Green doesn’t indicate a ‘Go’ Signal.

Alexey Navalny; Part Two.  It isn’t easy to seek election against Putin.

AN photo-2We will now explore a more recent period of Alexey Navalny life.  One year ago Navalny was in a critical situation.  He had registered to be a candidate for the Russian Presidency and had produced a documentary that criticized Dmitry Medvedev, the former President, for corruption.  His candidacy was not allowed by the authorities.  Most opponents of the ‘system’ are selected or allowed because they cannot offer any serious competition to those in power.  Navalny was obviously too popular to be allowed to be on the ballot. 

On March 26, 2017 Navalny struck back at the government by organizing and holding a series of anti-corruption rallies in several cities across the country.  The authorities were not happy about this.  One month later, on April 27, 2017, an important incident occurred.  As he stepped out of his office at the Anti-Corruption Foundation, he was approached and a green liquid was squirted onto his face.  Whatever kind of acid it was, it resulted in him losing 80% of his sight in one eye.  This ‘warning’ was one step short of assassinating him.


The above chart is Navalny’s t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return, 8th house, for April 15th, 2017.  The book ‘theme’ for this position, modified to fit the context of Navalny’s life, is “Managing programs brings conflicts if one strays from areas of capability or safety.  Confidence when under attack must be matched with care.  Some will show stress, you have to show assuredness and draw upon your own resources to survive.”

We can see that three of the chart angles are populated; n/Saturn at the MC, t/Jupiter as the Asc., and t/Uranus at the Descendant.  Jupiter-Asc. points to Navalny seeking recognition through his activities to expand his influence.  Saturn-MC points to his plan and organization to make the public more aware of the issues.  Uranus-Desc. relates to waking up others to the importance of his message.  With t/Moon conjoining n/Neptune, we can see that he will have to respond to a mystery (the fluid that was splashed onto his face by someone).  With t/BML nearby we can expect a nasty situation to be behind this terrible act.  The t/PoF, even though not angular, is always a factor to consider.  Here, t/PoF conjoins n/Venus-n/Sun.  This terrible incident will have an impact on his popularity and leadership.

Readers can view a video clip by clicking on the following URL:


The chart above is the Moon-Sun Return ‘advanced’ diurnally to April 27th, 2017.  We immediately note the natal angles have returned to the chart’s angles.  This realignment of the angles signifies a turning point in one’s life.  One may die, or die in a figurative sense to their past life, or one may take on a major new or enhanced version of their present life.  With his n/Mars-n/MC pairing at the Advanced chart’s MC, this symbolizes the attack on him and his attack on the government’s corruption.  t/Sun squares this MC grouping, adding fuel to his fire.  

As an overall, long term pattern, t/Pluto has been in contact with his n/PoF.  His desire to upset the government apple cart is part of his on-going activities at this point.  Jumping over to the transiting Part of Fortune we find it conjoining the n/N.Node; he will be seeking partners to support his wide-scale plans.

Navalny emerged from this serious incident physically damaged but mentally strong and having a wider and more sympathetic following.

I cannot stress too much the importance of natal angles and chart angles coming together.  This always signifies a critical life moment.  The average person may have this occur a couple of times in each annual period.  Even other angles coming together are important to watch.  For example, the n/Ascendant at the chart’s MC can indicate one taking steps to accomplish an important goals or plan by acting upon it.  Having the n/MC at the chart’s Asc. angle can indicate that one has to deal with the consequences of one’s goals or plans.  These combinations are covered in my book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, on page 160.

Again, I cannot stress too much the interpretive importance of any natal chart (or relocated natal chart) angle being at or very close to a Return or Advanced chart angle!  These angular match-ups always tell us what to expect, what is going on.  When the match up is same-angles-to-same-angles, the situation becomes tense.  It is a time when your life can change, is likely to take on a new direction.

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Some are born to resist authority.

Part One; Alexey Navalny, Political Activist in Moscow.

AN photo-1Within the Russian dictatorship a limited amount of dissent pops up here and there.  Some dissent is directed against food shortages, inadequate pensions, politics.  Like the “Whack-a-Mole” game, most who dissent are battered down until they comply, are jailed for long periods, or killed to silence them.  A very few gain a level of recognition which permits them to speak out within a continuing bubble of harassment, apparently safe from extreme retaliation as long as they don’t cross some ill-defined line.  Alexey Navalny appears to be such a person.  He couches his political dissent within attacks on ‘corruption.’  Everyone in Russia lives with pervasive levels of corruption that reach into every area of daily life. 

Alexey Navalny was born on June 4, 1976 at 1:30 PM in Butyn, Russia.  His natal chart has been relocated to Moscow where most of his adult activities have taken place.  Navalny is known in the ‘west’ as one of the more active, vocal and persistent political activists in Russia.  He has been arrested and his life threatened on a constant basis.  He has formed political parties and has been a severe critic of Putin and the corrupt oligarchs that run Russia today.


In this posting we will examine:

1)  The role of Mars in the relocated natal chart.

2)  The realignment of natal angles and Return/Advanced angles.

3)  When an on-going event spans two Return-chart cycles.

Navalny’s Sun, in the 8th, opposes Neptune in the 2nd house; this is an indicator of a visionary, an idealist, a dreamer.  The focus of his vision for his countrymen is to offer a better management of daily life to reduce corruption.

The role of Mars in the relocated chart.

With Mars on the MC, this visionary will act to bring dreams into reality.  I always favor the use of relocated charts.  A ‘new’ location will often bring a planet into prominence or, conversely, move a planet away from an angle and (magically) out of your life.  No matter where he resides, Navalny’s n/Mars will always square his n/N.Node, lending him a tendency to be aggressive in his relationships with others.  He will always try to make any ‘relationship’ (personal or public) fit his own criteria.  Mars is at the midpoint of Neptune/Pluto, a strange combination that can include social reform, idealistic demands, as well as personal misinterpretation of social issues.

