Chart Element 5: A Dominating Aspect as A Life Theme

Tolkachev photo-6 flags

 A dominating aspect:  While Return charts often have factors which clearly describe a ‘theme’ for the chart’s cyclic period, Natal charts are often taken as a “whole complex” to describe a potential set of life themes.  In the natal chart referred to in this posting one aspect will clearly be seen as defining a fateful life theme.

  • A natal chart:  We will be looking at a natal chart for Jan. 6, 1927 placed in Kasachstan, a distant eastern province of Soviet Russia.  The subject, Adolph Talkachev, moved with his family at the age of two to Moscow.  He was destined to become a powerful central figure in the cold war between the United States and it allies versus Russia.
  • Reference material:  David E. Hoffman’s “The Billion Dollar Spy” details the amazing work of this Russian dissident who provided the U.S. with billions of dollars of research information directly form the research facility that supported radar, electronic technology and developing weapons systems for the Soviets over a period of several years.
  • Overview of Tolkachev’s life:  A brief overview of Tolkachev’s adult life is presented.  Details will be presented in future postings.

The natal chart of Adolph Tolkacheve.


 This “noon” chart places the Sun near the MC.  The opposing Pluto lies at the IC angle.  Mars is rising in the first house, broadly trine the Sun and closely semi-square Uranus.  Other aspects include Venus sextile Uranus, Jupiter opposing Neptune.  Mercury broadly trines Mars and broadly squares Uranus.  Let us examine each of these chart factors.

  • Sun-opp-Pluto:  As the Senior Designer at Russia’s center for radar and electronics research and weapon’s development, and as the most productive U.S. spy that ever worked for the CIA, Tolkachev’s statement that he “was a dissident at heart” is highly descriptive of this Sun-Pluto aspect.  The Sun as an expression of character and intent, opposed by Pluto as an expression of undercover distruction and irrevocable change are placed in an opposition pattern of high conflict and tension.  Future postings will show how this all played out.
  • Mars trine the Sun and closely semi-square Uranus.  Intentions (Sun) will easily result and support (trine) taking action (Mars).  Tolkachev’s focus (Sun) is to struggle (semi-square) for freedeom (Uranus).  His family had been badly hurt by the Stalin purges and broken apart by the brutality of those times.  As a result he was fiercely opposed to the tightly-controlled life of then ‘modern day’ Russia.  While younger, and then as a family man, he felt powerless to fight back against the ‘system.’  As the Senior Designer of the research institute, he was finally in a position to rebel.
  • Venus sextile Uranus.  Venus, running just ahead of the Sun discovers its own value-set and means of finding harmony and a place of comfort.  The sextile relationship to Uranus points to an honest self-appraisal of how to find and maintain the personal sense of balance.  We should also note the inconjunct relationship to Neptune which requires one to “twist” ones dreams so as to rationalize what is truly of value in support of one’s ideals or fantasy.
  • Jupiter opposing Neptune.  Opportunities for social expansion and gains are represented by Jupiter.  The nature of Russia’s closed society worked against ‘social expansion’ as we in the U.S. see it.  So, ‘personal gain and satisfaction’ becomes the outlet for Jupiter.  Neptune as an opposition point might suggest an unsatisfactory (opposition) theme of idealism (Neptune).  We might see this pattern as representing, for Tolkachev, an unsatisfactory life and a basis for his decision to do something rebellious.
  • Mercury.  The broad square to Uranus and broad trine to Mares can be considered as being supportive elements.  Tolkachev would be upset by thoughts and concepts that were not clear and true within themselves.  Lies and distortion could not be tolerated.  Thoughts were always linked to action.  He was not a man to be quiet and content with life.  He was a ‘doer’.


Overview of Tolkachev’s life.


Tolkachev’s wife’a parents were caught up in the purges that were part of early Russian history.  Stalin had set up a vast network of informants, some paid, most rewarded when they reported someone else of an actual or imaginary fault.  His mother mother-in-law, Sofia, had visited her father in Denmark who was a businessman. Upon her return to Moscow she was arrested as a dissident.  After a trial she was convicted of subversion and executed.  Talkachev’s father-in-law refused to denounce his wife and was sentenced to ten years of hard labor.  Their daughter, married Adolph Tokachev.


