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Midpoints for casual prediction?

  There have been several approaches in my recent postings to viewing the singular event in comedian Bill Cosby’s life — his arrest on Dec. 30, 2015 for indecent assault.  After decades of projecting himself as a ‘goody-two-shoes’ overly nice … Continue reading

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Cosby In A Clearer Light

Bill Cosby’s arrest for Indecent Assault has been the subject for these several views using different astrological charting methods.  In this post, the now-familiar t/Moon-n/Sun Return format will be used. Pictured to the left is the actual arrest, Dec. 30, … Continue reading

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Now, For Some Confusion

The previous post used a precession-corrected Solar Return for 2015, cast for Bill Cosby.  This chart was progressed or advanced using Cyril Fagan’s system which more-or-less alots 1.25 degrees per day between the Solar Return date and any event date … Continue reading

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Solar Return Insights Into Cosby’s Arrest

    In this posting we will again be looking at Bill Cosby and his arrest on Dec. 30, 2015 — except that this time we will be using a precession-corrected Solar Return for July 13, 2015 as the base-chart … Continue reading

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Cosby: When ‘Private’ Becomes ‘Public.”

Bill Cosby’s public image has long been solid and admired by the American public. While many of us who are older recall his days in comedy, most remember him for his role as head of the Huxtable family on TV … Continue reading

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It Is Time To Look At Bill Cosby!

This is comedian and Movie-TV actor Bill Cosby in his younger years.  He has been a house-hold name for much of my whole life. Not that I ever particularly watched his TV shows.  But, he was always present.  One of … Continue reading

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An Old Icon Becomes A New Icon

December 30, 2015.  Bill Cosby, comedian, actor, TV star was charged with aggravated assault relative to forced sexual relations.  This charge relates to a 2004 case that was settled in a civil suit.  There are many other outstanding claims against Cosby by dozens of … Continue reading

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