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Part One: The Murderer and The Victims

Yosemite National Park in eastern California is a popular tourist attraction due to its natural beauty of mountains, lakes and forests.  It was within this fabulous setting in 1999 that a tragedy occurred.  A woman from nearby Santa Rosa, her daughter … Continue reading

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Oscar Pistorius Faces The Dark At The End OF The Tunnel

Oscar Pistorius heard the dreaded news. The feelings he experienced must have tightened his chest and stomach like a turn-screw.  For him, a dark period lay ahead.  Five years as a jail sentence, at least ten months for certain, likely … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ Synod; No Consensus, Lots of Discontent

All parties to the Synod on Family Issues had their own views as to what should result from the two-week conference.  Unfortunately, no two attendees had the same views.  Even more unfortunate was no two could agree to a middle … Continue reading

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Pope Francis; Some Cardinals Rebel

Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014: Cardinals offer a Conservative push back against a conciliatory statement yesterday in which questions were offered asking about accepting the gay community in a more open way. Let me quote CNN’s John Sutter, “The current middle ground — … Continue reading

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Pope Francis; In A Brave New World, Part One.

The Pope had a world-wide survey conducted in 2013 to determine the interests and issues most important to Catholics.  As a result of that survey a Family Issues Synod has been convened in Rome attended by various levels of clergy … Continue reading

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Eval Knieval’s Failure Becomes A Triumph

Pictured here is Eval Knieval’s Rocket Motor Cycle and his jump suit, these items were part of a most-spectacular jump effort.  Eval intended to jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho, U.S.A.  This mile-wide canyon was far too wide for … Continue reading

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Eval Knievel’s Insanity; Keep On Jumping, Keep On Being Injured

Eval Knievel was one crazy dude!  Almost every jump resulted in bad injuries during the early part of his career.  In this post I will address the jump/injuries that finally made him famous.  In late 1967 while attending a boxing … Continue reading

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