Tolkachev, himself, had a more conventional upbringing.  School brought achievement, followed by assigned placements in future schools and then into work.  While he had preferences, there were no choices.  He ended up at a research institute.  By virtue of his hard work and study he advanced to the position of Senior Designer, heading up research and development of radar and electronic systems for future weapons and airplane systems.  All of his wife’s family history and suffering, plus their own witness to the faults of their present-day work and living situation caused great turmoil in their lives. Their only comfort was each other and their one son.


It was in 1977 that Tolkachev decided the time and circumstances were right for him to do his part in rebelling against the Soviet system.  He would become a spy for the U.S. and divulge all of the research on their radar, electronics and weapon’s systems.  In this way he could severely damage the government.


A dominating aspect.


From this material, we can see that the Sun-opposite-Pluto aspect became the dominating theme for Tolkachev’s life.  We will see this play out in future postings as we follow his lengthy career as a spy.


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Chart Elements 4: Moon As An Agent Of Change In Return Charts

Return charts, cast in a bi-wheel format, have two Moons – the natal Moon and transiting Moon.  Each of these Moons can be read or interpreted in more than one way. 

The natal Moon, as read in a natal chart, represents “potential”.  What do we mean by that?  First, we need to think about the established attributes of the natal Moon; our primary needs, how we react to changes in the environment, fears, sensitivity, habits and routines, connections with the past, nurturing and responsive inclinations.  So, back to “potential.”  The inter-connectivity with any of the planets and chart elements portray how we are most likely to express the Moon’s sensitivity to change and our response to change over time as a ‘go-to habitual response.’

As we age and move into adulthood, our expression of Moon attributes emphasizes some factors and depresses other factors.  Our family, work, neighborhood and cultural-national environment all plays into how we shape our Moon-expression.  Instead of ‘potential’ we have developed a big part of our personality as our way of moving through life.

The transiting Moon in the Return chartBy definition, the transiting Moon is conjunct, exactly, the natal Sun in the Return chart.  If we are using a dual-cycle Return chart, the transiting Moon will be exactly opposite the natal Sun as well as – at other times, in other Return charts – be conjunct the natal Sun.  The point of using the dual Return approach is to utilize a two week cycle instead of a month-long cycle.  The new-Moon has a recognized character of being a seed and growth cycle of discovery while the full-Moon has a recognized character of offering clarity and distributing what has been gathered or learned in the earlier half-cycle.

Special cases involving both the natal and transiting Moons.  Consider a natal chart having a ‘new Moon’ configuration or a ‘full Moon’ configuration.  Whenever a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return occurs for a new-moon-natal-chart the t/Moon emphasizes both the natal Sun and natal Moon.  The manner in which the adult-subject has developed their ‘spontaneity-of-life’ expression will be triggered by the t/Moon AND any significant aspects by the planets to that Return focal point.  On the other hand, when the t/Moon opposes the natal Sun-Moon conjunction point, the subject is often introduced to a new clarity or perspective on their current life situation.  Every month the person having a natal new-Moon chart will alternate between plunging into life-at-the-moment with (two weeks later) seeing the consequences of life-lived and being able to make adjustments.


Those born with Moon-opposite-Sun, a “full-moon” birth, will likewise have an alternating experience. The full-moon person experiencing a t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return will have conflicting emotions, often involving another person.  Should one be accommodating or enjoy their short-term sense of feeling aligned and poised within their personal life?  With a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return, both the natal and the transiting Moon will oppose the n/Sun.  One’s current intentions and life-style will likely feel upset by confusion or conflicting emotions.  Where did that famous ‘full-moon clarity’ go to?  A choice will need to be made and adhered to.

For those born with a n/Moon-square-n/Sun pattern, both t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns and t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Returns can offer challenges.  The depth and intensity of those challenges from a Return chart will depend upon either or both natal aspect patterns and transiting aspect patterns to the Sun and Moon.  Obviously these will be different during each Return chart and will need to be evaluated with some care.


