France: A Debate, A Shooting, and An Election

This will be a long posting, six charts will be posted:  two charts each for Melechon, for Macron, for Le Pen.  Once of these charts will involve an unusual asteroid that orbits in retrograde — in Jupiter’s orbit (without ever crashing into Jupiter).  This will be a most unusual pair of charts.


Melenchon photo-2

April 20th marked the date of the most recent debate and the shooting in Paris.  In a fluid race leading up to the April 23rd election, Melenchon is gaining in the polls.  April 20th is the last day in the cycle of his prior t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return.  That ‘Advanced’ chart is shown below.  It has angular features and some of them are strong.  However, a whole new cycle starts for him the next day; a t/Moon-opp-n/Sun in the 12th house.  On the surface, this does not look good.  But, in this case we have to remember that we are looking for the two best charts out of three charts.  Keep that in mind.


First, we look for angular planets in this April 20, 2017 debate/shooting chart.

  • t/Venus-n/Moon-IC opposite n/Saturn-MC; Venus denotes popularity, the n/Moon can be seen as the public that he hopes to win to his cause.  The IC indicates both endings and beginnings.  n/Saturn at the MC has historically been good for those seeking political office as it indicates stability, gravitas and cautious judgement.
  • t/Mars-Desc square t/N.Node-n/Sun;  Mars (for the debate) is “a reaching out” to others, active campaigning.  (For the shooting) t/Mars is an attack by another.  In this case the t/N.Node is the country-as-a-whole which includes its image, the government structure, the buildings and historical landscape.  (This contrasts with the Moon which represents the people collectively).

We also, for Advanced charts, consider the t/Moon, t/Sun and t/PoF.  t/Moon-opposes-n/Pluto; his rhetorical approach is well-practiced.  He will attract many with his words.  t/Sun-t/Mercury-n/PoF;  A singular theme in his messages will be pointed, concise and will change his perception in the polls.  t/PoF-n/Venus-9th;  His popularity is likely to increase as he proposes solid approaches for France’s relationship within Europe.  This is very much in contrast to Le Pen’s positions, for example.

Let us now look at his April 23rd Election-Day chart which is part of a new cycle, due to a t/Moon-opp-n/Sun in the 12th.


On this election day we find t/N.Node on the Asc., n/MC in the 11th;  N.Node represents, I believe, the French Republic and its image, government structure.  In this case, Melenchon will represent that in the public’s eye.  t/Mars in the 10th; He will be seen as fighting for the country’s values and image.  With t/Neptune-n/N.Node-Desc. he will be able to articulate an image of what France is all about.

As noted earlier, in Advanced charts we look at t/Moon, t/Sun, t/PoF even if they are not angular.   t/Moon-n/Moon (a lunar return pattern); as election day progresses, he will solidify his appeal to the people.  t/Sun-n/PoF; It seems likely that his personal image will be given a second look, he will appear more ‘international’ in stature.

All in all, this looks like a promising chart.


Macron photo-2First, we will look at the debate/shooting chart for Macron.


The first thing that I note in this chart is the advancing Asc. moving away from the n/MC point.  By election day, this will be 7 degrees behind the Ascendant.  Not good.  t/Venus-IC is a good pattern; he will find a large segment of the voting public liking him and his message.  t/Mars is near the Desc.; This indicates a strong ‘reaching out’ to the public.  But, like the n/MC-Asc., the Descendant will move further away from this Mars.  On the surface, this is a relatively mild chart.  Let us look at t/Moon, t/Sun, t/PoF.

t/Moon squares n/Uranus; Macron may repeat his earlier-life achievements as his examples of how he would lead France.  Not very crowd-rousing.  t/Sun-t/Mercury-n/Chiron-square n/Asc.;  All candidates have this t/Sun conjoining t/Mercury, so the words and messages will be pointed.  If he attacks, it will seem out of character for him and may not convey the right impression.  The link to n/Chiron may be the typical politician’s claim to be able to adjust and fix what is currently wrong within the country.  t/PoF squares n/Venus;  some of his popularity and likeability may suffer due to his age and lack of political experience.   The n/PoF broadly squares t/PoF;  when these are in hard aspect to each other, “chance and change” often becomes “chaos.”  It is likely that his message will start to fall apart.

The Election Day advanced chart is shown below.


