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When Transiting & Natal Mars Are Both Angular Then Eruptions Occur

Edited to add observations on natal MC and Asc. using derivative houses, Jan 4th As New Years Eve came to an end, and the ball fell at Times Square in New York city, I reflected on the treats of terrorist … Continue reading

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Evel Knieval: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

For some, life means enjoyment, work, children, family gatherings.  For others, life means challenging death, one’s own sanity, and the consequences of exploring new limits.  Evel Kneival (his public name) was such a person.  Born on Oct. 17, 1938 at … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: The Start of His Career

Every story starts somewhere.  This story started long before Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who would later become Pope Francis, was ordained a priest in the Roman Catholic Church.  However, we don’t have accurate dates for many of those events, so this … Continue reading

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Casey Anthony; Questioning Interrupted — Part Seven

This August 29, 2008 Moon-to-Sun Return occurred following Casey’s earlier arrest and questioning.  At the time of the arrest Casey had offered an unending series of wild stories which could not be confirmed and which were often contradictory.  The investigators … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Smart; Another View of Her Kidnapping

Several days ago the astrological chart of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapping was posted.  That chart was a progressed daily angles with transit chart based on her precession corrected Solar Return.  This chart is for the same event but is a Moon-to-Sun Return chart; … Continue reading

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