In Angela Merkel’s Nov. 20, 2005 t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return chart (25 degrees Cancer, 12th house, the n/Moon was 16 degrees beyond the opposition point to the n/Sun.  This Return occurred just prior to her being elected (a political seizure is a more apt description) as Chancellor of Germany.  From the previous text we have to consider the confliction of being accommodating or taking advantage of their own sense of poise and control of the present moment.  The 12th house placement of the t/Moon-n/Sun emphasizes this issue:  sacrifices and service to others or moving quietly behind the scenes to fulfill one’s own desires.  Merkel undercut her former mentors and supporters and took control of the public discourse.  She was always better prepared than her opponents.

Donald Trump, elected President of the United States in 2016, is another ‘full moon’ person.  He is well known for his frequent outbursts and seemingly spontaneous behavior, although that is also supported by other chart elements beyond the the full moon natal pattern.  He is constantly shifting positions and erratically adopting conflicting postures on any and all subjects.  He is an ‘extreme’ example.

Other considerationsAs the transiting Moon moves, so does the transiting Part of Fortune.  The Moon’s relative position to the transiting Sun defines the transiting Part of Fortune’s position relative to the Return chart Ascendant.  In Merle’s Return chart t/Moon at 25 Cancer is 237 degrees ahead of the t/Sun at 25 Scorpio.  Consequently, the t/PoF is 237 degrees ahead of the Ascendant (at 14 Leo) and is placed at 11 Aries.  This t/PoF squares n/Jupiter and t/Venus-n/N.Node.  Jupiter equates to government officials, Venus equates to friends who help, N.Node equates to associates.  Merkel effected change by changing her past relationships with these people.  Politics is tough.

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Chart Elements 3: The Sun As A Foundation Of Time, Place and Season

AMnatalHamburgGermanyAUsing Angela Merkel’s natal chart, cast for Hamburg, Germany, as a basis for discussion we will look at the special role of the Sun relative to cyclic charts such as Solar and t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns.  I will be trying to not view the Sun in the way that beginning astrology books do.  I hope that the reader will approach my description with an open mind.

One:  The Sun can be looked upon as the great ‘enabler’ of the planets and their energy and influences as astrologer’s think of them. The Sun empowers the expression of each planet.  The Sun also has its own individual expression and empowerments separate from its interactions with the planets.

wo:  The Sun has a ‘seasonal’ journey as seen from the Earth.  This journey should not be seen as a series of 360 points along a circle. Get past the 360 degrees.  Think more like ‘thousands’ of individual points, not a fixed number.  Angela’s natal Sun is at a unique-to-Angela point that happens to be near 24 Cancer.  So, this Angela-unique-Sun is a 24-something-Cancer – but that alone does not define her Sun.

Three:  Angela Merkel was born in Hamburg, Germany.  That provides a unique place.  She was born in the afternoon.  We need not dwell on the exact time except that that exact time defined the location of the Angela-unique-Sun’s position in the sky over-around Hamburg, Germany at the time of her birth.  In other words, the rotation of the Earth at her birth time places the Sun in a particular chart-house.  This being in the 7th house at the cusp of the 8th house.

Four:  While the Sun is at the center of our Solar System, is not, so to speak, the King of the Hill (referring to the child’s game where one stands at the top of a small hill or pile of snow and keeps others from climbing to the top).  The Sun is influenced by the planets; Jupiter being one example, and any other planets that happen to align with the Sun.  Further, scientists are now noting that great flows of interstellar energies seem to power the Sun, providing it with additional energy resources.  Just considering the planets from an astrological viewpoint we might observe that Angela Merkel’s Sun draws upon the incisiveness to act and the sudden cognition of Uranus, then empowers and enoble’s those attributes which it serves up to Pluto as a tool to shape social events according to her own plans.

(Four, continued).  Conversely, we can look at how the Sun is influenced by the planets.  Jupiter has a ‘gathering’ function which pulls social contacts together, organizes opportunities, and then seeks to expand the power of ideas and connections to grow complexity, organizations and personal achievement.  Angela’s Jupiter feeds these attributes into Uranus which sharpens the ideas and channels them as sudden cognition to Angela’s Sun; the Sun adds clarity, direction, application and power to the idea – Angela acts incisively with seemingly great understanding.  This was very clear in the early days of her political career where her deep study and preparation of the programs she was assigned to enabled her to act as a spokesperson when few others could grasp and frame ideas as well as she could. These qualities kept her in the public eye, made her valuable to her employer-Politians, and conferred upon her respect and ability, all of which she used to advance a political career.