This Advanced chart has a strong IC if we are liberal with our orbs; t/Chiron, t/Venus, t/Moon are grouped just behind the angle — but 5-to-7 degrees behind.  t/Mars is 5 degrees behind the Desc.   There is not a strong angular presence in this chart.  It is like he is running out of steam.   Let us look at t/Moon, t/Sun, t/PoF.

t/Sun is pulling ahead of Rx Mercury; his words don’t line up as well with his image. t/Moon (with t/Venus, t/Chiron) is behind the IC angle — I would see this as indicating his election efforts are ending.

This seems to be a weak chart.  It doesn’t look great for his making one of the two run-off spots if there is not someone who wins 50% of the electorate.

Le Pen

Marine Le Pen photo-2Le Pen, in this election cycle, has always been the wild card.  With all of the problems plaguing France and the EU relative to immigration, the strength of the Eurpoean Union and how well France can progress within the union, the stalled economy, and the British withdrawal from the EU, Le Pen has had plenty to talk about, plenty to take aim at as a means of attracting attention to her views.  


In Le Pen’s charts we are going to be considering something very new to most astrologers.  There exists an asteroid that has a retrograde orbit, a very rare situation.  Even more amazing is that this asteroid, 2015 BZ509, retrogrades within Jupiter’s orbit — but never collides with that giant planet.   This asteroid has two orbiting characteristics I believe.  As it passes its South Node point, just ahead of Jupiter, it passes south/below Jupiter’s path and cuts inside Jupiter’s orbit.  This ‘inner’orbital path takes less time to complete.  As it passes its North Node, it passes outside of Jupiter’s average orbital path, taking a longer time to complete.  All of this results in some signs taking two years to transit while other signs may be transited in as little as seven weeks.  2015 BZ509, its official name for now, seems to counteract, when in hard aspect to Jupiter, the large planets provision of being social, expansive, opportunity-granting and lucky.  Only when in opposition to Jupiter does 2015 BZ509 not function as a negating factor to Jupiter.  With all of that said, let us look at Le Pens charts.


I have marked the asteroids natal and transiting position in the above chart which is t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return in the 12th house.  The theme for this Sun placement in a Return chart is “Choices.  One’s conscience says to help others.  One’s self-interests want to address personal needs first.  Balancing conflicts.  Understanding public trends, needs for one’s own future  . . .”  So, what will Le Pen do and say?  Will she shift to the high road or will she continue to push a harsh, right-wing agenda?

t/N.Node-Asc. points to addressing the needs of France and its image and place in the world and within the EU.  By itself, this doesn’t indicate a right-wing or a centrist view.  We can note t/Mars in the 10th, near the MC, opposite n/Neptune; she will promote and push her long-held views as the best path forward for France.

Now, we come to some complex and interrelated factors with our asteroid.  t/BZ509-t/Neptune-7th-square t/PoF-opp-n/Jupiter;  Le Pens current dream and vision runs counter to the historical place that France has held in Europe.  n/BZ509 squares t/Jupiter-n/Asc.; her position about future opportunities is met with resistance among those not in her party.  Her message may not resonate beyond her current supporters.  n/PoF at the Desc. opp-t/N.Node;  Rousing words directed to others about the future of the country is indicated.

To see how this might work out, let us look at her election day chart.


This Advanced chart hasn’t changed too much in three days, yet there are changes.  n/PoF is now on the Desc. angle; Le Pen will have a strong effect on this day’s voters.  t/MC continues to close on t/Mars; Le Pen’s remarks will become stronger and more strident.    Asc. conjoins t/N.Node, this is still a close aspect pattern.  Le Pen will have a strong message on her vision of France.  n/Neptune-IC-square-n/Venus; Le Pen’s vision will appeal to a portion of the electorate; how big a portion is the question.

We will now look at t/Moon, t/Sun, t/PoF.  t/Moon opposes n/Pluto-n/Uranus, squares t/Saturn.  The public resonates with the part of her message that things have changed for France in this modern world.  The conflict with concrete facts and caution when making big changes may or may not reveal the weaknesses in her arguments.  t/Sun is slowly approaching her n/Sun in a square aspect; Le Pen’s image and portrayal of the country may seem a bit ragged to many.  t/PoF passes her n/MC, squares t/Uranus and n/Saturn;  her attempts to disrupt the status quo (the typical presidential image) is met with resistance.  With the approach of t/PoF to n/Mars, we may find her message builds up in harsh words and proposals from the political parties.  Since there is no election activities and speeches allowed in the hours leading up to the election, it is only what others report and comment on her that can affect the election results.

