Press Release for Personal Prediction

Press Release

 Sidereal Solar Return Techniques Recast Book & Shadow-Jand Updated for Tropical Astrologers Solar Return and Progressed Angles Daily Charting was introduced as part of the new Sidereal astrology of the mid-1900s.  These effective predictive methods have now been updated via computer software and new usage and interpretation methods, and recast  for the larger Tropical astrological community of today. Southborough Publishing, Southborough, MA, May 14, 2013.  Personal Prediction brings Sidereal Astrologer Cyril Fagan’s Solar Return and daily charting methods to the tropical astrological community in a computer-supported and updated methodology that provides the timing and definition of events through the perspectives ofSQ-cycle-J attitude, action and situations. Precession corrected Solar Returns and the associated 365 progressed-angle daily charts are cyclic in nature and portray a constantly evolving combination of likely experiences through the presence of planets at the angles.  The underlying annual solar cycle combined with the progressing MC cycle of 9 months and 2 weeks length combine two important factors in astrological charts into the “MC-Solar Cycle.”  New software, free to download and use, supports the adoption of these formerly complex techniques and permits this methodology to serve any astrologer capable of erecting and reading a natal chart. An astrological chart can be viewed as a sine-wave.  Here the Sun’s cycle completes in 12 months, the MC cycle completes in 9 months and 2 weeks and then goes on to advance an additional 90 degrees so as to align with next year’s Solar Return chart.  This continuing life-long cycle unifies the natal (potential), solar (current opportunities) and daily (expression via an event) charts.  The angular planets (only) portray a clear interpretive meaning consistent with the context of one’s life and the nature of the natal and solar return.  Supportive software simplifies the identification of the ten or twenty significant event dates within each annual and 9 1/2 month cycle that shape so much of our individual lives. The reformulation of Solar Return and daily charting methods has been a life-long work of small-group astrologer David Monroe of Massachusetts.  The methods employed can be viewed on-line at where more than three years of charting archives utilize public figures and events to share, explain and promote the use of Solar Returns, daily charts and other cyclic forms of astrological charting. Personal Prediction, ISBN 978-0-615-63033-5, priced at $19.95 US, is available from Lightning Source in the US, UK, Europe and Australia, book wholesalers and book sellers.  Southborough Publishing is the creation of the author, David Monroe, who can be reached via:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone:  (508) 485-7460
  • Cell:      (508) 439-2070
  • Mail:      Southborough Publishing, PO Box 97, Southborough, MA 01772

Southborough Publishing on-line:


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