AN photo-3

Fortunately his Sun is conjoined by Venus, lending him a public likeability.  The photo on the left displays his ready smile for his fans.  The Virgo Moon, square by Vesta, lends him a sense of practicality and connection on basic-life issues.   And, how can we overlook Uranus-Asc. opposing Chiron-Desc.?  This links his exciting way of framing issues that everyone knows to needing fixing; he seems to have realized that targeting “corruption” is a handy word to substitute for all the issues of criminality and political maneuvering of the Kremlin and Putin.  Corruption is highly prevalent in all aspects of Russian life and cannot be discounted by the government.

Nalvany’s activities in 2011 brought him to the point where he was arrested..  There was to be a parliamentary election.  The party that Nalvany supported and campaigned for lost that election.  There were protests of fraud.  Several thousand people protested and some 300 were arrested.  Nalvany was arrested on Dec. 5th, 2011 and held for 15 days.  His arrest is mirrored in the Advanced chart for that day.

I will skip over his Return chart and show the Advanced chart for the day of his arrest.


The realignment of angles.

The chart above is Navalny’s Advanced chart for Dec. 5th, 2011.  We immediately note the angular realignment of his natal and daily chart angles.  This realignment often signifies a ‘death or rebirth-redirection’ moment in one’s life.  What type of change would come into his life on this date.  n/Mars on the MC indicates his past/established proclivity for actions that supported his goals.   t/Saturn-Asc., indicates that he is constrained on this date.   With the t/Part of Fortune on the IC angle, some form of start-stop, a ‘break’ in life’s actions would be likely.  An arrest will do that for you.

The presence of t/Jupiter and n/Chiron on the Descendant angle can be interpreted several ways.  Legal issues (t/Jupiter) are raised and debated (Desc. angle) over past injustices (n/Chiron); this is one way we can fit this pattern into the context of his life.

In effect, this arrest turned his public image from a political activist and agitator to that of a spokesman and face for ‘change’ on a grand scale.

When an on-going event spans two Return cycles.

He was released after the mandatory 15 day sentence was completed.  A span of fifteen days means that one Return chart has lapsed, another has occurred.  Let us look at the Moon-Sun Return prior to his release.


On Dec. 10th, 2011, while in jail, Navalny experienced a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return.  I doubt that he was aware of this.  This chart is shown above.  When an on-going event such as his jailing for a 15 day period occurs, we have two return charts to consider; he is arrested under one set of conditions, he is release under a different set of conditions.  Due to latitude distortion the 10th-11th-12th houses fit into a 48 degree arc, half of the more normal 90 degrees of arc would be.  The book-theme for this placement is, “Committing oneself to projects involving others. Planning for the future . . of group members. . . acting contrary to what is expected. . . unease between personal and public life.” 

t/Pluto-Asc. is a powerful factor in this chart.  ‘Seizing control’ is one likely meaning for this pattern.  We notice that the only other angle that is populated is the IC angle where n/BML and n/Mercury are posited.  The natal grouping suggests that his words and ideas are not as strongly influencing upon others as he would hope.  Yet, at the IC angle, we sense a new start for him and his words.  The presence of t/Pluto-Asc. will certainly help him feel that he has more ‘public power’ and influence.

His ‘advanced’ chart for Dec. 20th is shown below.


In those ten days since the Return chart, much has changed.  While t/BML is just behind the IC angle, t/Mercury is at the MC, strongly positioned — this is in contrast to n/Mercury-n/BML that was angular in the Return chart but which has now faded into the background of the 3rd house.  n/Mercury is at the midpoint of Venus/MC within 0d 02m; that natal imprint will carry into t/Mercury’s 10th house position, providing him with a public appeal.  Navalny’s words will be strong and resonate with the public.  Not obvious in this chart is the sensitive point of 3 degrees Cancer; the midpoint of n/Mercury/Mars — a pattern that indicates an ‘aggressive speaker.’  In this Advanced chart t/Sun and t/Pluto are opposed to, and bracket, this midpoint axis, greatly magnifying his public impact.  t/Venus picks up the n/Venus-n/Sun combination and gives him a popular boost.  Later in the day and the next day, t/Part of Fortune will be angular in the 10th house.   We can see this as a burst of enthusiasm and public support popping out of the jail-house door onto the public stage.

“On his release on December 20, Navalny called on Russians to unite against Putin, who Navalny said would try to snatch victory in the presidential election, which was to be held on March 4, 2012.” This is quoted from Wikipedia.   Navalny did not expect that he would be allowed to run, the government would use past arrests and charges as a basis for excluding him from being a candidate.  That did not prevent him from being the major voice of opposition to Putin.

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Part 2 of 2: Swami Vivekanandra’s 39th Year Crises

Swami photo-2As a continuation of the last posting, we will be addressing the following issues:

5)  The Swami’s Solar Return for his 39th year.

6)  An explanation of the MC-Solar Cycle.

7)  The date of his passing and what his progressed daily angles chart shows us.

The whole point of these explorations is to determine what makes the 39th year of life so acute for some of us.  Let us recognize that many people do not die in their 39th year, nor do they have a life-changing experience.  They pass through this particular year like the many others that are encountered.  Solar Returns can be powerful charts to work with, particularly when the subject has a scattered placement of planets such that the likelihood of several angles can be active with planets is enhanced.  If we do not move, or if we relocate such that we are at a particular place for a period of time and resonate with that location, our natal MC angle will return to the MC of the Sidereal or p.c. Tropical Solar Return on our 39th year.

Having the t/Sun, t/MC and t/Asc. return to their natal positions in the Return chart is a powerful match up of energies.  The natal imprint is reinforced to one degree but it is also changed in another way.  The other planets have taken up new positions within a familiar chart orientation.  It is like we have come back to our familiar home, yard and front door only to find that all of the furniture has been rearranged or even replaced.  We are home yet we are uncomfortable in some ways.  How will we adapt to changes?   Let us see how the Swami reacted?  At this point in his life he had returned home to an area just outside of Calcutta, India.

V sr 1902 belur Math-J

5)  The Swami’s Solar Return for his 39th year.

Sure enough, being back very close to his childhood home, the MC is back within a few minutes of a degree and his Ascendant has also closely returned.  Of course, his n/Sun and t/Sun are conjoined as this is part of the definition of a Solar Return.  There are differences, as expected.

