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Dave’s tarot carvings, and occasionally other carvings such as my carousel horses, will be displayed here from time to time.

Finished carving of Hanged Man

Finished carving of the Hanged Man (un-painted) The photos below show the final carving of the Hanged Man and the tree, but not the mounting and finish painting.  I’ve under-coated the tree and leaves in gray, the figure in white. … Continue reading

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Rough version of Hanged Man

Rough version of Hanged Man tarot figure With a little sunshine and a pleasant day, I had time Monday to do some more carving on the Hanged Man figure.  Unfortunately, my camera software wouldn’t function here on my vacation computer … Continue reading

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Preparing a Tarot Carving

Preparing A Tarot Carving Every carving has to be planned, this planning starts with a sketch which is transfered to a piece of wood. The sketch (left) has to represent both the scale of the finished piece and portray the … Continue reading

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Wood Carving the Hanged Man

The Hanged Man……and how you can participate! I’ve decided to carve the Hanged Man in wood, a full three dimensional figure. the figure will be about six inches high, the overall piece will likely be about eight inches high not … Continue reading

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Tarot Carvings

Tarot Carvings I was reviewing my tarot carving photos last evening.  There is a background story behind this hobby of mine and the photos that I have.  I had a web-site which was devoted to illustrating these carvings and offering … Continue reading

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Tarot Deck Desk Display

Tarot Deck Desk Display Above is the Waite-Smith Magician, front and back views, serving as “book ends” for a collection of often-used Tarot Cards.  The Magician stands at one end, wand raised high while standing in the garden of white … Continue reading

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Miniature carved tarot card; 3 of swords

Miniature carved tarot card; the 3 of Swords “Three” represents the result of a pairing.  The phrase, “The sum is more than the whole of its parts” comes to mind, a couple bringing forth a child is another example.  As … Continue reading

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