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Saturn: Up Close & Personal

+Saturn, in a cyclic or Return chart, can play a different role than it does in Natal charts or Progressed charts.  We tend to think of Saturn as a slow-moving director of trends that sensitize areas of our chart, setting … Continue reading

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Very Reluctant To Return Home

Ira Einhorn was discovered living in Mouton-Champagne, France and arrested on June 13, 1997 under the assumed name of Eugene Mallon.  However, he was not able to be returned to the U.S. for trial immediately due to the very complex … Continue reading

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Part Three: Murder Takes On A Routine, A Method of Operation

A young Kuwait woman, living in Florida, returned to Atlantic City, NJ at the end of November, 1979.  She worked out of a massage parlor there, but decided to move on to New York City where she had also worked … Continue reading

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Part Three; Suddenly, Jane & Seth Become A Team

Jane Roberts and her husband had just had an unsettling experience in their Dec. 8th, 1963 Ouija board experiment — it talked back to them with coherent messages.  Following Jane’s Sept. 9th inrush of information about the universe being an … Continue reading

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Part Six; Linking the Chart’s Ninth House to Murder

We know from previous posts that Cary Stayner murdered Carol Sund, her daughter and her daughter’s friend on Feb. 16, 1999 at Moose Lodge on the edge of Yosemite National Park in California.  In this chart group Carol’s t/Moon-to-n/Mars Return … Continue reading

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Pope Francis; Some Cardinals Rebel

Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014: Cardinals offer a Conservative push back against a conciliatory statement yesterday in which questions were offered asking about accepting the gay community in a more open way. Let me quote CNN’s John Sutter, “The current middle ground — … Continue reading

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Bergdahl’s Release: A Simple Act, A Complex Situation

At the end of May, 2014 an American soldier, Bowe Bergdahl, was released after several years capacity.  The event occurred in harsh, open, rolling land in near Yahya Kheyl, Patick Province, Afganistan — 068E41, 32N56.  We have no given birth … Continue reading

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