So, at the date, time and place of her birth, Angela had a unique-to-Angela Sun position and a house position for that Sun based on the birth time and birth place.  It is likely that the use of a different house system might place the Sun in the 8th house.  For our purposes, the Sun is in the 7th.  Angela’s-unique-to-her-Sun carries with it the powerful natal network and interplay of the planets in her chart.  Nobody else has her seasonal-Sun combined with her natal planet patterns and her house-placement of the Sun and those planets.


The Natal Sun in a cyclic or Return chart.


t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return charts always portray the natal chart and planets.  This is usually placed in the outer wheel of a bi-wheel chart, enabling the transiting planets (the cyclic chart) to be ‘advanced’ to any given date.  (It is a function of most astrological software to only allow advancing the inner chart of a bi-wheel chart).

The natal Sun and the natal chart no longer portrays “potential.”  We are adults now.  Our life experience and nature have shaped the way we choose to portray and react to our natal planets and Sun. The natal Sun represents our core character, our vitality, purpose, lifestyle and intentions.  On the other hand, the transiting bodies represent change, opportunities, pressure or (if not involved) a lack of pressure or resources.

The transiting Sun can function as 1) an event trigger, 2) the empowerment of an angular planet to be an event trigger or shaper of the event, 3) the symbol for one’s own decisions, the presence and intent of another male or authoritative person, 4) the embodiment of a person of authority or legal decision.

The angular natal or transiting Sun in a Return chart.

 When the the t/Sun comes to an angle, or when an angle advances to the n/Sun position, the whole combined patterns of the n/Sun and the t/Sun’s patterns of planet aspects, if any, all come into play.  The force of the Sun at an angle almost always coincides with an event.  When other astrological bodies or points are also angular, these overtly combine with the angular Sun and contribute to the definition and nature of the event.

Should the t/Sun be at an oppositional point or square point to the n/Sun, and be angular in a Return or Advanced chart, a crises with another ‘equal’ person is likely.  Or, one can have a change of one’s mind that affects the direction-of-life.

Note: The earlier references to interpreting three planets in sequence is a method advanced in the book Planetary Containments by Sandbach and Ballard.  Since I am presently on vaction on Cape Code with limited resources and internet service, the title and author’s last names is all I can cite at the moment.

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Chart Elements 2: The Part of Fortune

Fox News on Seth Rich

Fox News has had its problems this last year; news anchors have left the network, sexual assault charges have been filed and senior people have left Fox as a result, and their standing in the general media-sphere, as well as with the right-wing politicians, has suffered.  Fox got caught up in the truly ‘fake news’ claiming that Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered to keep him quiet about his role in leaking material to Wiki-Leaks.  It is true that he died, but seems highly unlikely that it was due to shady involvement and murder-to-quiet-a-problem.   Anyways, a Detective was hired to investigate the Seth Rich death, then the investigator was asked for a report so that the White House could review it and then Fox News could report on it.  This all got to be to ‘unreal’ for the Detective who felt he was being used.  It got to close to ‘smelling bad’ for Fox, so they bowed out.  The whole story came to light.  It is embarrassing for many as it truly looks as if Fox may have been trying to fabricate ‘fake’ news.

In any case, we have a chart to look at, the incorporation and stock offering for Fox Entertainment’s IPO.


The ‘Part of Fortune’ (PoF) is a calculated point; the arc distance from the Sun to the Moon is applied to the Ascendant degree.  In the above chart, 101 degrees separates the t/Sun and t/Moon (8 Leo to 19 Scorpio).  Going from the Ascendant forward 101 degrees puts the t/PoF at 12 Capricorn.  So, what does this PoF mean?  The Moon expresses, reflects the Sun’s light or purpose.  The Moon is reaction to change, the making of adjustments to the environment, our sensitivity to upset and ability to move through life’s challenges.  Wherever the PoF is placed (house position) is where the Ascendant can find another area of expression.  This is particularly nice if there are no planets near the Ascendant or in the first house.

