Every Day Planets

Every Day Planets

Cyclic charts — Solar and Lunar Returns, Planet Returns, t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns, Diurnal charts — can be interpreted somewhat differently than natal, progressed or directed charts.  Cyclic charts track and portray daily events and responses in one’s life.  Further, these cyclic charts present natal and transiting planets within a re-oriented house structure.  All of this places great emphasis on how we view the planets.

This text will offer an “everyday” interpretive view of the Sun, Moon, Planets, N.Node and Part of Fortune that can be utilized within the cyclic charts that my readers create for their own study.  Keep in mind that NATAL planets represent what we have come to express them as we fit them within our total character.  TRANSITING planets represent seemingly external conditions and influences that bring change and challenges into one’s life — even if we contribute to the emergence of these challenges.

This page is being built using details taken from the many charts presented.  Dave


Natal SUN in Return charts: Overall vitality level, our normal approach to operating within our daily life, attitude, how driven we are in following our purpose and goals.

Transiting SUN: (for a women) a Male in their life.  Intent, self-purpose.  Aspects to the Sun may indicate one’s attitude, decisions to be made, level of vitality.  Expressing pride in someone or something.  Approval noted.  Social interactions; Acknowledgement of/by others.  Feelings; hope, happiness.  


Natal MOON in Return charts: Our developed sensitivity to others, typical response patterns, one’s habits and daily routines.  The nature of fears and worries we harbour.

Transiting MOON; The day’s surprises and nature of changes being encountered (note house position and aspects to the Moon).   The women entering our life on this date.  Social interactions; Automatic responses, popularity.  Feelings; Emotions can run high, over active or childish, being satisfied.


Natal PART OF FORTUNE; This position shows where we take risks or seek to avoid risks.  This is where “change” often upsets us.

Transiting PART OF FORTUNE:  The Part of Fortune plays a large role in t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return charts.  The PoF position shows where the Ascendant may alternatively express itself if there are no planets at, or aspecting, the Ascendant angle.  PoF represents the day’s surprises and interruptions.  PoF aspects to planets often express as “challenges.”  Social interactions; reactive response, immediate challenge or change.  Feelings; The house position and planet-aspects will shape how one feels about “chance and change” situations.


Natal MERCURY; In return charts, Mercury represents our typical way of viewing the world, our opinions and thoughts, our manner of speech in dealing with others.

Transiting MERCURY; How we view daily situations, how we frame and explain the choices we make.  Aspects to Mercury indicate our attention level and attitude, the need and manner of travel, interactions with others in the home or neighbourhood.  Social interactions; talking, visiting, study and entertainment.  Feelings; Amoral or subdued unless a planet is in aspect, in which case excitement or restlessness is likely.  Nervousness.  Receiving news, mail, signing documents.


Natal VENUS; represents our love nature, lust, the things we desire or hold dear, money, our sense of balance and harmony in both actions and in our environment.

Transiting VENUS; Love arrives, money flows in or out, decorating.  Advocating for peace or compromise between those who argue.  Buying clothes or jewellery.  Seeking friendship.  Creative engagement and games.  Social interactions; Companionable, alliances, experiencing love.  Feelings; Affection, enjoyment, intimacy.


Natal MARS;  One’s sense of presence in a situation.  Anger, assertiveness, prone to taking action, doing something for the sake of doing something.

Transiting MARS;  Commanding, taking action, surgery, building or assembling something. Being hurt.  Social interactions; Challenges, confidence before others.  Feelings; Ardent, expressive, angry.


Natal JUPITER:  Our generosity, sense of social opportunity that can support our lifestyle, ethical balance between laws and beliefs.

Transiting JUPITER:  Present affinity for luck and awareness of possibilities, an ability to “enlarge” something.  Social interactions; Being supportive, group participation, gathering and enhancing.  Feelings; Flamboyant, inclusive, happy.


Natal SATURN; Our vulnerabilities, being cautious, our approach to planning or use of strategies in daily life.

Transiting SATURN; Current responsibilities, burdens imposed, blockages discovered, introspection.  Social interactions; Pulling back on one’s efforts, being “professional”, a quiet time or seeking relief.  Feelings; Misery, annoyance, determination.


Natal URANUS; Uranus and it’s condition within the entire chart point to those characteristics that make us unique.  Where in life we are most surprised and/or upset, the manner in which we surprise ourselves through sudden cognition.

Transiting URANUS; Where sudden change can intrude today, the input of a mentor or “Dutch uncle” as a substitute for not paying attention to our own inner guide.  A decision to try something new.  Social interactions; Attracted to fads, popular groups, designer clothes.  Feelings;  Frenzied, highly changeable, extremely responsive.


Natal NEPTUNE; (positive or negative expression)  Imagination, visualization and creativeness, deceit (ours or others), seeking a fairytale experience. 

Transiting NEPTUNE; Current deceit or scams, fulfilling a dream experience, being among large groups, involvement in a social movement.  False hopes.  Social interactions; Religious involvement, drama groups, convincing others of the validity of a specific topic or program.  Feelings; Lethargic, confused, adoring.


Natal PLUTO; points to where transformation or chaos cay occur in the chart.  If involved in a Pluto-like social movement (and aspects to Pluto are involved) we can feel or initiate irrevocable change and forces.

Transiting PLUTO; the time and place where fundamental change on any scale can/might occur.  Managing others affairs.  Seeking revisions of agreements or changes in group membership.  Destroying or walking away from something.  Social interactions; Being persuasive or manipulative.  Anti-social.  Self-serving.  Death or loss of another.   Feelings; Powerful emotions, intensity to the point of exhaustion.


Natal NORTH NODE; Where we seek association with another for the purpose of gain, learning and growth, support or friendship.  May also indicate business associates.

Transiting NORTH NODE: The timing and nature of events and experiences involving others that we share these events with.  Social interactions; Merely indicates the involvement of others.  Feelings; none are denoted.



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