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Chart Elements 4: Moon As An Agent Of Change In Return Charts

Return charts, cast in a bi-wheel format, have two Moons – the natal Moon and transiting Moon.  Each of these Moons can be read or interpreted in more than one way.  The natal Moon, as read in a natal chart, … Continue reading

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For Yoko Ono; A Fork In Life’s Highway

For Yoko Ono, her return and life in New York City would lead her to a fork in life’s highway.  We will be looking at her charts relative to the death of John Lennon upon their doorstep.  This inexplicable and … Continue reading

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Part Four: One Way To Obtain An Uncontested Divorce

Marriage will change one’s life, that is for sure.  For her new husband it meant working each day to support their family of two, their apartment, cars and living expenses.  It meant learning a job and growing within that career field … Continue reading

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Part Three: Murder viewed through t/Moon-opp-n/Sun Returns

In this Part-Three section the murders of three tourists at Yosemite National Park will be viewed through a Moon-to-Sun Return and an Advanced chart. Cary Stayner had a t/Moon-0pposing- n/Sun Return on Feb. 15, 1999, one day before committing murder. … Continue reading

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Explosion In the Sky; Horror On the Ground

  July 17th, 4:15 PM local time over eastern Ukraine, an explosion was seen.  A commercial airline plane had been destroyed by a ground-to-air missile.  Bodies and debris rained from the sky over a stretch of many miles in the countryside. … Continue reading

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Armstrong places his pedalling feet in his mouth

With all of his past glory, denials of doping, and charges of cheating in his pursuit of the cycling world’s highest honours, Armstrong finally crumbled before the onslaught of accusations.  He decided to “admit his deceit” with an interview done by … Continue reading

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Casey Anthony; A Partial Story Of Her Role As A Mother — Part Nine

Almost three years passed from the time of Caylee’s disappearance to the start of Casey’s trial for her role in her child’s death.  In that period investigators were frustrated in their attempts to obtain answers to their questions and to … Continue reading

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