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Part Seven: Solar Returns, Mercury the Trickster

February 16, 1999 was the day Carole Sund, her daughter and her friend were killed by Cary Stayner at a cabin near the entrance of Yosemite National Park in California.  In this post a Solar Return and Prog’d Daily Angles … Continue reading

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Part Two: The Murderer & Solar Return, Daily Charts

Cary Stayner had noticed the pick-up truck before.  When he saw the girls packing up he stopped and chatted, then entered the car and killed Carole Sund, the mother, and her daughter’s friend, keeping Julie Sund alive.  He drove into … Continue reading

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Part One: The Murderer and The Victims

Yosemite National Park in eastern California is a popular tourist attraction due to its natural beauty of mountains, lakes and forests.  It was within this fabulous setting in 1999 that a tragedy occurred.  A woman from nearby Santa Rosa, her daughter … Continue reading

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