Who is in, who is out?

From these charts, and as a distant observer who knows only what he reads about France, I believe that Macron will not make the final cut.  Le Pen will do a bit less than what the polls have suggested to this point, her message will impress the public less now than weeks ago.  She is likely to make the cut.  Melenchon will do far better than his position a few weeks ago indicated.  His age, his charm, and his more mainstream messages will likely carry him into the top two, past Macron.

What will happen in two weeks.  Further posts will review that event.   Dave.




































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Escaping Prison The Easy Way

Aron photo-1

Those readers in the U.S. will likely recognize this face as that of Aron Hernandez, famous National League Football player for the New England Patriots.  The team has won five super-bowl contests, more than any other team — but the last was without the services of one of their stars, Aron Hernandez. Hernandez has been serving time in prison for the murder of a friend who played minor league ball.  Over the past many months, Hernandez has been on trial for the murder of two others in Boston.  He was, a few days ago, found to be not guilty in that second trial.  The photo above is taken from one of many photos of him at trial.  His natal chart is shown below.


This is a ‘noon’ chart, the angles are meaningless.  We can note the close grouping of Mars-Mercury-Sun-Pluto in Scorpio;  Mars will greatly energize the three very closely grouped Mercury-Sun-Pluto.  This trio marks a flexible yet intense will.  He will be open to compromise but will never give up.  He will take what he can, when he can, and not wait for later opportunities.  While seeming to be non-aggressive, this pattern denotes one who will stop at nothing.  We can also take note of other groupings such as Venus-Uranus and Saturn-Neptune which opposes Jupiter, and Moon-N.Node.  Let us briefly touch on each of these groupings.

  • Venus-Uranus points to a love of excitement and surprises, a hope that what one does spontaneously will work out somehow.  
  • Saturn-Neptune is a dour pairing that is little relieved by Jupiter laying opposite in Cancer.  Happiness can be fleeting or tempered by worry or thoughts that distract from the time-at-hand.  In all of his photos. Aron is always looking sideways for something else, seldom straight ahead.
  • Moon at the N.Node points to a need for assurance and support from others close by.  Aron had friends, other than his team mates that he hung around with, friends from a sullied past who did not fit with his then-current role as a successful football player.

We will now look at his t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for April 12, 2017, one week before his final act in life.  This chart is set at the prison in Shirley, Massachusetts.


For noon charts, the use of Moon-to-Sun Returns will provide a workable MC and Asc. angle chart.  Everyone born on this birthdate will have the same chart with angles that are within 7 degrees of accuracy if we used a timed chart rather than a noon chart.  That is what makes this charting method so useful.

t/Moon-n/Sun in the 11th has a generic theme for common everyday events that reads as “contributing to joint ventures having a public benefit.  Training others, supporting creative efforts . . . teamwork . . .changes in the financial structure of a career  . . . including others in the community.”  Clearly this theme that was slanted to typical everyday life is not at all appropriate to Aron Hernandez in prison or for the suicide of a week later.  

I note t/Sun in the 4th house indicating a completion and/or a new start.  A few days later he was found not-guilty of a second charge of murdering two men in Boston.  That trial had gone on for several months.  With Sun conjoining Uranus, the final jury verdict came quickly and surprising in it’s outcome.  Many had expected a guilty finding.  After this Sun-Uranus pattern, note the t/PoF opposing the n/Uranus position.  Surprises are expected.

The Advanced chart for April 19th, the date of his suicide by hanging himself with his bedsheets tied to the window bars is shown below.


In this daily Advanced chart we note Jupiter-MC opposite Uranus-IC-square which is a classic “freedom” pattern.  t/Sun conjoins t/Mercury in the 4th near n/Part-of-Fortune; a singleness of purpose that will act spontaneously.   

