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Chart Elements 4: Moon As An Agent Of Change In Return Charts

Return charts, cast in a bi-wheel format, have two Moons – the natal Moon and transiting Moon.  Each of these Moons can be read or interpreted in more than one way.  The natal Moon, as read in a natal chart, … Continue reading

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Cosby In A Clearer Light

Bill Cosby’s arrest for Indecent Assault has been the subject for these several views using different astrological charting methods.  In this post, the now-familiar t/Moon-n/Sun Return format will be used. Pictured to the left is the actual arrest, Dec. 30, … Continue reading

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Now, For Some Confusion

The previous post used a precession-corrected Solar Return for 2015, cast for Bill Cosby.  This chart was progressed or advanced using Cyril Fagan’s system which more-or-less alots 1.25 degrees per day between the Solar Return date and any event date … Continue reading

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For Yoko Ono; A Fork In Life’s Highway

For Yoko Ono, her return and life in New York City would lead her to a fork in life’s highway.  We will be looking at her charts relative to the death of John Lennon upon their doorstep.  This inexplicable and … Continue reading

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U.S. Politics: Worse, Worser, Worsest

March 30, 2016 was not a good day for Donald Trump.  It went from bad to very bad, or, as the title infers, from Worse to Worser to Worsest.  However grammatically incorrect that phrasing is, it conveys the results of putting one’s … Continue reading

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Bomb, Bluff, Bombastic; Which?

January 6, 2016, Kim Jong Un announces that North Korea has tested a Hydrogen Bomb.  This claim is open to question.  A test was confirmed on this date at 10 AM in North Korea, 8:30 AM EST by seismic readings from … Continue reading

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Part 2: Syed Farook & Eris

Syed Farook, born in Chicago, IL on July 14, 2015 and raised in San Bernadino, CA was the husband of Tashfeen Malik — together they killed 14 and wounded 21 people at a health care center where Syed worked as … Continue reading

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