  • t/Saturn is at the Ascending degree.  He will be taking on new responsibilities.
  • t/Jupiter brackets the n/Sun-t/Sun with t/Saturn.  Saturn and Jupiter, as a pair, signify the business of life.  They are at the completion and start of a new cycle.  The Swami will be ‘using less’ (Saturn) to ‘do more’ (Jupiter) by organizing and clarifying his life views (Sun).
  • n/Venus-n/Mercury find themselves aligned with t/Mercury, placing an emphasis on plans and communication.
  • t/Mars in the first house and n/Mars on the IC angle point to a lot of energy being expended this year.  One life-long problem for the Swami has been n/Mars opposing n/Jupiter, signifying that he is always reaching out for more.  So, we have a ‘doubling up’ of Mar’s energies.  With the closeness and involvement of n/Jupiter and t/Jupiter near angles, we can also note a ‘doubling up’ of Jupiter energies.  Can he overtax himself in this coming year?

Let us review his life during this overall period.  Having returned to Calcutta, Vivekananda founded a mission offering social services to the poor.  It was run by a religious group.  He also founded two other monasteries, all to provide famine relief.  He also made one more brief trip to the west, England and the United States, where he established some societies to carry on his teachings and work.  All of this time, his busy schedule and intensity of work had taken a toll upon his body.  He was increasingly tired much of the time.

This man with such a brilliant and educated mind had devoted himself exclusively to teaching and working to aid the poor.  On July 4, 1902 he had awoken early, as was his habit.  He went to the monestary and meditated for three hours.  Later he taught grammar and philosophy to his pupils.  At seven in the evening he went to his room and asked that he be left alone.  He died about 9:20 in the evening as determined by his pupils who had been constantly checking him.

His pupils claimed that he had consciously and intentionally left his body while in a yoga state. This is considered to not be the same as a physical death.  A blood vessel had ruptured in his brain and was considered to be the cause of death.  The disciples claimed this was the result of the seventh crown chakra, a bodily focus of one’s mind and spirituality, being pierced as his spirit left his body.

V pssr 7-04-1902 death-J

Advanced chart for July 4, 1902.

This chart is most fitting to his death.  t/Venus is upon the MC angle.  Venus is often angular in charted events where love or death is involved.  Venus is a symbol of harmony and balance, of love  and inclusion, of reaching a state of bliss and peace.  It is the only angular planet.  It is a statement of a yogi reaching an ultimate point in his life.

As a supportive factor we might note t/Saturn conjoining n/Venus in the 5th, a channeling of those harmonious feelings.  Yet, when I see a singular angular planet, or perhaps two, I tend to let those sparse factors make up the message of the chart.  There is little need to seek embellishment of a powerful story.

So, once we have a 39th Solar Return, what do we look for should we wish to view this period when either death or a life-altering experience might come to us?  Using the Riyal for Windows software, which is an excellent tool for working with Solar Returns, I create the Solar Return chart and then, upon being prompted by the software, choose to examine PSSR’s.  This brings up a daily listing for the annual period following the Solar Return.  For each date, a listing notes the MC and Ascendant for that day and any natal or transiting planets that will be angular.

One can scan the list, looking for when angles contact natal angles, when sensitive planets come to an angle, when planets are ‘doubled up’, when concentrations of planets come to angles, or (using this current example) only one planet contacts an angle during a quiet period of several or many days.  Once an interesting date is spotted, when merely clicks the mouse and the daily chart appears on screen for examination.  Riyal for Windows is free to download and free to use.  It is also the most well designed software for the purpose of studying Solar Returns.  Riyal also has many other superb features.

In the future I will continue to provide examples of these charts and the challenges of the 39th year of our life.  We will also be able to explore other fascinating features of Solar Return charting such as avoiding ‘bad’ periods each year and finding when ‘good’ periods will occur, and determining when a problem is likely to be resolved.  Also, how to cast a spell to affect the future.  There is so much to explore in these charts.

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Part 1 of 2; Swami Vivekanandra and his life crises at age 39

Swami photo-1

 We will be leaving the posting that relate to Bruce McArthur and the killings in Toronto, Canada’s gay community in recent times.  That series will continue to be covered as the investigation and trial dates are firmed up.  In this two-part posting I wil return to the year 39 crises as presented in Sidereal Solar Returns and precession-corrected Tropical Solar Returns.  A brief overview of the Swami Vivekanandra’s life will be the way we explore this subject.


This posting will address several issues:

1)  A brief overview of Sidereal and precession-corrected Tropical Solar Returns.

2)  The way I treat sign interpretations.

3)  The natal chart of the man who would become Swami ivdkanandra.

4)  The early life of Swami Vivekanandra and how his charts reflect his life.

. . . and in a second posting

5)  The Swami’s Solar Return for his 39th year.

6)  An explanation of the MC-Solar Cycle.

7)  The date of his passing and what his progressed daily angles chart shows us.

This chart exploration starts with the birth of a man on January 12, 1863 at 6:30 AM, in Calcutta, India.  In this posting I will not go into his life story in any great detail as the purpose of this story is to illustrate how Solar Returns and their progressed charts for following days in the annual cycle work.  Sidereal charting, as Cyril Fagan practiced it, or precession-corrected Tropical charting of Solar Returns, as I practice it, are much the same.  One does not have to get all caught up in the debate as to which zodiac is the true one or which works best. 

1)  A brief overview of Sidereal and precession-corrected Tropical Solar Returns.

The Tropical zodiac is measured from the Aries point, the precise start of spring in the northern hemisphere.  We can call it a seasonal zodiac.  It was useful in ancient and earlier times because farmers and hunters and fisherman could determine the best times to plant, to hunt, to fish, or to collect water for personal needs and to water crops.  The seasons had a big effect on the growth of civilization, the placement of cities, the cultures that were developed.

The Sidereal zodiac is measured against the placement of the star field that surrounds Earth.  These stars appear fixed although a few have slight movement over time.  Because Earth’s orbit about the Sun is subject to many influences, the point in time when the Spring Equinox occurs shifts a little bit each year, causing the Aries Point to drift backwards about one degree each seventy two years, amounting to 360 degrees over some 25,000+ years.

