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Exploring Solar Returns and Prog’d Daily Angles (PSSR) Charts, Part 2

This series of posting explores the use of precession-corrected Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charts.  Sidereal astrologers refer to these as Solar Returns and PSSRs (progressed sidereal solar returns).  Both the tropical version used here and the sidereal version … Continue reading

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Terrorists killing at Bataclan Theater in Paris

    Ismael Omar Mostefai, age 29, was born in France.  Until Nov. 13th, 8 days before his 30th birthday, he was known as a small-time criminal.  On that day he officially became a terrorist, attacking the Bataclan Theater in … Continue reading

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Part Nine; The Yosemite Murders Continue

All had been quiet since later winter at the Yosemite National Park.  The bodies and car of Carol Sund, her daughter and their friend had been found, suspects brought forward for questioning, leads followed up, but no concrete information on … Continue reading

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What defines a winner in New Hampshire?

In this rather long posting three charts will be examined relative to the New Hampshire Primary on January 10th.  It seems that these Moon-to-Sun charts are still too new to use for absolute prediction over people & events where so … Continue reading

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Gingrich slips in Iowa polls, what is behind this?

It’s yo-yo time in the heartland — again!  Polls that have been reported today, Dec. 19th, show Gingrich slipping in the Iowa polls, Ron Paul rising, leaving Romney as the likely beneficiary.  What has led to this situation, what do … Continue reading

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Part 7: The Legal Circus Begins for Amanda

Amanda Knox watched helplessly as the Italian legal circus struck up the band and marched to some strange music.   For the past many months the media had kept the fantastic story before the public — a story demonizing the Perugia students, … Continue reading

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Part 5: False charges & arrest

Following the devastating murder of her roommate on Nov. 1, 2007, Amanda and the others in the student community were at a loss in understanding who and why such an event occurred.  Media speculation was building upon the Halloween festivities and … Continue reading

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