Calculating Charts for a “Noon” Birth Time

June 11, 2013

As a general rule, calculating a natal chart or another chart depending upon that natal chart for a “noon” birth will yield a chart with limited usefulness.  The MC and Asc. angles are completely useless, the Sun and other planets are useful in terms of their aspect to each other, and the Moon is only “approximate” in its zodiac position and aspect patterns to other astrological bodies.

However, this is not true in the case of t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns or for t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Returns!  This chart form utilizes the transiting Moon to reach a position relative to the natal Sun, the Moon travels 12 or 13 degree per day, the Sun only a single degree — I am using approximate values here.  This movement ratio works in the astrologer’s favour when working with this type of chart methodology.  I will utilize the “noon” birth chart and t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart for Shannon Roger Richardson, the Texas lady who sent ricin-poisoned letters to President Obama and New York City Mayor Blumberg on May 30th, 2013.  On this day she also accused her husband of the crime, seeking to get him out of her life for her still unknown reasons.  These chart were posted here on the Ninthhouse blog in early June, 2013.

A “noon” birth gives Shannon Roger Richardson, relocated to her then-present address in New Boston, Texas, an MC of 17 Leo, an Ascendant of 12 Scorpio, a Sun of 8 Virgo, a Moon position of 13 Aries.  The use of a noon birth chart will keep the Sun within a half-degree of whatever actual natal position is occupied at birth, and the Moon will be within 7 degrees of its actual birth position (if known).  These one degree and seven degree range of motion is all that these bodies can have in a day’s time.

Because of the 13:1 ratio of Moon-to-Sun motion in a day, a half-day range of motion relative to a noon birth would yield a 7:1 or 6:1 ratio (depending upon Moon-speed on any given day).  Our expectation, if our thinking stopped at this point, would be that we might be within six signs of being “correct.”  A simple test shows how wrong this assumption is.

Noon birth for May 18, 2013 Moon-to-Sun Return:  MC 21:39 Virgo, Return chart time is 8h59m19s PM.  Moon conjoins Sun in the 9th house.

Six AM birth for May 18, 2013 Moon-to-Sun Return:  MC 14:15 Virgo, Return chart time is 8h32m02s PM.  Moon conjoins Sun in the 9th house.

Midnight (12 hours earlier than noon) for May 18, 2013 Moon-to-Sun Return:  MC 6:55 Virgo, Return chart time is 8h04m45s PM.  Moon conjoins Sun in the 10th house, two degrees past the MC.

While the natal chart’s MC will move 180 degrees or six signs over a twelve hour period, the Moon-to-Sun Return chart’s MC only shifts 15 degrees over a twelve hour period.  For a six hour “difference”, the shift is only some 7 degrees.  The Moon’s daily motion breaks down to a half-degree per hour, roughly.  In this hour it catches up with Sun position no matter what time of the day the birth moment was.  Hence, we can work with a Moon-to-Sun Return chart where the MC is correct within half a sign and the house positions are generally correct.  We have an additional factor working in our favour.

The t/Moon-to-n/Sun house position, or the t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun house positions, provide us with a very definitive interpretive meaning.  These Moon-to-Sun charts are very “house” oriented.  If there is ever any question of the Moon-Sun position being in one house or the adjacent house, that question is easily settled.  Examine the May 18, 2013 t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for Shannon Roger Richardson and its given Moon-to-Sun position interpretation.  These interpretations (in basic form) are given in my blog site which is where I document my research on this new form of lunar returns.  The ninth house Moon-to-Sun interpretation clearly applies to this unfortunate situation.  





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