Now, we have to note Venus at the Asc. and also Venus before the IC.  Why?  Venus, in certain patterns is a reliable death indicator.  Let us look at this more closely.  We noted that t/Sun-t/Mercury (our self, intent, thoughts, plans) conjoins n/PoF.  Now, note that the t/PoF opposes t/Venus; a sudden need to balance things out and to find harmony.  Couple this t/Venus with n/Venus at the Ascendant angle, the place where we experience things and act upon them.  All of this interplay between natal and transiting patterns is what I call ‘astrological hopscotch.’  Hopscotch is a children game of jumping from chalked-on-the-ground squares upon one foot to the other foot to reach the end of the several squares in the pattern.























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And, Then We Have Macron

Macron photo-1

Emanuel Macron is another one of the leaders in the polls for those seeking to be President of France.   Many, if not most, expect him to be one of the two finalists who will be within the run-off election on May 7th.  It is unlikely that any of the many contestants will achieve 50% in the April 23rd election.  But, Macron is likely to be the top vote getter.

It should be noted that the last blog noted that Le Pen might hurt herself due to changes in her messaging.  She has followed her chart and done just that, emphasizing her hard-right views and causing consternation among those who support her.

Macron’s Advanced chart for the April 4, 2017 debate is shown below.


The then-current t/Jupiter-square-t/Pluto, and t/Sun T-square lies across his Advanced chart’s Asc.-Desc.-IC angles, placing him very much into the public arena and French mindset of the moment.  The Sun-Jupiter-Pluto pattern is very powerful and success-oriented for a politician.  Add to that the ‘doubled-up’ Pluto with n/Pluto on the chart’s Ascendant.  Macron is making his move.

Further, t/Part-of-Fortune (t/PoF) in the 4th opposes t/Moon; the public is highly excited; will they respond to his debate performance now, on the 4th, or will it take a few days for his performance to be appreciated.  t/Uranus squares this PoF-Moon pattern; this may or may not be helpful in a crowded debate field where confusion and unclear statements collide.  It may indicate a surplus of ‘noise.’  Yet, the overall patterns in this chart are excellent for Macron.

Let us now look at his April 23d election Advanced chart.


The chart has shifted 90 degrees from the April 4th Advanced chart, as t/Pluto is now on the Ascendant angle, with t/Uranus on the IC angle with t/Mercury close by.  This is a fireworks chart!   A personal sense of power and purpose, a generated sense of excitement and new ideas.  

The earlier-mentioned t/Jupiter-n/Pluto is on the 9th house side of the MC.  Will he suggest a bold new idea for dealing with the foreign-born minorities in France in terms of proposing a bold new work program to help bring them into mainstream economic health?   With all those semi-skilled and unskilled unemployed workers he could set up an internal workforce mirroring the 3rd-world workforces that supply low-cost goods to world markets.  Instead of going to Asia or Africa to get goods, France could obtain them internally with its own low-pay workforce.  This would start everyone on the road to economic improvement.

With t/Mercury at the IC, and Macron’s singular ability to focus (n/Sun-n/Mercury conjunction) and t/Juno (relationships) on the Asc., such bold ideas seem likely to catch the attention of voters.   One can pick through this chart, noting the angular planets and their counterparts to make such arguments.  For example, t/Uranus at the IC leads us to consider n/Uranus-n/Vesta in the 10th; focusing (too much?) on bold ideas that will provide national goals and unity — note t/Vesta in the 7th house of working with others.  

When we compare the charts of these three candidates in the next post, I’m sure that Macron will stand out.  Dave.












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You Can’t Ignore Martine Le Pen, Can You?

Le Pen photo-1

Le Pen has had good ratings in the polls but has been, seemingly, discounted as not being able to reach enough of the vote to at least make the top two having less than 50% of the upcoming election on April 23.  Ah, we forget that the world turns smoothly but that the subject of politics does not turn smoothly.

Consider the events in Sweden where those who had been asked to leave the country did not do so and have now committed terrible acts of violence there.  Even the peaceful Swedes are upset of the events that those who have taken up residence in their country have betrayed the hospitality offered them.  For most citizens, those who come to join their ranks as fellow citizens should assimilate and adopt the broad cultural aims of their new country.  Yet, for both good and bad reasons, many cannot or do not fully take on their new citizenship.  Instead they continue to live as detached visitors.

It is possible that these and related issues will play into Le Pen’s election process over the next week or so.  Let us look at her April 4th debate chart and then at her later chart for April 23rd.


