StarFisher One: Download

StarFisher is a FREE-to-download, FREE-to-use, EASY-to-use astrological software program which I feel is far superior to any Internet-accessed program.  StarFisher should be considered by every new, early-studies, hobby and ‘frineds-and-family’ astrologer as being their primary program to use.  It is feature rich and should satisfy almost every mainstream need.

StarFisher Home Page

This is the URL screen that is seen when you type into your search engine:


or you can just google ‘starfisher.’  The program is open-sourced, there is no help or support desk or a forum of users as there is for those ‘purchasable’ programs.  You, as a member of the public, own this software.  You can modify the coding if you know how and care to add features.

As a first step you will want to click on downloads.  At some point you may also wish to review the features and watch the several tutorials.

StarFisher Download PageThis is the ‘dowload’ page.  There are two downloads you should invoke.  First, download the first StarFisher ‘full installation’ choice.  Second, download the offered Ephemeris.  This will allow the program to display asteroids and more precisely and quickly calculate charts.

You may also at nay point, view the screen shots, the features listing and documentation.  You will also find videos to watch.

The sections which follow address the steps and use of StarFisher for calculating t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns and Advanced charts.  Once this material is read, it should be very easy to also do progressed, directed and other forms of charting.