It has been found that taking into account this small amount of shift when constructing a Solar Return actually makes the Solar Return and its progression of the chart angles through the year much more accurate, interpretively.  So, using the computer to account for precession-correction (just a click in one’s software) is all that is required to yield a corrected Tropical zodiac Return chart that is oriented such that the planets are in the same relative positions to the angles as they are in a Sidereal chart.  Yet, we can remain comfortable in our familiar Tropical zodiac frame of reference.

2)  The way I treat sign interpretations.

The one interesting factor that I feel necessary to share is that this process begs the question of how to use the signs interpretively.  For me, this is simple.  I don’t use signs.  The planets are the most important factor in astrology, plus the aspects between them, and their placement relative to the chart angles.  If we assign ‘points’ to the various astrological factors as a means of quantifying importance, planets=10, angles=10, aspects=7, houses=3, signs=1.

So, let us again address the use of signs interpretively.  I tend to use signs with the natal chart to some degree.  However, once we move ahead many years into adult life, we can come across Return and Progressed Daily Angle charts were a planet would be in one Tropical sign but in another Sidereal sign.  Which to use?  Once we apply precession correction to make the timing of events more accurate, we introduce complexities when trying to use sign interpretations.  Actually signs do not add very much interpretively and may actually detract from a solid interpretation.  I t can be a hard point to argue but it is an easy point to demonstrate.

3)  The natal chart of the man who would become Swami ivdkanandra.

V natal-J

With an early morning birth time, we find the Sun just a few degrees below the Ascendant.  This Sun-Asc. pattern tends to produce one who has a strong sense of self, knows his intentions, and is very much involved in the details of his life.  We can say that he is ‘self-managed’ to a great degree.   We can note the pairing of Venus-Mercury following the Sun and also in the first house.  Venus-in-Capricorn lends a touch of reserve and formality to how he will reach out to others while Mercury-in-Aquarius may blend in perceptions of others in an objective light.  Together, he will be an outwardly sunny and luminous person while still maintaining an inner screening of how he sees and evaluates those around him.  Mars in angular at the IC; he will work and apply himself to meeting all the basic issues he observes in his life.  His life will rest upon the results of his labors.

Jupiter is just behind the MC angle, in the 9th house, attracting him to the larger issues of life, the opportunities to learn more from contacts with others, from his travels and explorations.  We can see this as much like an inborn curiosity, but more managed and not frivolous.  It is the Moon-Saturn pairing that concerns us most in this chart.  In western society an astrologer would look for early life hardships or resistance to parental guidance or parents who were quite severe in their sharing of support.  His father was an attorney at the Calcutta High Court, a grandfather was a scholar who became a monk at the age of 25.  His mother was a traditional, devout housewife taking care of nine children in a structured and traditional family home.

Naren, as he was known as a child, was interested in spirituality, often meditated and was fascinated by the many ascetics and monks in Calcutta.  He misbehaved and was restless, his parents had difficulty controlling him.  This reflects the first house Sun, Venus, Mercury and the placement of Mars at the IC.  He was trying to shape his world to fit his needs, even as a young child.

At the age of eight he was sent to a proper school and excelled at everything, receiving the highest marks, reading on every subject, trained in classical music, and taking in many aspects of spiritual teachings.  He studied western logic, philosophy and European history.  It was quite extraordinary to consider the breadth and depth of his studies.  By the age of 17 he was moving in very elite circles of religious leaders.  At this point he was questioning many of the tenants of these sects.  He was looking for a very personal connection with God.  One leader whom he respected, when asked if he had seen God, said, “You have a yogi’s eyes.  Yes, I see Him as I see you, only in an infinitely intenser sense.” 

At the age of 21 his father died, the family was bankrupt.  Two years later, the guru he was studying with also died and he was again on the streets.  In December, Christmas Eve, of 1886 he took his monistic vows and the name Swami Vivekanandra.

4)  The early life of Swami Vivekanandra and how his charts reflect his life.

n May 31, 1893 he started his journey to the West, ultimately heading to Chicago, USA to where the Parliament of the Worlds Religions would be meeting in September.  We will examine his p.c. Solar Return for 1893, prior to journey and his visit to Chicago.

V sr1893 chicago-J

1893 Solar Return chart

This chart has been set for Chicago since I wanted to use this as a basis for Advancing the chart’s angles to cover the date he led off the Parliment’s opening session.  I refer to this ‘progression’ method as Progressed Daily Angles.  I feel this is more distinct than the term Siderealist Cyril Fagan used, Progressed Sidereal Solar Return or PSSR.  Since my Returns are not strictly ‘Sidereal’ but are Tropical, my terminology is less confusing, I feel.

This Return chart speaks to the theme of his life for this year.  It is, of course, also a daily chart for this specific day.  As a theme chart, we have to note the n/Sun-t/Sun-n/Ascendant in the 10th house.  This is a most impressive chart; he will be attempting to make his mark on the world this year.  Recognition will come to him (Sun-Sun in the 10th) as he speaks out about his beliefs in life (n/Asc. at the MC).  Note also n/Mars, his work-horse approach to life, now located on his S/R Ascendant.  He will pour great effort into his work.

 the Descendant angle we find n/Jupiter-n/MC a few degrees above the angle; he will seek every opportunity to serve his purposes.  We can see that he is experiencing his first Saturn Return; a point where many realize the need to gain maturity and purpose for their life. Note that when planets are several degrees behind an angle that I tend to ignore them.  This is because those angles, when progressed or advanced, move further away in a counter-clockwise direction and leave those planets even further behind.  They have much less, if little, influence.  In this chart, the n/Sun, t/Sun, n/Asc., n/Venus, n/Mercury, n/Mars, t/N.Node, n/Pluto and the 7th house grouping will be contacted first over the next many days.

Swami Vivekanandra spoke before the opening session of the Parliament of the World Religions on Sept. 11, 1893.  This is 243 days after the Solar Return date.  On average, the MC is advanced (for p.c. Tropical Solar Returns and Sidereal Solar Returns) 1.25 degrees per day.  Multiplying 243 by 1.25 yields about 304 degrees.  Moving the S/R MC from 11 Capricorn by 304 degrees is easy enough to figure out.  11 Capricorn = 281 degrees.  Add 304 degrees, that yields 585 degrees.  Subtract 360 degrees (because we are working within a circle of 360 degrees) and we end up with 225 degrees which equates to 15 Scorpio.  The computer has determined that the precise amount of advance is to 10:42 Scorpio. 