The horizontal axis has t/Neptune-Asc. opposite n/Jupiter-Desc. and can suggest a reaching for a dream quality.  This opposition pattern is squared by the t/PoF on the 3rd house side of the IC, indicating that communicative-related issues (words spoken or received) will have a ‘hit or miss’ quality.  Yet, t/Sun (not angular) is in contact with her n/N.Node, showing that her passion and intentions do connect with some.  t/Jupiter has just passed over her natal Asc. at 15 Libra, a point not shown on this chart — I’ll have to correct my software for that.  Transiting Moon opposes t/Pluto, good for each of the candidates in transit charts for this date — everyone’s emotions will be more intense and aware of the polarization between the various political factions.

Let us now look at the April 23rd election date for Le Pen’s advanced chart.


In this advanced daily chart for her previous t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return in the 12th house, we would see the n/Sun-12th and t/Moon-6th orientation as suggesting a theme of “choices” where Le Pen will need to either promote her established self-interests or incorporate new and ‘current’ issues to infuse her message and to appear more relevant.  An ‘old’ message will reach her supporters while a ‘new’ message may reach some voters while losing others.  It would appear that she has to consider this carefully.

This is enhanced, in the chart, with the presence of the nodal axis along the Asc.-Desc. line.  The t/N.Node-Asc. suggests she will include new message elements into her speeches and position for the April 23rd election.  Note t/Ceres near the MC; the great mother, the French homeland, will see Le Pen wrapping herself in a call for nationalism, for upholding the core values of France. 

Transiting Neptune has moved from it’s former Ascendant position, and now appears in its natal Neptune guise at the IC angle of this chart.  This suggests a contrast of moving from the new to the old in terms of messaging.  Consider the nodal axis of the Moon with the N.Node at the Asc. suggesting a reaching out to others with her message.  Conflicts.  Does this mean that she will try to accomplish too much as the April 23rd election nears?  Will her message become less clear?










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The French Elections: Jean Luc Melenchon


This first in a series of postings will explore the relative strength of charts for the April 4th debate and April 23rd election for each of three candidates.  

Melenchon photo-1Jean Luc Melenchon is a popular candidate for President in France.  He is fourth in the polling at this moment, but he presents himself well and may be able to move up in the polls due to the April 4th debate and his remaining speaking engagements.  A recent t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Return found his n/Sun in the seventh house of the Return chart for the period covering the eleven-candidate debate.

The approach I will be taking is to look at three candidates; Melenchon, Macron, Le Pen in terms of their debate performance and then look at the election day charts.  The debate charts for each will give us a milestone to compare the election charts against.  I am not sure that Moon-to-Sun Return charts are the best type of charting to use for this inquiry, but we will see how they work out.  The below chart is Melenchon’s Advanced chart for the April 4th debate.


Note n/Pluto-n/Sun in the 7th with t/N.Node.  This is a persuasive combination and placement, indicating that his personality and attempts to reach out to others will be persuasive.  It is interesting that many of Pluto’s attributes all begin with the letter “P”; persuasive, politics, perspective, powerful.  We should take note that t/Part of Fortune squares this Sun-Pluto-Node grouping from the IC.  It is likely that the debate will have some effect upon his standings which were in the area of 14% to 15% prior to the debate.

There are no other angular planets in this chart, so his whole debate performance and impact on his standing in the election depends upon the impact of his performance in the debate.  Even, due to the angular placement of n/Pluto, if we look at t/Pluto, we see that it is on the cusp of the 12th house and squares t/Jupiter-n/Neptune while also squaring the t/Sun-n/Jupiter in the 2nd.  This is a helpful but supportive pattern only.

Jean Luc Melenchon’s election day Advanced chart, from a first-house n/Sun position is shown below. 


This chart is reversed from the debate chart in its structure.  A first-house n/Sun is a fine placement, along with t/N.Node.  t/Mars in the 10th squares n/Sun-t/N.Node showing that he will be making a fight for his election.  However, t/Sun, t/Moon and t/Part of Fortune are all away from the angles.  There is some strength in this chart compared to the debate chart, but the chart doesn’t give the impression of being a winner.

So, does this mean that he will make the run-off election, being one of the two who had the best results but failed to reach 50%?  We will have to wait until we can compare the charts of the other candidates.  Their charts will follow in a day or two.  Dave.

