StarFisher Four: Procedure Check List

Procedure for using StarFisher to create Moon-to-Sun Returns and Advanced charts.

Natal Chart:

#1  Click on the StarFisher shortcut icon to start the program.  The “New Horoscope” box pops up.  Click on ‘load’ to activate a previously created natal chart from a list of available charts or click on ‘new” to create a new natal chart.

#1A    The blue button ‘date’ should be highlighted.  If not, choose it.  Enter the date and time information in the fields.  If Daylight Savings Time is in effect for this date, check the DST box.  Click OK.

#2  The ‘Event Date” box appears.  The previously enter date information is displayed.  This small screen requires you to enter location information.  Enter the location name, latitude and longitude.  No atlas information is initially provided.  Google the latitude and longitude data and enter it.  Once done, you can save the location data for re-use later on by click on the Atlas button.  Add an notes you wish in the notes field.  Click on OK.

#3   The natal chart appears.  Planets and chart points are graphically displayed.  Positions and house cusps are listed in a column at the right.

Return Chart:

#1  Event:  Using Event menu, choose Open an event (birth chart) or choose from ‘most recent’ charts shown at the bottom of the menu listing.

#2  View:  Using View menu, choose Transits & Directions from the listing.  The Transits & Direction data box has four sets of entry choices.

#2A   General data: Type: Transit.  Option: Prec. Corr’n check.  From: enter date, skip time entry.  To enter date, skip time entry.  (From/to date range, be liberal and cover a couple of months).

#2B   Transiting bodies:  Move the Moon into the ‘selected’ box and everything else into the ‘available’ box.

#2C   Transited bodies:   Move the Sun into the ‘selected’ box and everything else into the ‘available’ box.

#2D   Used Aspects:  Move ‘conjunctions’ and ‘oppositions’ into the selected box, all else in ‘available’ box.  Click ‘OK.’

If a span of several weeks had been chosen earlier, multiple conjunctions and oppositions of Moon-Sun would be displayed.  One can move within this listing to display a number of Return charts.

#3   A listing of one/several dates, times, aspect, transiting (body: Moon), static (body; Sun), Moon speed is provided.  Choose one of the dates from the listing shown.

#4   Dialog box asks ‘What would you like to use the selected date for?’  Choices include: Derived Horoscope, Comparison Horoscope, Event, Cancel.  Choose ‘Comparison Horoscope.

#5   Edit Horoscope input box is displayed.  Assure that the following choices are made:

#5A   Type:  Comparison (Standard, Derived)

#5B   Primary:  Name of natal chart subject is shown

#5C   Secondary:  The ‘date’ box is highlighted

#5D   The lower half of this data input box has two tabs; Date tab and Julian Day tab.  Choose Date tab.

#5E   Type:  ‘Transit’ is displayed.

#5F    Description:  ‘Subject’s name & Transit’ is displayed.  Click ‘OK.’

#6   A bi-wheel chart for the Subject-name and the Transiting planets is displayed.

#6A   The astrologer may use the menu choice ‘Horoscope’ and ‘Swap inner & outer’ if desired.

Advanced Chart:

#7   From the Menu bar, choose ‘Event’ and then the sub-listing ‘Animated.’  A ‘choice box’ pops up.

#7A    Four choices are listed in the upper section of the box; Backward Step, Forward Step, Reset, and Step Size.  Three ‘grey’ (not available now) choices are;  Primary Backward, Primary Forward, and Primary Reset.  Choose Step Size and set it to One Day.

#8  To advance or backup the transiting portion of the bi-wheel chart, use the “+” or the “-” buttons shown on the icon-bar below the menu-bar.

Return to Date Listing of Moon-Sun conjunctions & oppositions:

To choose another t/MO-to-n/SU Return or t/MO-opposite-n/SU Return, the astrologer can click on the small blue icon at the left-side of the Menu bar next to the File Menu.  All of the dates for conjunctions and oppositions of t/Moon to n/Sun on the listing, and contained within the range of those dates selected earlier will again be displayed.

This procedure or list of steps can be printed out for reference until one is familiar with the StarFisher software.