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Boston Strangler Victim 13; Unlucky For Everyone

January in Boston, 1964.  Cold harbor winds slip past the buildings.  People move rapidly from place to subway to place, coat collars drawn high around their faces.  One woman doesn’t quite see who grabs her at the door, doesn’t quite … Continue reading

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Boston In 1962: Old Crime In A Becoming-New City

Boston, Massachusetts in 1962 was a city caught in transition; its neighborhood structure followed ethnic lines–Italians in the North End, Irish in the South End, the Anglo-Saxon blue-bloods whose ancestors arrive on the Mayflower in 1620 on Beacon Hill and … Continue reading

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Just Passing By; Really. How Do You Just Pass By?

Imagine George Carlin discussing the subject of someone “passing by.”  How do you just pass by?  You jiggled my coffee and you say, “sorry, I was just passing by.”  You don’t offer to buy me another coffee?  You don’t wipe … Continue reading

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Live From New York City, It’s Saturday Night Live!

A long-running United States TV show is Saturday Night Live.  This comedy show, airing at 11:30 PM each Saturday evening after the late news shows is sometimes so-so in its comedy and skits, sometimes brilliant and wacky, often its political … Continue reading

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You Can’t Say That, You Just Can’t!

Stand-up comedians say a lot of things that can either be understood in several ways or which indirectly imply something quite different from what the words seem to mean at first.  Back in 1972 George Carlin specifically said that there … Continue reading

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Now, You See Me — Now You Don’t

All good things come to an end, or do they?  In 2010 the filming of the final Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows Part Two completed the eight film series of the young magician’s struggle against a seemingly fated death … Continue reading

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