In this chart, t/Jupiter is in the first house, squaring t/Pluto in the fourth house and near the t/PoF.  Note that n/PoF is at the Ascendant!  We have a ‘doubled-up’ PoF!  This is an ’emphasis’ flag.  We must pay attention.  We have a dramatic example of the PoF symbolism here, just the best example to learn from.

The PoF represents ‘chance and change.’  What happens if we have too much ‘chance and change?’  How about ‘chaos!’  Fox is dealing with a lawsuit by the hired Detective for ruining his credibility and means of doing his work.  The Seth Rich family just wants to quietly move ahead with life and privately mourn the loss of their son.  Fox and some of its staff wants to hide under a rug.  And many of Fox’s competitors want this full story to come into the spotlight.  The network is now in full panic mode.

Note t/Jupiter-n/MC-1st square t/Pluto-4th.  Fox’s reputation and image (n/MC) has to be addressed (Asc. and first house) because the expansion of this story is challenged (square) by what is uncovered (Pluto).  With t/PoF at the IC, we might choose to see this as “truth or basic information is being shaped anew.”  

In these cyclic charts we are always aware that natal planets no longer represent the ‘birth potential.’  Instead they represent the acquired expression that we as adults experiencing life have chosen to make them.  Yes, Jupiter is always opportunity, socialness and luck, but as a 3rd house natal planet, Jupiter has been the drive to grow in news and entertainment.  Applying that to this transiting Jupiter we can see that they tried to go to far along this news-path, seeking to make a rumor into the possible truth, ruining their own credibility (the MC angle) in order to achieve popularity and fans (t/Venus at MC).

So, this is a good example to introduce us to the Part of Fortune. 







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Chart Elements: Angles at Angles #1

AM photo-1

Angela Merkel will be the subject of our charts in the next few posts but she will not be the actual focus of this post.  I will instead by focusing upon the elements that we find in both Return and Advanced charts.  This series will be ‘instructional’ in its nature.  My book, Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, offers a very complete explanation as to how this charting system can into being and how all of the interpretive elements work together to allow us to follow and forecast the flow of daily life within each Moon-Sun cycle.  This first posting in this series will focus on natal angles coming to Return-Advanced chart angles.

The Natal Chart of Angela Merkel.


Sun and Uranus conjoin in the 7th house.  Here we have our first conundrum.  We might expect to see a subject with an unusual appearance, dress or mannerisms.  Not so.  Merkel was often referred to, early in her career, as the ‘grey mouse.’  She did not stand out in her appearance, then or now.  Her ‘unusual’ attributes are an ability to study, focus, analyze, and network.  She is like a camouflaged steel trap, often overlooked, never forgotten once contacted.  Sun-Uranus opposes Chiron; she is always aware of weaknesses and the need to make adjustments in order to take advantage of other’s skills or position.  Her moon has a full-moon phase (180-225 degrees ahead of the Sun), called the ‘Seeker Phase.’  She is subject to upsets in her relationships, surprised in what others do, or is instead reaching out to involve others in her schemes.  Sun-opposite-Chiron is squared by Neptune; Merkel has an ideal in each area of her life that guides her.  Yet, she is able to also deceive others or to ‘use’ them to her own advantage.

Like Donald Trump, Angela Merkel has Mars rising in the first house.  Whereas Trump expresses Mars through his verbal attacks to defend his image and ego, Merkel expresses her Mars through the force of social ideas and concepts.  Mercury and Jupiter are joined by the Part of Fortune in the 7th house;  Merkel is a ‘talker’, one who communicates and can quickly respond to the needs of the situation.  Her whole career has been marked by her always being ready with answers, ideas and a clear way of communicating when others were unprepared to speak about changing situations.

These are enough insights to allow us to start examining her charts to see how natal Angles coming to Return-Advanced chart angles can be interpreted.

When Angles come to Angles:  natal MC opposed to the Return MC.

Page 160 of Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2 informs us that when a Return or Advanced chart has the natal MC at the IC angle (opposite the MC) that “Choices to change, to modify, to scrap a public plan or image.  Making a new start for the future.”  Let us look at her Return and Advanced chart for Nov. 22, 2005, Berlin, when she became Chancellor of Germany.