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Paris Reacts to Shaking Bananas

In early October, 1925, Paris went crazy over the young American girl who danced the Charleston and other jazz dances clad only in a skirt of bananas.  The energy and personality that went into her dancing took the city by storm.

J. Baker banana costume photo

The photo at the left provides the picture that Josephine presented.  Below, I is a short posting of a U-tube video of her dance.  Paris has always had its bawdy side, risque shows and gentlemen’s parlors.  Yet, this dark and energetic dancer seems to have taken voyeurism and entertainment to a new level.  Josephine’s shows were sell-out affairs.  Later, when she moved her show to Germany, the same wild acceptance occurred.

Our first chart to examine is a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return in the 10th house of career and goals. This is good.  Two issues need to be noted. t/Moon-conjoins-t/Juno which can be seen as a commitment to freedom and a love for her art-dance that she feels strongly about.  t/Moon also squares n/Saturn, indicating a desire to break with tradition and form.


 Angular is t/Neptune-Asc in a ‘paran-square’ with t/Venus-IC.  This is most indicative of a dramatic-theatrical action involving a new display of art-talent.  Note that the t/Part of Fortune (PoF) will contact t/Venus on this day (it moves at the same rate as the daily Moon).  ‘Chance, change, excitement’ will be part of her show.  n/Venus trines t/Venus; always a good omen for an artistic venture.  Note that n/Neptune conjoins n/Venus.  We have a ‘doubled up’ Venus-Neptune pattern which forms the main theme of this return chart.  We can forget about any other consideration.  This is what Return and cyclic charts are all about — we focus on the angular planets.  All else is secondary.

JB photo

Josephine opened to a sold-out house and every night after was sold out.  Tickets were difficult to get.  Josephine had a ‘jungle’ theme dance, she danced jazz and the popular Charleston.  All were done with great energy.  She was not above making faces, stopping and strutting about, even performing nude.  She quickly became both a millionaire and the toast of the town.

The chart below is her Return chart advanced from Sept. 23rd to Oct. 2, 1925.  The Ascendant has advanced a few degrees past t/Neptune.  t/Venus is still within two degrees of the advancing IC angle.  The t/Moon is entering the 9th house and has opposed t/Sun — this is now a full Moon.  Everybody passions are stirred up.  

I have just had to reinstall my astrological software and apologize for not having set up the charts to show the natal MC and Asc.  Both are very critical in this chart.  The relocated-to-Paris n/MC (26 Leo) is at the Asc. angle.  The relocated-to-Paris n/Asc. (12 Scorpio) conjoins t/Saturn near the IC angle.  Josephine is acting out or experiencing her career goals, dancing in Paris.  Her hard work and discipline (Saturn) has brought her to this new start and opportunity (IC angle).

In the last posting I commented upon n/Ceres-Desc. and n/Juno-MC in her Paris located natal chart.  In this advanced chart we find n/Ceres near the MC.  We find n/Juno near the Asc. angle.  

Juno and Venus, both angular in this chart, have a natural affinity to each other.  Juno is a ‘committed love’ while Venus is a ‘sensual, acquisitive love.’  Juno is said to have a linkage to money, as does Venus in a lesser sense.  Venus is more about having enjoying what money can buy, or other desireable things.  Juno has a sense of being more business-like where money is concerned.  Together, these two argue well for the financial success of her dramatic nightly presentations.

n/Ceres, in this chart, has links to t/Saturn (opposition) and n/Saturn (sextile).  t/Ceres is linked to t/Saturn (square).  When the non-personal planets link to Ceres, the mother or parent-child nature of Ceres becomes somewhat ‘occupational.’  Ceres works to nurture projects and skills such that they substitute for children.  Josephine poured herself, her whole self, into her art, her love of expression and need for recognition for her art.  Remember that in her natal chart it was noted that the Moon’s phase relationship to the Sun suggested that she needed to fight so as to establish her own identity.   It was also noted that her mother objected to her leaving home to pursue a dance and show-business career.  Josephine was going to show everybody that she could succeed.

So, in this post we have explored Josephine’s rise to sudden fame in Europe, and we have learned a bit more about Ceres and Juno.  In future posts I will endeavor to explore more of these small-body members of our astrological sky where appropriate.  If you know of a favorite public-person who has an interesting chart with one of our smaller worlds playing a role in their life-expression, drop a comment and we can all share in examining that chart.






