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A Bad Situation Turns Better — Much Better!

On May 6th of this year, 2013, in Cleveland, Ohio, Ariel Castro left his home.  Unfortunately for him, due to his carelessness, one of the three young ladies he had abducted and imprisoned for many years managed to escape from … Continue reading

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A Most Despicable Set of Actions

This man, Ariel Castro, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and later moved to Cleveland, OH.  Living by himself with no apparent prospects of gaining a girlfriend, he decided to obtain a girlfriend by a very simple means — … Continue reading

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A Very Short Vacation

For all my readers; I will be on vacation for several days.  I expect to post next over the coming weekend period.  Life has been hectic lately — we are selling the house, refurbishing the house while people look at … Continue reading

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Nobody Believes Me!

Sept. 13, 2013.  Barry Bonds today lost his appeal on his 2011 conviction of Obstructing Justice in the long-running investigation of steroid use in baseball.  This “case” of steroid use began in 2003 and has continued since then.  Bonds has … Continue reading

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Carefree; Careless; Catastropic — Not Good Words For A Seaman

On the evening of January 13, 2012, Captain Francesco Schettino had decided to take his ship close to the island of Giglio.  “Close” was some few hundred feet from the rocky shore.  The Costa Concordia ran aground, its hull torn … Continue reading

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It Was Bad: Let’s Pretend It Wasn’t

Wednesday, August 27, 2013, was the first full day in court for Francesco Schettino, former Captain of the cruise ship Costa Concordia.   That ship sank after being run aground on the Isle of Giglio, off the Tuscany coast of … Continue reading

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