DVD will meet with great success due to the work that Dunham invested in this project.


t/Uranus near the IC doesn’t hurt this project, either.  The t/Part of Fortune is always looked at even if it is not angular; the t/PoF works as an expressional outlet for the chart’s Ascendant.  This t/PoF squares t/Saturn-n/Moon in the 10th;  Will chance and change (PoF) bring excitement to this effort-of-love/creativity?  The t/Moon-n/Sun conjoins t/BML — apparently the strength of the t/Sun-t/MC is enough to override any negativity from t/BML.  If any have comments on this pattern, please share them.

Let us now look at the Release Date for this Controlled Chaos DVD.


Ten days after the Return chart, we find n/Uranus at the MC and t/Uranus opposite at the IC angle.  Great excitement is indicated for this Release Date for the Controlled Chaos DVD.   It is common to find charts of 40 year old people having n/Uranus-opposite-t/Uranus patters.  The placement of this pattern at the MC-IC axis of a cyclic chart indicates and explosive and sudden event.  n/Venus-Desc. indicates the strong acceptance by the public.  t/Mercury opposes n/Sun-n/Mercury from the behind-the-scenes 12th house; Dunham’s ideas and messages are well received.

Again, the interpretation t/BML-t/PoF conjoining n/Jupiter-n/Chiron eludes me.  My sense is that this pattern is overall fine; Jupiter is opening the door wide (Chiron), the gamble and investment will pay off.  But, perhaps the t/BML indicates a dark side that is not easily seen in any public documents.  Perhaps the success of this DVD doesn’t help him reduce his on-the-road schedule. Should any of my readers have a comment to offer on Black Moon Lilith and its inclusion in this chart, I would be appreciative of hearing from you.  We may not all fully understand BML but we cannot ignore its presence in a chart.















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