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1925 Paris; The Banana Skirt Dancer

JB photo banana dancing-3

This is the story of Josephine Baker, a black girl of U.S. citizenship who grew up poor in St. Louis, Missouri, gravitated to a vaudeville and dancing career in New York City, and relocated to Paris, France where she became a star.  As the photo suggests, her trademark upon appearing in Paris was a short skirt made of artificial bananas — and, nothing else.  The photo shows her with a little more coverage so as not to offend anyone or the WordPress web-masters.

But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.  We will first look at her natal chart and early life, and then her relocated natal chart for Paris, France.  In France, her natal chart had Ceres on the Descendant angle and Juno at the MC.  This placement is valid for her life experience and repeats itself (as being angular) in the debut of her Paris arrival and dance opening that led to her stardom.  I thought it would be instructive to concentrate a bit on the major asteroids for a change.  

JosephineBakernatal I came across Josephine’s story by accident.  The chart is listed in Astrodatabank and is included in the Kepler-Sirius chart library, but is probably a chart you would never take notice of.  Wikipedia notes that her black lineage included a white man, accounting for her lighter skin color.  In any case, she grew up in St. Louis near the Union train station, poor as a church mouse, living on the streets much of the time.  Her mother took in wash to help the family through the drudge of daily life.  Josephine was street smart and took on many careers to survive, including getting married at age 13.  She learned to dance and worked her way into vaudeville performances, ultimately moving to New York city with her dance troup, effectively divorcing her second husband by distancing herself from him.     

So, what about Ceres and Juno.  Note in her St. Louis natal chart, Ceres in the Ninth House.  Ceres represents parent child relationships and major life cycles among other things.  Josephine’s mother was very much against her dancing and moving about to follow stage performances.  She wanted Josephine to remain at home and help her.  Ceres-9th. is the chart’s representation of this battle between mother and daughter over the daughter’s wanderlust.   On the other hand, in this St. Louis natal chart, Juno is in the 12th house, nine degree behind the Ascendant.  Juno is also a ‘relationship’ asteroid but is linked to wife-husband issues, not parent-child issues.   Josephine dumped or hid her two childhood-husbands, leaving them to follow her own dreams.

Her Sun in Gemini-10th points to self-determination.  Sun squares Saturn, so she had to battle against being tied down — as represented by her mother, her two husbands and here environment.  Saturn-Vesta suggests an almost-tunnel vision view of what was required and what had to be limited.  The fact that she was able to break free of this was amazing in itself.  Note that her Moon is 135 degrees ahead of her Sun, the cusp of Dane Rudhyar’s ‘Moon-phase’ lunation cycle suggesting that she had to work hard to adapt and to develop the skills needed to make her way in life.  There are other factors to look at such as Moon-Neptune-opposite-Uranus.  An exciting sense of drama and appeal.

Let us now look at her natal chart when it is relocated to Paris France.


In Paris, France, Ceres is placed upon the Descendant; This will be the supreme rebellion against what her mother wanted for her.  But that is the story for the next post.  Here, we see this as the ultimate rebellion — a young dancer moving to Paris and all that it seemed to be to home-bound mid-west American’s.  

Paris 1900-2

Paris, in 1925, was still horse-carriage oriented with auto’s just making inroads on the city streets.  Life was still shops and small hotels, artists along the river front, and all of the charm we see in older movies.  Note that Juno was now positioned at the MC of the chart.  Let us look, since both are now sharply angular, at how they work out as a pair.  

I quote, in part, from my old friend Martha Lang-Wescott’s views on this pair: ” . .  an awareness of relationships where one partner has to . . . mother another, a recognition of imbalances in parental relationships.”  In the next post we will expand this interpretation.

I want to note here the square between the Part of Fortune (PoF) and Mars-Pluto, and the square between Pallas and Venus-Neptune.  Mars-Pluto is unbounded energy and an electric presence.  The involvement of PoF will bring surprises.  Again, you will have to wait until the next post ofr further input on this.  Pallas relates to a ‘favorite child, a father-daughter relationship perhaps.  Also note that Saturn-Vesta is now in the 4th, a place of new starts and great focus.  Oh, I can hardly wait to share this next part with you all.  Dave.








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