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Presentations on various Tarot spreads that have been found to be useful

Astro-Tarot Reading for Ronia

Astro-Tarot Reading requested by Ronia The question is: “What does the year ahead hold for me?” Astrology chart: This chart, at the right, is for Ronia’s birth place and time, with the transits for April 24th shown on the outside … Continue reading

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The state election turns country’s direction

Massachusetts special election points out a new direction for the nation.  Comments on a tarot spread for this election. The voters of Massachusetts have followed a wide-spread trend in recent years for many states —- they have shifted from party … Continue reading

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The state election as a harbinger for the nation

Tarot Spread for Massachusetts Senate Election The election on Jan. 19th, 2010 in Massachusetts to fill the seat of Senator Kennedy has seemingly become a referendum vote on the state of the nation, the effectiveness of Congress and the Obama … Continue reading

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Finished carving of Hanged Man

Finished carving of the Hanged Man (un-painted) The photos below show the final carving of the Hanged Man and the tree, but not the mounting and finish painting.  I’ve under-coated the tree and leaves in gray, the figure in white. … Continue reading

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Rough version of Hanged Man

Rough version of Hanged Man tarot figure With a little sunshine and a pleasant day, I had time Monday to do some more carving on the Hanged Man figure.  Unfortunately, my camera software wouldn’t function here on my vacation computer … Continue reading

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Preparing a Tarot Carving

Preparing A Tarot Carving Every carving has to be planned, this planning starts with a sketch which is transfered to a piece of wood. The sketch (left) has to represent both the scale of the finished piece and portray the … Continue reading

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Wood Carving the Hanged Man

The Hanged Man……and how you can participate! I’ve decided to carve the Hanged Man in wood, a full three dimensional figure. the figure will be about six inches high, the overall piece will likely be about eight inches high not … Continue reading

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