We get some help in grasping the impact of n/MC-opp-t/MC in this chart, noting that t/Saturn is near the Asc., n/Saturn is near the IC, and t/Neptune-n/Moon is at the Desc. angle.  We have a ‘doubled up’ Saturn (Asc. and IC), a ‘doubled up’ Neptune (IC and Desc.).  Let us break this down.  Angela Merkel is assuming (Asc) a burden (Saturn) to bring new direction (IC angle) and stability (Saturn) to her new job.  She has won the public support (Moon-Desc.)  This is a position of service (Moon-Sun in the 12th) requiring constant adjustment and maneuvering (opposition to Chiron).  Merkel was not popular among many of her mentors whom she had stepped upon in her climb to the top.  Let us take a quick look at her Advanced chart for the date she assumed office.


The n/MC is still close to the IC angle two days later, with n/Saturn closer to the angle.  The t/Moon is now at the Ascendant, opposite the n/Moon, and conjoining n/Pluto — a doubled up Moon!  Merkel is seizing the reins of power.  Note the t/PoF now at the MC; she has changed her public image and goals.  All of these other elements support the  n/MC-opposing the t/MC pattern.  When ever angles come to angles it seems that everything else in the chart jumps onto the haywagon to join in the ride.

Perhaps our first rule in reading these Return and Advanced charts is to look at where the natal angles are in relation to the chart’s angles.  If a natal angle is at a chart angle, then we start our evaluation with that singular observation.  Dave














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Part 3: Like Father, Like Son

Donald Jr photo-3

Let us review just where we now stand.  The U.S. had put into place a legal Act closing all or most banking and financial institutions from doing business with a list of specific people and a variety of banks and other institutions associated with Russian and international criminal activity.  This stops financial transactions and it freezes all of the assets of those people and institutions whose money is located in the U.S.  This then extends to the allies of the U.S. and then to other financial institutions who wish to do business with the U.S. from time to time.  If these other independent institutions choose not to go along, they are shut out.  Who is their biggest financial partner, the U.S. or an individual crime lord or laundering institution.  Tough choice.  As time moves along more names of people and institutions are added to the list.  The effect on Putin, on those who do his work loaning and bribing individuals and governments, is crushing.  Everyone has a great deal of money that they cannot now access.  The work diminishes, their influence on others diminishes.  The Russian economy becomes increasingly hampered daily, boxing Putin in. 

What is the response from Putin?  An immediate short term and long term plan to overturn the sanctions is developed and initiated.  New lobbyists show up in Washington, DC and on Wall Street.  Suggestions are made. Payments and loans are offered.  Support is solicited.  Donations are made to political campaigns through a number of front organizations.  Do you get the picture?  An “all out” bribery effort on an individual-by-individual basis is being carried out.  The goal is to weaken or do away with the Magnitsky act.

Enter the campaign of businessman Donald Trump for the office of President of the U.S.  Trump has a reputation as a very successful developer and being very rich.  Behind the popular view lies a string of bankruptcy and failures, enterprises that didn’t go well, fraud, and massive loans.  Where did those loans come from?  Russia.  The money trail from drugs/crime-to-Russian Bank-to-loan-to-repayment or interest became a laundry chute to clean massive amounts of money around the world.  It is believed that Trump took advantage of those easy-loans to finance some of his building.  Comments several years ago by a family member noted that ‘much of our working capital comes from Russian money.’

Enter Donald Trump, Jr.  He is not directly part of the campaign and policy team.  But, he did play a role in the running of the many Trump Enterprises along with his brother, Eric.  He also played a role in the Republican Primary overseeing the computer-based activities of identifying potential voters, tracking trends, and assessing voting patterns.  Just prior to June 9th, 2016, he received a message from a past associate acting as an intermediary.  He, Donald Trump, Jr., would receive an important e-mail.  That e-mail noted that a Russian government lawyer had information about Hillary Clinton and her campaign that would help his father’s own campaign.  Would he be interested in having that material?  It seems that he could not say “yes” fast enough.  We have to note that it is common practice for Russian agents to ‘dangle’ something worthwhile in front of someone to see if they are interested.  This is standard spy-craft practice.  On June 9, 2016, at Trump Tower in NYC, that meeting took place.  Donald Trump, Jr., his brother-in-law Jared, and campaign director Maniford attended that meeting with several others who were part of the Russian group.