V pssr 9-11-1893-J

Chart for Sept. 11, 1893

t/Uranus is at the MC angle.  An exciting experience for him and the audience.  n/Asc. at the Advanced chart’s Asc.; he will be forcefully speaking out.  n/Pluto on the IC angle; his message will galvanize the audience.  Note that he is having a Lunar Return this date; a flood of emotional power will infuse his message.  These Moons trine his t/Pluto-t/Neptune, the message rides on a surge of newly presented spiritual ideas, ideas which blend eastern and western teachings.  Normally we might not consider planets in the middle houses but a Lunar Return situation is a powerful moment, just as his recent Saturn Return colors this whole period of his life as a ‘take charge’ moment.

This young man was extremely brilliant and had an immediate effect upon those around him.  We will learn more about him in part 2 of this short posting series.

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Post 3; Bruce McArthur Arrested For The Murder of Immigrants

BM photo-3

We will examine the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of Bruce McArthur for Jan. 8, 2018.  This Return chart occurred just ten days prior to his arrest relating to the murders of Canadian immigrants.  In prior posts we have looked at his natal chart and Persona charts relative to anger issues and his relationships.  To briefly recount his story up until this point; McArthur was married with children, lived in the Toronto area, was a gardener and landscaper, lost his home and family in the period around 1999.  He took up residence in the city of Toronto and was involved in Toronto’s gay community, particularly with Asian and middle-eastern men.  Many in this group did not have legal status and lived on the fringes of society.  When they disappeared, no one noticed or reported them missing — anyone without legal status was reluctant to contact the authorities.

Let us examine McArthur’s t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for Jan. 8, 2018.


This is a 7th house Return.  While the t/Moon-n/Sun are near the 8th house cusp, Return chart angles advance.  The angles will, over the following days, leave the n/Sun firmly in the 7th house.  It is appreciated that 7th house Return charts involve relationships and our interactions with others.  We note McArthur’s t/Moon-n/Sun squaring his t/Sun-n/Moon in the 11th house of community matters.  This is not a common pattern, it being possible only twice each year, and often not seen once in a few years.  This pattern suggests complications in his life due to bad decisions and emotional conflicts (Sun and Moon keywords). 

With this unusual Moon-Sun interaction, it is necessary that the t/PoF and n/PoF also have a square relationship; a pairing that represents conflict.  Remember that the PoF is an expression of the Ascendant; one’s actions, view of the world, and environment on a personal level.  In other words, this is a crises point for McArthur when the balance of intentions and reactions to change are all out of whack.  A crises point.  Next, in this chart, we would take note of  n/Mars-n/Venus on the seventh house cusp. This duo can represent personal poise, a balanced social attraction among groups.  Can he ‘charm’ his way out of difficulties?  Apparently not.  In fact, it seems that he ‘charmed himself into difficulties.’  We will get more into this later.  On Jan. 18, 2018 the police brought charges for murder against him.  Disappearances among those in the gay community with whom he had close relationships with had reached the attention of the authorities.  Let us now look at an Advanced chart for this date.


The most angular planet on this date is t/Neptune-Asc.  From McArthur’s point of view, this was a confusing day.  He was arrested and charged, yet he could not understand how the police could make a case against him.  He had carefully managed his interactions with others in the gay community; he never used his known contact name on the Internet, he always used pay phones and not his cell phone when making calls, he used an alias when meeting his ‘friends’ personally, he avoided busy places where there were surveillance cameras.  Because of this he managed to avoid investigation for may years in spite of having an assault-against-a-gay-man on his record.  Investigations into disappearances of men in the gay community were launched and ended prior to 2017 with no concrete leads. 

Then McArthur made a fatal mistake.  One of his latest victims, Kinsman, was well known in the gay community as a bartender at the Black Eagle, as an LGBTQ activist, and a volunteer for both the Aids Toronto and Toronto HIV/AIDS Network.  McArthur and Kinsman were known to be connected — everyone notices who a well known person in the gay community is hanging out with.  When Kinsman went missing an immediate alarm went up.  It took very little time to link McArthur to Kinsman and to find evidence that aroused suspicions.  McArthur had not done his homework.  Hence his confusion upon being arrested.

o, again, for McArthur, confusion and uncertainty prevailed on this date.  With Advanced charts, when there is little angular activity, we can always check out t/Moon, t/Sun, and t/PoF — these factors are always important even if not angular.

  • t/Sun squares t/Uranus; upsets and contractictions in what one intends and what events interfere with those intentions.
  • t/Moon about to contact n/PoF;  How one reacts to sensitive issues in ones life will determine how well one feels about the day’s events.  n/PoF is always a sensitive point in one’s chart where one does not often react well to change.  With the t/Moon approaching this point, emotional upsets are likely on this date.
  • t/PoF-t/Chiron-1st house; Another indication of sensitive points in one’s life being activated on this date.  Past hurts and difficulties that have not been resolved (Chiron) will be brought to light.  Note n/Chiron in the 10th house which is also squared by t/PoF.  A doubled up sign for us to take note of. 

Isn’t it amazing how these charts reflect our daily reality in so many ways?




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Bruce McArthur; His Mars and Venus Persona charts

BM photo-2In this rather long post I will be posting the natal chart which has now been set from ‘noon’ to 9:00 AM, plus we will look at a Mars-Persona chart and then a Venus-Persona chart.

We start off where we left off in the previous post; looking at a birth chart which has been set for 9:00 AM, Oct. 8, 1951.


