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Chart Elements: Angles at Angles #1

Angela Merkel will be the subject of our charts in the next few posts but she will not be the actual focus of this post.  I will instead by focusing upon the elements that we find in both Return and … Continue reading

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Evel Knieval: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

For some, life means enjoyment, work, children, family gatherings.  For others, life means challenging death, one’s own sanity, and the consequences of exploring new limits.  Evel Kneival (his public name) was such a person.  Born on Oct. 17, 1938 at … Continue reading

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Shirley Temple Flashes Those Bright Eyes At The Camera

Shirley Temple, America’s adorable child star in the era of the Great Depression (1930s) brought life and relief to a country full of despair and empty of an economy that could put bread on the table.  Three days after Christmas of … Continue reading

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