What was discussed and shared is not known.  We do know that Donald Trump himself announced hours later that in a few days he would share what amounted to a bombshell of information about Hillary Clinton.  Apparently he was anticipating substantive information to be received.  That announcement by Trump Sr. never happened.

Following is a t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return for Donald Trump, Jr. dated June 6, 2016.


This is a t/Moon-in-the-9th house opposite n/Sun-in-the-3rd-house chart.  Information from a distant source is quite appropriate.  Note Donald Jr’s n/Mercury-n/Neptune in the 2nd: emotions and quick responses to deceit and promising ideas is indicated as one expression of this pattern.  n/Mars leads the n/Sun indicating rashness in thinking and acting is a likely expression.  It is the n/Moon-IC opposite n/Jupiter-MC which defines the angular nature of this chart; a responsiveness to big opportunities.  Note t/Mars conjoining n/Uranus; an impetus to act.  The Advanced chart for the date of the meeting, the 9th of June, 2016 is shown below.


On this meeting date the following patterns are noted:  t/Mars opposes t/Mercury; an meeting takes places, discussion and negotiation occurs.  t/Moon makes a square to this pattern, emphasizing the lure of the subject matter for Donald, Jr.  The Advancing angles are leaving n/Moon-opp-n/Jupiter behind.  We can look, for an Advanced chart, at t/Sun, t/PoF even if they are not angular.  t/Sun-t/Venus in the 8th house indicates a shared interest and value behind the meeting.  The t/PoF conjoins the n/Sun, emphasizing the importance of what was being discussed.

We now move ahead to July 9, 2017 when news broke about that June 9, 2016 meeting and who was in attendance.  For much of the intervening year constant rumors and denials about interactions between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives had been common.  This increased once Trump was elected and then became President.  A string of denials took place, followed daily by more news reports and changing stories by DTjr.  It soon became uncontrollable.  The story overshadowed the President’s trip to France, the Senate’s efforts to focus on crafting a health care bill, as well as other government business.  Then, on July 11th, 2017, DTjr released the e-mails in an effort to be ‘transparent’ and wrap the story up. 


The above t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return (5th house) of Donald Trump, Jr. occurred one day before the news of his meeting broke in the media.  Angular planets include t/Venus-MC and t/Neptune-t/PoF-Desc.

The t/Venus-MC can related to his values and credibility being on display.  With his natal pattern of n/Mercury-n/Neptune, the presence of t/Neptune-t/PoF at the Descendant is troubling.  How will he react to others; with deceit and lies or with idealism.  As it turns out, both!  It had been noted that a natal pattern, Mars ahead of the Sun, prompted him towards rashness and acting in a hurry.  Note t/Sun-t/Mars in the 11th house of this chart — the same pattern exists, broadly in opposition to the natal pattern.  His reaction to the breaking news story would likely be rash, not thought out prior to speaking.

Lets look at a chart for July 11, 2107, when Donald, Jr. released the e-mails pertaining to an invitation to attend a meeting one year ago to receive information from the Russian government to help his father’s campaign.


The story hasn’t been wrapped up.  The emails didn’t tell the whole story about the three Trump representatives and the Russian lawyer.  Day by day, following this chart and date, it emerged that another, than another person was part of the meeting.  At least 8 people, not the original 4, were involved.  On top of this, early in the unfolding news cycle, President Trump and his family crafted a story about Donald Jr. just looking for information which was not given, so nothing illegal happened.  That shortly proved to be untrue, the President had lied to protect his son.


Why is all of this so important.  The Magnitsky Act has crippled Putin and all of his rich friends, as well as a great number of others he uses to influence events and people around the world, from accessing and using much of their funds.  These funds are held in western banks to remain free from others in their own countries, and free from taxes.  Those funds are now all frozen.  The Russians, and the Russian lawyer in the meeting with DTjr. have been intensly lobbying the members of Congress for months to eliminate or soften those sanctions.  Russia is hurting.  Money and other services are being offered to politicians to help buy their support.  Some of them, including Trump himself, have already been helped by being able to retain their positions in government due to the influenced voting. 

