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Part Eleven: The Beginning Of The End For Cary Stayner

In the many weeks and months following his being charged with the murders of four women at Yosemite National Park, Stayner underwent a series of legal situations common in these cases; motions to delay or to change the venue, motions … Continue reading

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Pope Francis; Some Cardinals Rebel

Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014: Cardinals offer a Conservative push back against a conciliatory statement yesterday in which questions were offered asking about accepting the gay community in a more open way. Let me quote CNN’s John Sutter, “The current middle ground — … Continue reading

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Terror in the Theater — Part Two

The December 14th, 2011 p.c. Solar Return angles had, by July 20th, 2012, progressed from an MC of 17 Cancer to 24 Aries.  This is an arc distance of 277 degrees covered in 218 days — 1.2706 degrees/day.  This is … Continue reading

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Health Care & Interstate Commerce Act

One of the discussion points of interest to the U.S. Supreme Court, relative to health care is the Interstate Commerce Act which was passed by Congress Feb. 2nd, 1887.  This Act was intended to bring under control some of the practices … Continue reading

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5th Step, Captured again

Three months of robberies, shootings — and then, the inevitable happens. Following Dillinger’s rescue from prison by his gang members on Oct. 12, 1933, and the killing of the sheriff, Dillinger and his gang were involved in several bank robberies.  … Continue reading

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