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Crises At Age 39; Stonewall Jackson

Introduction. With this posting I will be leaving t/Moon-to-n/Sun Returns and taking up the usage of precession corrected (tropical) Solar Returns and Progressed Daily Angles charting.  These charts are cast using RIYAL for Windows, an astrological program developed by Juan … Continue reading

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The Most-Read Essay On This Site !

The most recent post on Donald Trump illustrated how important it was to have the right chart for exploring the issue at hand.  For that posting about the first GOP political debate amongst the Republican Party candidates, when Trump attacked … Continue reading

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Eval Knieval’s Failure Becomes A Triumph

Pictured here is Eval Knieval’s Rocket Motor Cycle and his jump suit, these items were part of a most-spectacular jump effort.  Eval intended to jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho, U.S.A.  This mile-wide canyon was far too wide for … Continue reading

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Jumping From NBC To ABC, From 4 am To 4 pm

The 1975 Solar Return for Barbara Walters marked the last year of her association with NBC and the Today show.  Barbara was being overworked, prevented from taking on a more visible role by the good-old-boy’s network,  There were glass ceilings in … Continue reading

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These Boots Were Made For Walking

On July 20, 1969 Buzz Aldrin was riding in a small and cramped space ship, a shuttle craft that was designed to lower a small crew from a larger craft orbiting the Moon.  This craft lowered itself with rockets blasting … Continue reading

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Solar Returns & Daily charts — #1

Solar Returns & Daily charts — #1: The Solar Return chart: Solar Return charts mark a cycle that starts at birth and continues through our entire life. The MC progresses some 450 degrees per year (360 + 90 degrees) as … Continue reading

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