The outlines of why Trump has been so soft on the Russians is becoming clear.  Money loans and money laundering as a result has helped Trump maintain his empire.  He may not be quite the business man he claims to be.  If he is compromised by Russian loans and favors, this will be the very biggest scandal ever uncovered in the U.S.  Time will tell.  The full story is not yet known, all the facts are not in.  What is known can be made to fit a very troubling picture.  The picture will become clearer, one way or the other, soon.  With the active presence of a Special Prosecutor, all of the Trump campaign’s activities and the roles of those in the campaign will become clear.  Already questions and pressure is being raised to remove the security clearance of the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushnir.  Kushnir acts as a close advisor to the President and his special envoy for all kinds of domestic and international endeavors.


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Part Two: A Death Becomes A Form Of Justice

Obama signs act photo-2Because of this brutal act of murdering employee Sergei Magnitsky and stealing the holdings of their Russian office, the prominence of Hermitage Capital Management, and the evidence on hand, caused investigations to be launched and a great deal of criminal fraud and money laundering uncovered.  With an uprising of political interest and pressure, President Obama signed the Magnitsky Act on Dec. 14, 2012.  This act banned a large number of Russians and criminal bankers from doing business with the U.S.  It also froze their assets, most of which were held in the U.S. or among its allies so as to safe keep that money from their own governments and to avoid paying taxes.  Later, the ‘Panama Papers’ released a small partial listing, part of an ultimate 212,000 businesses and individuals who had overseas accounts, hidden accounts and other resources that were, in some cases, used for drug and criminal activity money laundering.  A huge opening-up of money flows around the world was becoming visible thanks to a cooperative journalistic investigation.  The Return and Advanced charts for the signing of the Magnitsky Act are shown below.

These are unusual Return-Advanced charts.  I have taken the Magnitsky ‘date-of-death’ chart (the Advanced chart for Nov. 16, 2009) and used it as a natal or reference chart for the signing chart of the Magnitsky Act.  So, to be clear, the Nov. 16, 2009 Advanced chart for Sergei Magnitsky’s death-due-to-beating in prison is used as the natal-reference chart (outer wheel chart) to calculate a Return and then an Advanced chart for the signing of the Act created in his name.

By linking Magnitsky’s death-date to the signing of Magnitsky Act, I am attempting to created that “string of pearls” that I referred to in Part One of this series.


For these charts in Part Two, Magnitsky’s Advanced Death chart planets will have a “d/XX” prefix in place of the typical “n/XX” prefix.  Unlike Magnitsky’s Return chart for his death with its Moon-in-12th-opp-Sun-in-6th pattern, this t/Moon-to-d/Sun Return is a first house Return chart!  Its purpose is clear and straight forward.  t/Moon-d/Sun squares d/Chiron-d/Neptune (in death chart).  This is a statement countering the intended deceit and dispersion of Magnitsky’s work.  Grouped with Moon-Sun are t/Venus, t/N.Node, t/Mercury, d/Mercury.  This reflects the personal imprint of this man’s work. 

t/Neptune-d/Neptune-IC; the t/Neptune, in three years time, has not advanced much from the date of his death.  His idealism (natal chart) is at work here.  Since t/Moon is at the Ascendant, we need to look at d/Moon — we see it conjoined by the t/PoF and squared by t/Mars; public support is challenged and sought to fight the aggression and criminality of the money laundering and criminal efforts.


In this chart, one day later on Dec. 12, 2012, the only changes are the t/Moon moving to a square to t/Uranus, a public surprise.  t/Mars has become exact in its square to n/Moon, and the IC is directly upon n/Neptune (Magnitsky’s ideals). 

Perhaps the double Neptunes at the IC angle sum it all up:  former deceptions end, new ideals take root.  t/Sun squares the MC of Magnitsky’s death date chart:  What was done then has to be seen in the current light of these consequential actions.

A significant blow had been dealt to Russian banks, criminal banks, and criminal activity that was laundering money and then storing and using it to further their financial control in legitimate markets.

In Part 3 I will take this story a step further.  We will start to see the outlines of Trump’s strange obsession with Putin and ‘all things Russian.’  Understanding these events will help us understand the next, second, 180 days of his Administration and all of strange maneuverings we have seen to date.  Dave.



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