Part of the rational for adopting the 9:00 AM chart is that it puts Mars-Pluto at the MC angle and Ceres at the IC.   This 9:00 AM chart places the Ascendant at 13 Scorpio, and Mars-Pluto (Scorpio’s rulers) at the MC angle, Part-of-Fortune and Ceres at the IC.  The horizontal axis has no occupying planets, it is the vertical axis that is active, making this a see-saw chart type and indicating differences in two sides of his character.  The Mars-Pluto pairing is a “getting it done” pattern.  Apparently the role of a landscaper and gardener gave him enough of a constant sense of accomplishment to keep him satisfied for much of his working life.  The wide square between Sun and Moon suggests that he has a need to struggle over early-life limitations and attitudes, to prove to himself that he can manage life on his own terms.

We  can take a peek at the close conjunction of Pluto-Vesta.  McArthur finds it irksome to deal with the legalities and paperwork of life, of a working life for a self-employed individual.  Life demands to much bureaucracy for a working man.  The PoF near the IC angle might point to a constant series of changes and jobs, a situation that contract work might entail. 

Note the opposition between Mercury-Saturn and Jupiter.  The two heavy planets symbolize how we deal with the “business of life” as we cope with limitations, opportunities, varied income and activity.  With Mercury involved, McArthur was probably constantly involved in chasing deals and working out strategies for future work opportunities, negotiating deals with homeowners and building managers.

The Sun-Neptune paring points to him being an idealist.  With Moon making a closer square to Neptune than the Sun, his imagination and dreams may have kept him emotionally involved in life  and always hoping for the next better opportunity.

Bruce McArthur, a man charged with murdering several people in the Toronto, Canada area, had separated from his family and taken up with Toronto’s gay community.  He was a landscaper and gardener, probably engaged in contract work for others as well as for himself as in independent worker.  As time passed, he became involved with relationships with several men, many of whom became the victims of the crimes he is now accused of.

Given the killings that he is accused of, and the evidence collected to date, one can assume that one of McArthur’s problems may have been anger management.  The adjusted natal chart that was derived in Posting One of this series presented a Scorpio Ascendant with Mars-Pluto on the MC.  The Persona Chart for Sun-to-Mars is shown below.  Note that the Ascendant is now in Virgo, not like the Scorpio-rising natal chart.  This is because the chart is for two months earlier and is calculated for one hour and twenty-one minutes earlier.  Hence, Virgo rising.


The t/Sun has reached n/Mars in the 12th house in this chart ten months after birth on August 25, 1952.  The intention (Sun) to use force and aggression (Mars) to serve his conflicted social needs (t/Moon 2nd house and n/Moon 5th house) will be expressed in a hidden and out-of-public-sight (12th house) manner. 

Note the approach that I took in this Persona-Mars chart.  Persona charts are relatively new for astrologers to deal with, any interpretation offered has to be built upon solid approaches. 

  • Using Sun and Moon together as a pair allows us to focus on how one’s life-style, sense of direction and the will or intent to act as the Sun, and one’s feelings fears, emotional reactions and routines to be defined by the Moon.
  • The t/Sun coming into contact with n/Mars in the 12th suggests acting behind the scenes.
  • In this case, t/Moon-2nd squares n/Moon-5th, suggesting a conflict in the expression of emotions, fears, reactions as they affect ones self-esteem (2nd house) and approach to what brings enjoyment and satisfaction to his emotional life (5th house).
  • t/Saturn has moved past n/Mercury in this Persona chart.  This changes the triplicity of natal Saturn-Mercury-Sun to that of Mercury-Saturn-Sun (if we take the liberty of using transiting and natal planets interchangeably).  Mercury becomes the driving force that pushes Saturn’s cautionary life approach to serve the Sun as a symbol of future direction. Saturn, in the natal pattern had Venus as the driving harmonic force to blend conservatism and limitations as a means of developing a life view and strategy (as defined by Mercury.  We can summarize this by saying simply, “McArthur’s sense of following a harmonious daily routine to shape his thoughts and plans (Venus-Saturn-Mercury) is changing, symbolically, to having to adapt his thoughts and plans to make a new strategy for a new life plan (Mercury-Saturn-Sun).  We can see this much as viewing a progressed chart.  This change will occur later in life, not at or near one’s birth time.
  • If we use this strategy as a form of ‘progression,’ what might be the progression in terms of a time period?  We are looking at a period around age 60 when these murders may have commenced, and a period around 66 when the law caught up with him.

A method of ‘progressing’ Persona charts.

The basis for a Persona chart is the Sun’s initial tour of the zodiac following birth and the contact of the transiting Sun to each natal planet position in the natal chart.  Several astrological scholars have suggested that 84 is the natural life of man.  “84” refers, of course, to the orbital period of the planet Uranus.  Not everyone lives to the age of 84, many die earlier.  Some live past the age of 84 but my feeling is that they have less ‘relevance’ in these later years.  Together, Sun and Uranus relate to being aware of one’s life, being open to change, and testing others by one’s sudden actions and decisions.  If we equate the full circle of the zodiac by the Sun to 84 years of life, each full sign or sector of 30 degrees will equate to 7 years.  12 X 7= 84.  Let us apply this to the Persona-Mars chart for Bruce McArthur.

  • The t/Sun started its journey at 14 Libra.  Natal Mars is at 2 Virgo.  The distance is close to 10 1/2 signs or sectors of 30 degrees.  This would proportion out to some 73 years of age.  This is too much for our needs.  “Sign” passage seems to be the wrong approach.
  • The Sun has passed and contacted six planets in those 60+ years.  Can this be used as a general time line?  To make this work, we would have to assign ten years interval to each contacted-in-sequence planet, no matter where it was located or spaced from a prior planet in the zodiac sequence.  This method would suggest that ‘ten years’ be assigned to each planet that had to be passed so that the target planet was reached.  This would work, as a general rule, in this case.

This may be an area to investigate, finding a measure of time that generally applies to the maturation of a Persona chart.  Then again, it may be meaningless.  Time will tell.

As an adjunct process, once we find a progression method we will need to then look for transits during that indicated period (when the Persona-Mars chart is activated). We can compare transits to the natal Mars point during the period when Bruce McArthur was around 66 years of age.  The following chart has the Persona-Mars chart inside and the January 18, 2018 transit chart (for his arrest) shown in the outer wheel.


