Mountain Astrologer Review of Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2

The following is a copy of a book review by The Mountain Astrologer, Feb/Mar 2018 edition of my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2.  Mary Plum was the reviewer.

Front Cover 2nd Edition 2J NEWPersonal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2 (expanded 2nd edition) by David Monroe, Southborough Publishing, P.O. Box 97, Southborough, MA 01772, 2016.  Softcover — 234 pp. — $22.95  (ISBN 978-1-945172-74-8).  Available from Amazon.

David Monroe has used solar and lunar returns for 40 years of client work.  His new boo, expanded from the 2015 version, demonstrates a different predictive technique that combines three essential astrological symbols — the Sun, the Moon, and the chart angles  — for following daily life.  He tracks the transiting lunar cycle as it connects with the natal Sun; there are two “Moon-to-Sun Return” charts each month, when the transiting Moon conjoins and then opposes the natal Sun.  The Moon-to-Sun Return chart anchors the constant flow of daily life (transiting Moon) with the sense of self and life direction of the natal Sun, and marks the start of a short-term cycle that shows the timing of events or experiences for that two week period.  The author further refines the technique by employing the “Advanced return charts,” which move the chart angles for each day of the Sun’s diurnal motion.

Although this is a new approach (at least, to me), Monroe teaches carefully and uses charts and graphs on nearly every page.  It really comes to life, of course, with example charts: there are many stories (e.g., David Bowie, Gabrielle Giffords, George Clooney, Amanda Knox, Amy Winehouse) that demonstrate his techniques, both the basics I noted and many other specific applications.  Monroe incorporates eclipses, lunations, working with unknown birth times, the transiting Part of Fortune, an interpretive model for the 12 houses, derived houses, and more.  He also instructs the reader on using various software options for the techniques.

David Monroe is a seasoned astrologer, and that practical experience infuses his book — he is aware of the importance of context in a client’s life, and knows that an “Average Person” client may not have the “living life large” drama seen in a celebrity horoscope, but is interested in the flow of ordinary events in daily life.  Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns is like peering into a long-time astrologer’s notebook for practical advice about addressing our clients immediate concerns.

(end of review).