Press Release: Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns


Front Cover 2nd Edition 2J NEW

Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2 is now available.  This second edition has been expanded in its topical coverage and the number of charts presented.

All of the tools that are used here on my NinthHouse blog site to create and comment on this exciting Moon-to-Sun Return charting technique are covered in this book.  The second edition now includes a chapter on the role of eclipses in these charts, a chapter on the effective use of “noon” charts.  All twenty-four “themes” (for each Moon-Sun house placement) are defined.

And, most importantly, the calculation processes for creating these charts is provided for.  1) An available free-to-download, free-to-use, easy-to-use astrological software application can be obtained that is an excellent tool for both these Return charts as well as all other typical astrological practices.  2) Illustrated instructions for several astrological software packages are provided.

“Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2” provides a large number of personal stories of public personalities.  Each set of charts (the Return chart and the Advanced-to-the- event-date chart) is accompanied by a short interpretation of key factors in the chart. In some cases an extensive coverage of a personal story is provided, several charts will cover a period of time, illustrating an unfolding story.

The difference in how one practices astrology using a natal-progressions-transits approach, or a statistical approach, or the use of these Return charts is striking.  Whenever a client introduces a new concern to the astrologer (who has prepared and studied a set of charts prior to the reading), a dilemma arises!  How much extra time is going to demanded?  What new charts are needed?  What predictive tools are required?

Moon-to-Sun Returns can be quickly popped up on the computer screen from the natal chart.  Advancing the Return to any day takes only a click of the mouse.  Interpretations are easy and accurate since the focus is only upon angular planets.  Not only can the astrologer immediately address deviations from the planned reading, the astrologer can also prepare a “Look-Ahead-Diary” for clients to review on their own!   The book provides a chapter showing just how that is done.  This provides a great source of both services for the client and revenue for the astrologer.

Chapter Headings

  • Preface:  An introduction to Return charts illustrated by an early phase of David Bowie’s life.
  • Chapter One:  Introduction to Moon-Sun Return charts.
  • Chapter Two:  The use of Advanced charts for a specific event date.
  • Chapter Three:  The Part of Fortune and the Ascendant.
  • Chapter Four:  Moon-to-Sun Return themes.
  • Chapter Five:  Calculating Moon-to-Sun Return charts.  Introducing a free-to-use software application as well as the use of various software programs that astrologers might already use in their daily practice.
  • Chapter Six:  Eclipses.  The four-year struggle to free herself from murder charges is a story in which a number of eclipses are significant in the many charts used.
  • Chapter Seven:  Alternative charting.  The use of “noon” birth charts, the concepts of ‘Consciousness’ and ‘Awareness’ charts, and Double-Diurnal charts is addressed.
  • Chapter Eight:  Houses.  Houses play an important role in Return charts, and are much more important than the use of Signs.  The interrelations between houses is reviewed.
  • Chapter Nine:  Planets.  Based on the great number of charts presented, planets-in-combination pairings are given brief interpretations.  Pairings include Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Part-of-Fortune, Moon’s North Node, Ascendant and MC.
  • Chapter Ten: Dealing with everyday life.  An actual phone-internet reading is used to illustrate Return charting and interpretation, as well as how to handle unexpected issues that arise and which require on-the-spot responses.  The “Look-Ahead Diary” concept is covered.
  • Chapter Eleven:  A summary of all charting techniques is used to follow the stories of several people through eventful periods of their lives.
  • Chapter Twelve:  Chart and interpretive examples for some fifty people provide a rich collection of charts for study.

 I hope that each of you enjoy this book, this exciting way to use astrology.  

Dave Monroe