Edited May 16, 2014

Introduction:  My name is Dave.  In one life I am a retired business systems analyst, manufacturer and automation engineer.  In another life I have 4 decades of astrological experience, working within small groups.  Within my life as an astrologer I have come to the belief that, sooner or later, it is all about prediction.  Once the astrologer has the client’s confidence and a dialog is established, questions arise about how to resolve issues, when they may arise next.  Each of us has to have dependable tools to help us in our work with others.

My primary area of interest is personal predictive work.   A book on this subject, Personal Prediction, has been released for publication. Other interest areas include a newly found predictive system using transiting Moon returns to the natal Sun position.  These and other predictive techniques can all be grouped under the concept of Cyclic Charting — this is a subject that I intend to write about in the essay section soon.  Tarot, graphic arts, web-site creation, wood carving of tarot figures and carousel horses, reading, chess and tai chi are other interest areas, but Astrology stands first among them all.

The purpose of this site is to explore cyclic charting and ‘return’ chats: Return charts mark the moment when a transiting planet conjoins that/another planet’s natal position.  Some Return charts are cyclic in nature, each re-conjoining displays a cyclic continuation from the prior Return chart.  Solar Returns are an example of this.  Other Return charts such as Lunar Returns and Moon-to-Sun Returns are not cyclic in the same manner as is the Solar Return.  Most Return charts can be progressed in some way.

Cyclic and Return charts define a theme, in most cases, that acts much like the natal chart’s imprint in that it carries forward for the length of the cycle.  While Solar Returns and their derived Daily charts, and Moon-to-Sun Returns are the two forms of cyclic charts currently used most on this site, other forms of Return charts are also explored.

Posting practices:  The subjects and topics chosen are those which often show up in the news — print media, TV, Internet or are inspired by books that I come across.  Note the following:

  • Most posts are done two or three times per week, the schedule is not fixed.
  • The purpose of most posts are to explore a Return or Cyclic chart and one/more event charts that occur after the Return chart.  Being able to apply cyclic charts on a daily basis to the events in our lives is what I am always looking to do and to improve.
  • Since Return and Cyclic charts are not commonly practiced by astrologers as much as is secondary progressions and transit charts, my posts take on a ‘teaching’ tone. This cannot be helped.
  • Comments from readers are welcome.  Guest bloggers are welcome to either offer their own Return-Cyclic chart and comments or to share in some of the ongoing astrological discussion about these charts.

Thanks for visiting my site.  Dave



3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Rohan Menon says:


    “Within my life as an astrologer I have come to the belief that, sooner or later, it is all about prediction. ”

    What a great quote, I completely agree, after a confusing sojourn in ‘modern’ psychological astrology. Take prediction away and astrology is so much new age psychobabble.

    I just got my hands on your book (Personal Predictions – which I came to know of from your post on Solunars – a forum I’ve been trying to join with zero success) and from a quick skim, it looks absolutely delightful. I look forward to working through it in the coming months. I am so impressed by the quality of this book, that I plan to buy your second book too.

    Just wanted to say, great writing (both in the book and here). Keep it up!


  2. Sirius Black says:

    Hi Dave.
    I’m working my way through your book and have run into a term I am not familiar with. What is the ‘CD’ point and how is it calculated. Google comes up empty on the subject.




    • dadsnook says:

      Carl, thank you for your interest in my book. The CD or Co-Descendant is a point in cyclic charts which corresponds to an intrusive situation when a planet is at or very near that point. If you take the arc-distance in degrees from the MC to the Ascendant and extend it from the MC towards the Descendant area of the chart, the point where it falls is the CD point.

      The Ascendant represents what we experience, how we act, our attitude and decisions. The MC represents our attainment, our goals, public image and standing within the community. The midpoint of Asc./MC is used by many astrologers to represent the “here and now” in our life

      When we extend the Asc.–MC arc to the west/Desc. side of the chart and if a planet is at/near that point, we essentially turn the MC into a midpoint between the Asc. and that CD-planet. The MC then expresses how we act and view the situation versus the CD-planet’s meaning. That CD planet becomes a modifier of our goals and ambitions, we have to make adjustments to accomodate the nature of the CD planet.

      This is why I see that CD point as being intrusive. We don’t ask for it. It seldom has a direct aspect to the MC or the Asc. so it is more difficult to assimilate.

      I hope this helps you. Please contact me further with any other questions that arise. If you have time I would like to know your preference for Tropical or Sidereal astrology, if you have worked with Solar Returns before, and how you learned of my book. Dave


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