Reading Natal Charts

There are many approaches and reasons for reading natal charts.  This series of essays does not intend to be a primer for the whole topical subject of “natal chart reading” but will instead offer my views on reading natal charts relative to their use in cyclic chart readings.  Readers will find my approach consisting of both conventional and unconventional methods — most notable will be the dis-use of some common practices.  At this point I envision three sections to address the reading practices for natal charts relative to cyclic chart and prediction.  Each of these sections will be addressed in individual sub-sections.  This introductory section will present some basic information about Rush’s public and private life.

  1. The natal chart’s primary features. What seems to make it unique to the individual:  the angles, Sun, Moon, Sun-Moon phase relationship, major aspect patterns.  What to include, what to exclude for the moment.
  2. The relocated natal chart. What changes when the location changes?  What stays the same?  Do we read the chart differently?
  3. Active lives & quiet lives; how our chart sets us up within the impact-level spectrum. What sets us up for frequent crises, challenges and choices?

The charts of Rush Limbaugh, political-orientated radio show host, will be used as the basis for our discussion. Presently, Rush operates out of a home-studio from Palm Beach, Florida.  He was born as Rush Limbaugh at Cape Giraudou, Missouri on January 12, 1951, 6:50 AM CST.  Locational data: 089w3105, 37n1821.  Sources differ on whether 6:50 AM CST or 7:50  AM CST are correct. Astro Cybernetics web-site and Kepler software cite 6:50 Am.  Joseph Crane, in a Yahoo Groups message #8697 cites Astrodatabank’s AA rating and 7:50 AM based on his mother reading from the birth certificate on a radio show.  I have found that the 6:50 time works quite nicely.

Informational sources include: as well as

A review of Rush’s life events reveals frequent problems with an addiction to pain killers. This unfortunate circumstance afflicts many who have to live with on-going medical issues.  Rush is said to have Pilonidal disease, a difficult to treat abscess condition located in the buttocks area of the body.  This is a difficult situation for one who sits and talks for a living and may be the reason for those claiming he is a closet homosexual.  The reader can dwell on those issues as they are not addressed here.

Rush Limbaugh is one of those sunny personalities, playing a bigger-than-life role before his public.  He is mentally quick, opinionated, and is associated with the voice of right-wing politics.  Rush makes astounding and often inaccurate claims about the policies and words of others, glibly sliding from fact-to-opinion-to-false-claim in a few words, followed by a repetitive amplification of his statements.  His followers are called “ditto-heads” (similar to the bobble-head figures often mounted on automobile dash boards) for following his words and views without question.  Yet, Rush is pleasant, likable, and very wealthy — his radio show is extraordinarily popular.

His radio career started in 1984 at KFBK in Sacramento, California where he replaced Morton Downey, Jr.  The “Fairness Doctrine” was repealed by the FCC in 1987 under Ronald Regan.  Daniel Henninger wrote in a Wall Street Journal editorial that Limbaugh was the first man to proclaim himself liberated from the “East Germany” of liberal media domination.  Rush has been running wild, happy and rich ever since.  In 1988 he move to NYC and in 1997 he relocated to Palm Beach, Florida to avoid having to pay the heavy taxes imposed by New York on his wages and income.

His personal life includes three marriages and divorces.  Coverage of these issues within the on-going blog portion of this site is not anticipated at this time.

If you find this natal chart reading material interesting and helpful, please leave a comment or e-mail me at  Dave


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