On Jan. 18, 2018 (this year) McArthur was charged with murder.  Note t/Mars (on Jan. 18, 2018) conjoining Persona Mars in late Scorpio, 3rd house.  This singular conjunction of t/Mars-persona/Mars seems to be a key factor for this arrest date.  t/Neptune is on the Desc. angle in this Persona-Mars based chart; this suggests fantasy, confusion, a lack of focus about dealing with others.  t/Uranus opposes Persona-Moon — this Moon is conflicted by its square to the natal chart Moon.  We can look at this opposition as indicating great surprises coming from others.

t/Sun is closely sextile to Persona/Mars and t/Mars.  We can expect the t/Sun to be a major player in the interpretive approach to these charts.  As a transiting Sun, meaning attention of authorities, the exposure of character to the public, this astrological planet will likely be a primary factor in interpretation while the target planet of the Persona chart (in this case, Mars) will also be a major factor.  I would postulate that the t/Moon will also deserve our attention as we explore Persona charts over the next few months.

So, now we have looked at the Persona-Mars chart, the possible progression chart for a Persona chart, and the transits-for-an-event to a Persona chart.

After being married and raising a family, McArthur left his wife and commenced interacting with the gay community in Toronto.  He had several relationships, many of them seeming to end with his partner going missing.  Many of his relationships were with Asian males who were not well off in terms of financial stability.  When they disappeared, after being killed by McArthur, they were not missed.  Clearly, if we wish to learn about Persona charts, looking at McArthur’s Persona-Venus chart might prove interesting.


If we look at the dates of the natal and Persona charts we see that most of a year has gone by before t/Sun moved from Libra to Virgo, contact six planets along the way.  At a ten year interval per contacted planet, Venus would become a focal point in the development of his personality.  This fits with the general period where he engaged in homosexual relations and when the many unsolved murders happened.

There are several striking patterns to look at in this chart.  Saturn near the MC; constraints on his public image and plans for personal development.  t/Sun-to-n/Venus in the 9th; relationships are found which have a ‘broadening’ aspect to them, involve an overseas or ‘distance’ factor and also bring out assertive behavior due to the square to t/Mars.  If we take note of t/Venus (instead of the n/Venus-contacted-by-t/Sun) we can see it is at the midpoint of Saturn-Saturn and Sun-Venus; we would interpret this as his identity focus on Venus-things at this point in his life (t/Sun-n/Venus) is trying to mediate the constraints (Saturn-Saturn) he feels about his current goals and where his head is taking him.  This t/Venus is opposite the t/PoF; his values and sense of what he appreciates is constantly churning about within him.  He is not finding consistent satisfaction in those he relates to. 

With t/Moon-Asc. we might see him identifying with feminine characteristics which may not be clearly found in his gay associates.  His self-deception is not working properly.  We should note Neptune-square-Uranus; this can translate in many ways, all centering around his identity having to confront peculiar situations.  However a psychiatrist may work this out, as astrologers we can surely say that something is all screwed up for him, the dream is not working out well.

So, we have now done two Persona charts prior to looking at his arrests, the discovery of his victims and the dates and events that he is currently undergoing — this is a current event, he has not yet been to court.  Our focus will switch to following current events for Bruce McArthur.  We will wait for other posts and subjects before exploring Persona charts again.  Dave.









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Astrological Charting With Minimal Data

Stretching the Toolbox

This Posting Series will introduce new-to-most-astrologers tools for exploring charts.

A Toronto, Canada man, Bruce McArthur, was charged on Jan. 18, 2018 of murdering a local man, Andrew Kinsman.  Several murders or disappearances had been investigated earlier but were dropped due to insufficient information and evidence.  McArthur, age 67, was a grounds keeper.  Bodies were later discovered buried in gardens and planters where he had worked.

BM photo-1This was a news item among many news items found the other day on CNN’s news website.  Like many news stories, astrologers may find no birth date, place of birth or birth time.  Sometimes a search of the Internet will yield several versions of the story by different news agencies from which birth dates or birth locations can be obtained — but, never the birth time.  So what does the astrologer do?  The story and any astrological insights it may provide is passed by.

In this posting series several ‘not usual’ approaches will be taken.

  • A noon natal chart will be used.  The interpretive approach will use the “Planets in Containment” interpretive tools advocated by John Sandbach and Ronn Ballard.
  • The natal chart will be ‘rectified’ or adjusted to fit the context and timing of the story, murders and arrest notes in the news.  This should yield a “workable” natal chart for us to use.
  • A “Persona” chart to explore the workings of Mars in the subjects natal chart will be utilized.  Persona chart usage was introduced in this blog site a short time ago.  Some initial exploration will address ‘progressing’ the persona chart to see ‘when’ the various planets may be more fully expressed in life.
  • Moon-to-Sun and Advanced charts for the dates of being charged/arrested.

The ‘noon’ Natal Chart


Bruce McArthur was born in the Toronto, Canada area on Oct. 8, 1951.  A noon chart time is used.  Because there can be no reliable MC and Ascendant to use, and therefore no ‘house’ placement for the planets, I will use a system presented by John Sandbach and Ronn Ballard in their book, Planets in Containment, as a interpretive tool.  This approach uses a three-planet pattern, the three planets being listed in zodiac order, and without regard to the spacing between them.  Related ideas have been used prior to their book by 1) Indian astrologers who used ‘Yogas’ or planet-angle-sign combinations to imply fixed interpretations, 2) Marc Edmond Jones who used oriental planets; those that arose prior to the Sun, and 3) Michael Meyer’s book, Handbook of Humanistic Astrology.  But the book Planets in Containment is the most exhaustive and recent book available to us to use in this manner.

For our interpretive purposes we can list the planets in zodiac order, starting with the Sun as taken from Bruce McArthur’s ‘noon’ birth chart.

  • Sun
  • Neptune
  • (Chiron)
  • Moon
  • (N.Node)
  • (Part of Fortune)
  • Jupiter
  • Uranus
  • Pluto
  • Mars
  • Venus
  • Saturn
  • Mercury

Chiron, Node and Part of Fortune are not covered in the book.   The middle planet, in a triplicity pattern, pushes against (or reacts to) the preceding planet and therefore heads toward the following planet (its destination, so to speak).  We can see this as a ‘beginning-middle-end’ or a ‘before-now-later’ model.

