Mundane–Political Astrology

Political Astrology

The practice of astrology, when investigating charts for political or mundane events, requires us to adjust our use of symbols. The following guidelines are what I most often use.  They have been collected from memory and by reference to authors active in this field of astrology–I claim no originality and recognize that we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us.

SUN: Relates to: Presidents, Kings, political and corporate leaders, cultural celebrities.  Qualities: National identity or pride, condition of leadership and nation, enemies.  Aspects: (hard) Conflict, criticism, stress, difficulty in carrying out programs.  (soft) popularity, favorable ratings, ease in governing.

MOON: Relates to: Whole population, public mood, women.  All in occupations related to public utilities, water management.  Qualities: Agriculture, production of food, satisfying life’s needs.  Aspects: (hard)  public discord, lack of food and necessities, crop damage, natural disasters.

MERCURY: Relates to: Widespread opinion, young people, public education, science in general, media outlets and activity.  Gov’t entities: Dept. of Education, Health, Center for Disease Control, EPA (environment protection.  Aspects: (hard) censorship education strikes, transportation accidents, air pollution, illness.

VENUSRelates to: Young women, romance, marriage, cultural values, that which is connected to the arts, music, theater, amusement.  Women as mediators.  That which balances, softens.  Gov’t entities: Dept. of Currency, Mint, Treasury, banks, lenders, Weights & Measures.  Aspects: (hard)  Artistic suppression, censorship, limits to political power, barriers.

Mars:  Relates to: Males, especially younger males, war, Army and Marines, industrial labor, manufacturing, meat production, mining and metal processing, natural resources. Gov’t entities: Police, criminal elements, violent people.  Attorney General, Dept’s of Labor, energy, Defense, Nat’l Security Council, industrial labor unions. Aspects: Fires, explosions, riots, bloodshed, volcanic activity.  Acts as a trigger element.

JUPITER:  Relates to:Capitalism, trade, borders, international agreements, religion and clerical figures, judges, bankers, those who make agreements, law administration.  Gov’t entities: Senate, V.P., ambassadors, State Dept., Fed. Reserve Board. SEC.  Aspects: (good)  Establishing relations.  (hard)  overabundance, problems due to excess, trade imbalances.

SATURN: Relates to: Corporations, law enforcement, monopolies, the Stock Exchange, quarries and land resources, structures and buildings, conservative society.  Gov’t entities: Senate, Social Security, unions VA, FBI, Secret Service, prisons.  Aspects: (hard)  Misfortune, severe shortages, extreme weather, disasters in general.

URANUS:  Relates to: Regional interests, legislation, invention, technology, advanced communication, aeronautics, space, air travel, international organizations, uprisings, civil disobedience, boycotts, protests, terrorism in some cases.  Gov’t entities: House of Representatives, Aviation groups, Air Force, NASA, FCC.  Aspects:  (hard) strikes, riots, earthquakes, violent nature events, high winds.

NEPTUNE:  Relates to: Changing public opinion (Judy Johns), sensationalism, discontent, human rights and other ideals.  Migration, social programs, ocians and water, natural gas and oil, alcohol, drug use, photography, chemical uses.  Gov’t entities: Navy, oil and gas management, hopitals, prisons, social agencies.  Aspects: (hard)  Distortion, deception, renegotiation, slander, political instability, marine disasters, epidemics.

PLUTO:  Relates to: Evolution, ecological balance (planet scale), disintegra-tion, elimination of parasites, social upheaval (large groups), propaganda, psychological warfare, monopolies, mergers, nuclear power, infrared and laser technologies.  Linkage of births-live span-death balances, waste management.  Gov’t entities: Security and investigative groups, Homeland Security.  Aspects: (hard)  Volcanoes, oil spills, fires, war, mud slides, movement and destruction, power struggles, corruption.

NORTH NODE of Moon:  Relates to: (speculative)  Associations between groups which can offer reciprocal benefits to each other.  Lobbyists, volunteer organizations, those offering outreach and support programs. Gov’t entities: Faith based organizations, gov’t recognized service groups.  Ancillary organizations. Aspects: To be determined.

FIRST HOUSE: The nation or a significant region, population of a city, the general nature of the economy as perceived by the general public.

SECOND HOUSE: Economy, currency and currency circulation.  Social values and consumer activity.  Trade and commerce, supply and demand issues.  Taxes.

THIRD HOUSE: Public transportation and those who use it, news media, friendly nations.  Suburban population.  Electronic mail, diplomatic messages.

FOURTH HOUSE: Housing market, living conditions, land values, rural population. Agricultural issues and farm production, peoples needs from government.  The political party who is not in power.  Underground water supply, utilities.  Climate conditions.

FIFTH HOUSE: The Senate, ambassadors, schools and youngsters affairs, speculation, below-cabinet ranking officials.  Resources of the out-of-power-party.

SIXTH HOUSE: Civil service, public health, unions, employment and wages, armed forces in general.  Police and public safety, service-retail-restaurant entities.  Grain storage.

SEVENTH HOUSE: War, foreign affairs, international alliances, trade balances.  Public meetings, situations where others are aggressive.

EIGHTH HOUSE: Financial agreements, foreign investments, multi-national corporations.  Presidential advisors, cabinet officials, appointed officials. State funerals, interest rates, pensions of all types.

NINTH HOUSE: International diplomacy, emigration and immigration, universities, tourism.  Courts and judges, clergy, publishing and satellite communication.  Long-distance travel.

TENTH HOUSE: The government, nations status, world opinion, the party-in-power, credit status, influence in the world.  The chief executive.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: Congress, state legislatures, enacted legislation, House of Rep’s, allies, technology transfer, summit conferences, non-aligned nations.

TWELFTH HOUSE: Minorities, terrorist activity, hostages, secret manipulation, human rights, hospitals, prisions, charitable institutions, under-developed countries, covert aggression, exile, secret indictments.


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