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Example Chart 01C: O.J. Simpson

Prediction; Example 01C for O.J. Simpson’s break in, robbery and kidnapping on Sept. 13, 2007 We have examined O.J. Simpson’s natal chart (01A), precession-corrected Solar Return (01B) and will now look at the solar return’s progressed angles for a period … Continue reading

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Astro-Tarot reading for Seafra

This astro-tarot reading strongly cross-confirms the creative forces that are available to Seafra at this point in her life and which will become a personal “job” or life-style for her in just a few years time. Continue reading

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Miniature carved tarot card; 3 of swords

Miniature carved tarot card; the 3 of Swords “Three” represents the result of a pairing.  The phrase, “The sum is more than the whole of its parts” comes to mind, a couple bringing forth a child is another example.  As … Continue reading

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Example Chart 01B: O.J. Simpson

Prediction Example Chart:  O. J. Simpson’s 2007 Solar Return. With the natal chart of O. J. Simpson now covered, we can move into the process of developing predictive charts.  The chart presented here is a precession-corrected Tropical Solar Return (which … Continue reading

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Astro-Tarot Reading for JR Dadsnook, April 20, 2009 JR was born on Jan. 17, 1987 and is seeking a new job due to currently being unemployed.  JR is also a Tarot/Oracle reader.  JR wishes to have a reading addressing life’s … Continue reading

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Example Chart 01:A, O.J.Simpson

Prediction Example Chart 01:A, O. J. Simpson We will be using charts and events from the life of O. J. Simpson, former (U.S.) National Football League star and former celebrity.  Specifically we will be focusing on the recent Las Vegas … Continue reading

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Tropical vs Sidereal Solar Returns

“Timing” is the biggest difference and selling point for either Sidereal or precession corrected Tropical Solar Returns compared to the conventional Tropical Solar Return chart format. If being “right” in your predictions is important to you, then you have to consider this process of astrology. Continue reading

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