Updated on April 9, 2014

Philosophy:  I started my astrological studies in 1971 after attempting to show my wife that her daily newspaper horoscope couldn’t possibly apply to her.  I cast her chart using a $2.95 paperback introductory book.  Amazed at the results, I began my studies.  In these intervening years I have studied many topical areas, methods and schools of thought.  Much of that I have discarded, keeping only what was dependable most of the time.  What remains, for me, has become a cohesive set of practices which have proven to be reliable, effective and fun to use.   Permit me to share the following introductory views that I presently hold.

  • Natal chart astrology is everyone’s starting point, and often remains highly central to their astrological practice as part of a combination of progression, directed and transit charts.  After an early introduction to Ebertin’s midpoint theory and the 90 degree dial, along with Noel Tyl’s solar arc directions, my interest areas expanded. My studies led me to Solar and Lunar Returns which captivated me completely.  
  • Return charts brought me into the realization that prediction was more easily doable and effective than it had been when attempted with secondary progressions.  Much of this awakening was due to the writings of Irish astrologer Cyril Fagan and his Sidereal explorations.  Although I have never fully adopted Sidereal astrology due to my poor regard for sign-meanings in general (outside of the natal chart), I found the basics of Fagan’s system to be highly effective.  
  • Cyclic astrology is an expanded view of Fagan’s Return charting methods. “Expanded” because Fagan died before doing much more than introducing these novel ideas.  There are many astrological cycles in play and many of these cycles can be used with a “return” chart of one type or another.  My present work focuses upon 1) Solar Returns and their derived daily charts, 2) Transiting-Moon-to-natal-Sun Returns and their advanced charts for each day, and 3) Diurnal charts.  In these systems, the timing of the “return” determines the orientation of the natal chart within the Return chart’s angle/house structure, presenting us with new areas of experience and expression for the natal planet patterns.  We also have transiting planets that are seen to interact within the new, temporary chart (experience) organization.  The result is a chart that reflects the changing venue of life and its unexpected twists and turns.

This site, the Ninth House, will be the vehicle in which Cyclic Charting is explored using real people and real events in their lives.  The site will continuously change to reflect just what I am studying and promoting.

  • Books are an excellent vehicle for explaining a subject of interest.  My first book, Personal Prediction, was published in 2013 and addresses Solar Returns and derived Daily charts (similar to Fagan’s Sidereal ‘PSSR’ charts).  Additionally, this system is shown to be a useful tool in discovering how one has actualized their potential.  This life-study review is often talked about but seldom demonstrated.  A second book, Moon-to-Sun Returns, is likely to be produced at the end of 2014 or early 2015.  In addition, several e-books are planned.
  • Publications are a primary outlet for astrologers.  I have several articles that have been published in ISAR’s thrice-annual journal, The International Astrologer.  An effort is now being made to convert them and place them on this Ninthhouse blog site for visitors to read.

I view this Ninthhouse site as primarily being an education site, a sharing site.  I am open to other astrologers wishing to contribute their ideas and efforts regarding the use of any Cyclic Astrology practices.  There are many ways to use Return charts and those ideas should be shared and explored.

Dave Monroe



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