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Saturn: Up Close & Personal

+Saturn, in a cyclic or Return chart, can play a different role than it does in Natal charts or Progressed charts.  We tend to think of Saturn as a slow-moving director of trends that sensitize areas of our chart, setting … Continue reading

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Gingrich slips in Iowa polls, what is behind this?

It’s yo-yo time in the heartland — again!  Polls that have been reported today, Dec. 19th, show Gingrich slipping in the Iowa polls, Ron Paul rising, leaving Romney as the likely beneficiary.  What has led to this situation, what do … Continue reading

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Part 7: The Legal Circus Begins for Amanda

Amanda Knox watched helplessly as the Italian legal circus struck up the band and marched to some strange music.   For the past many months the media had kept the fantastic story before the public — a story demonizing the Perugia students, … Continue reading

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An Eventful Year for Amanda Knox: Part 2

2007 was an eventful year for Amanda Knox, but you wouldn’t be able to say why from her Solar Return.  There are times when the Solar Return doesn’t offer the astrologer an “early warning definition” of events-to-come, at least not in glaring … Continue reading

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Part 5: Introducing Bunny Gloria

Gloria Steinem starts her undercover job as a Playboy Bunny.  On Tuesday, Feb. 5, 1963 Gloria was assigned as Door Bunny, a position that enabled her to start work immediately as she had not had time to train serving customers.  … Continue reading

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When a Solar Return Seems to Contradict Reality . . .

Newt Gingrich experienced a Solar Return on June 17th.  This Solar Return initially strikes one as being very positive, yet the events of recent days seem to contradict the chart.  When we find inconsistencies between charts and life, we have … Continue reading

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Quiting doesn’t end the story !

Three days following his inappropriate remarks about Eagles quarterback McNabb, Rush Limbaugh resigns his long-coveted sportscaster job. This incident, this chart, provides us with a highly instructive example of the importance of chart angles in cyclic charts. Rush Limbaugh      Prog. … Continue reading

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