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Chart Elements 2: The Part of Fortune

Fox News has had its problems this last year; news anchors have left the network, sexual assault charges have been filed and senior people have left Fox as a result, and their standing in the general media-sphere, as well as … Continue reading

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The Shah of Iran; a Part-Time Job In The Midst of Turmoil

Following the assassination attempt covered in my last posting, the Prime Minister, Mossaddegh, remained a popular figure in the overall government structure.  The war years had bred many conflicting situations based on influence and monies that flowed to easily into … Continue reading

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Jay Leno; From the Start All the Way to the End

On February 6th, 2014, next Friday evening, Jay Leno will host his last NBC Tonight Show. In the intervening years since he started, Jay has set a high bar for other late-night TV hosts and for his successors.  A fast … Continue reading

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Let Me Count The Ways In Which You . . .

It did not take long for the Wheels of Justice to start rolling relative to Ariel Castro’s horrific crimes against three young ladies of Cleveland.  The first chart is a t/Moon-opposite-n/Sun Return chart from the 12th to the 6th houses. … Continue reading

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