Mercury-SUN-Neptune triplicity:  One’s life centers around the refinement of ideas.  Understanding concepts and subtleness and being able to express them.  A danger from being confused is quite possible.  Mercury is the anchor planet representing ideas, perceptions and the organizing of thoughts and beliefs.  The Sun is an integrating force for all the planets, plus it, itself, shapes personality, character and our intent and direction in life.  It therefore picks up Mercury’s influence (as the preceding planet).  Where does it go with it integration, character and intent?  It goes towards Neptune’s sense of refinement, imagination, love for drama, inclination to deception and fantasy.  This same logical process will be used for each of the following triplicities.

Sun-Neptune-Moon triplicity:  The imagination is highly regarded.  These people project their future goals thru vivid fantasies, failing to be practical in their efforts.  Daily routines help them in seeking to achieve their goals.

Neptune-Moon-Jupiter triplicity:  Delicate emotions thrive on their imagination.  They can be ‘carried away’ in their exuberating celebrations.

Moon-Jupiter-Uranus triplicity:  Highly impressionable, can be overcome by a situation or a social contact.  A need to feel independent while included in a social network.

Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto triplicity:  Can create powerful changes in the world around them.  This can lead to extreme argumentative or social reactions.  How are eccentricities managed?

Uranus-Pluto-Mars triplicity:  Intensely individualistic.  Unexpected compulsions are acted upon. Acting as if totally free to follow their thoughts.

Pluto-Mars-Venus triplicity:  A need to establish a balance while working, avoiding exhaustion all at once.  Tends to over-reach and overly commit to a project, and not to exercise moderation.

Mars-Venus-Saturn triplicity:  An aggressive love nature, valuing relationships.  Burn out or frustration can arise.  Care must be taken to obtain self-gratification and to keep a partner also satisfied on many levels.

Venus-Saturn-Mercury triplicity:  Using an easy or ordered life pattern/routine, these people can then see life as being restricted.  Finding flexibility is a key to not feeling smothered by life’s daily routines and sameness. 

Saturn-Mercury-Sun triplicity:  A controlled and logical mind needs a life-purpose.  Without self discipline and thought, goals are not set or achieved.  Self-doubt can appear.  The ego is damaged.

Bruce McArthur’s Life Context

Before we move on to grouping and synthesizing these statements it will be helpful to review the life-style and activities of this man, Bruce McArthur.  McArthur was married and had two children.  He worked as a landscaper and gardener.  He had financial problems, had to declare bankruptcy, and became separated from his wife and family.  At the time of his arrest he was living alone.  He had become involved with the gay community in Toronto.  In 2001 he was arrested for attacking a gay man with a pipe, an incident for which he was later pardoned.  He did have a affair with a man who later disappeared but no evidence was found in that case and he was not charged for any crime.  In 2014, a series of disappearances were investigated.  These ultimately led to other investigations and findings, and the secret life of McArthur slowly became visible.  On Janurary 18, 2018 he was charged with two killings.  The list would later be expanded to seven killings.

Blending the triplicity statements to fit within the context of McArthur’s life

 The book, Planets in Containment, provides some 900 combinations of interpretations.  Of these 900, only ten are being considered here.  That makes these statements highly unique to the subject, Bruce McArthur.

The Sun triplicity, along with the Neptune triplicity, alerts us to McArthur having an imaginative mind, one in which fantasy or personal expectations might dominate his thinking. 

The Saturn and Mercury triplicities, when blended, appear problematic.  An ordered and routine life style such as landscaping and gardening can become seen as frustrating and limiting by him.  If he is not self-disciplined and if he does not set goals, this routine life-style can become quite self-destructive because it does not provide a means of achieving his fantasies and imaginative outlets that the Sun and Neptune set him up to expect.

The Pluto and Mars triplicities together represent a need for expressing his true individuality and to find an outlet of expression.  Unfortunately, these triplicities seem to have become unhindered by social norms and soon ran amuck when his separation from his family and involvement with the free-wheeling gay underground provided him free-reign to indulge the worst side of his nature without fear of consequence.

The Venus and Mars triplicities reveal his aggressiveness and over-indulgence as he pursued his self-gratification without regard to partners or social groups.  When fantasy was not found to be fulfilled, apparently someone died.  Not only were gay relationships an imaginative outlet for him but the killings probably became a symbol of overcoming his frustration with daily life and routine.  He may have taken much satisfaction from hiding the bodies in the places where he worked each day, trimmings lawns and planting flowers over the hidden bodies.

Finding an Ascendant or MC in this chart

It may be possible to identify an Ascendant or MC by using the triplicity method.  Let us consider Moon-Asc.-Jupiter:  Identify closely with their own emotions, projecting their exuberance out to others. When negatively applied, emotions can become excessive, leading to up and own cycles.  This would indicate an Aquarian or Pisces Ascendant.  A Sag MC might be likely.

Pluto-Asc.-Mars, as a triplicity, would indicate one who is aggressive and forceful.  Tends to be overly obsessive and would react badly if not accommodated.   This would indicate a Leo-Virgo Ascendant.  A Taurus-Gemini MC might be involved.

Neptune-Asc.-Moon, as a triplicity, can denote great sensitivity, impressionability, and provide a means of internally defining their adaptability and role in life.  Any confusion or conflict that comes into their life can derail them completely.  An Ascendant from Scorpio to Capricorn is possible with this triplicity, while the MC might range from Virgo to Scorpio.

A birthtime around 9:00 AM would put mid-Scorpio on the Ascendant and Mars-Pluto around the MC angle.  The Part of Fortune and Ceres would be on the IC angle, Ceres being an indicator of one who treasures their values and works with nature and the earth.  The horizontal axis, Asc. and Desc., would be free of planets — this would place the chart focus upon his goals, ideals, self-image.

For the next posting a chart will be utilized and presented for 9:00 AM, Oct. 8, 1951 which will be used for the balance of this series.

This posting offers a lot of new material which many readers will have to study a bit in order to feel comfortable in using it.  This takes us beyond the typical astrological practices of ‘natal-progression-transit’ astrology.  


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