Two Reports are currently offered at the Ninth House:

  • Free mini-Astro-Tarot Reports posted here on this blog-site
  • Annual Solar Return and Yearly Prediction Report, a for-a-fee custom (not computer generated) written report based on Dave’s MC-Solar Cycle system of prediction.

Free mini Astro-Tarot Reports

From time-to-time I will accept and post mini-Astro-Tarot Reports on request.  These short reports are intended to both answer your pressing question as well as to illustrate the different approaches to same-similar conclusions through the combined use of these two very different systems.  The requester will need to 1) ask a specific question (not a general question such as what will the next three months bring me), 2) provide their birth data (date, time of birth, location, current location) and 3) a short statement about their current life style, career area and interests — no more than a couple of sentences.

The posted report will note the Sun-Moon meanings within the chart, and note any current transit activity to the chart’s planets and houses that may be significant, along with comments on these factors.  The Tarot section will utilize a three-card spread to show the tarot-view of the question and possible range of answers.  Both the mini-astrology reading and tarot reading will be summarized.  All in all this combined reading may span from four to six or seven paragraphs.  I envision limiting these explorations to an average of one a week so as to serve the overall goals of this Ninthouse blog-site–sharing & education.

Annual Solar Return and Yearly Highlights Report.

This report includes a brief commentary on the Natal Chart, a more in-depth analysis of the Solar Return, and a notation on significant dates (based on the MC-Solar Cycle) that are likely to occur during the year following the Solar Return (birth date), and commentary relative to the issues or questions that the requester submits.  Each chart and life situation is quite different but I have found that there are often some 15 to 30 significant dates to look for in a given year where one’s natal potential is more likely to present itself through various opportunities. The comments offered relative to those dates will relate to the context offered by your natal chart, your current lifestyle, and the observed workings of those patterns as I have found them to work out in over three decades of practice.  This form of “prediction” is a combination of event-definition, personal prior-experience context, and an interpretive analysis of how transits for a given date are likely to impact you.  Additionally, your personal MC-Solar Cycle will bring combinations of natal and solar return chart angles into contact with the daily chart angles — these contacts are “new” with this methodology and haven’t been used in this way by other astrologers.   Angles-to-angles almost always link to significant opportunities for personal growth and challenge.  There is no “theoretical” or “book” interpretation approach used in these comments, it all based on experience.

The nature of the interpretation relating to significant event dates is characterized by how one tends to act, their attitude and the type of situation most/more likely to be encountered.  In all of this, the context of the natal chart and of one’s current lifestyle, location, vocation, interests are all factored in.  These reports are custom-analyzed and are not computer-generated — indeed, there is no such program currently available to do that.  You are encouraged to review earlier examples of how the MC-Solar Cycle Predictive Process has been applied to the several celebrity examples offered in the past here on the NinthHouse site.

I am not interested in playing guessing games (some people request “blind” readings) and your good money should result in an honest effort to respond fully to your questions.  It is necessary that a pre-report dialog be conducted via e-mail so that your focused concerns and your background are understood by myself.  I will then apply this predictive method and my experience to offer you the insights that can serve to shape your expectations and tools for best serving your personal interests in the coming year.

You will need to provide your full birth data (date, time of birth, location), present location, and the equivalent of a paragraph or two giving your general lifestyle, gender, vocational activities, interests.  Your question or concern focus also needs to be expressed.  My report will be in the form of an e-mail reply, with attachments of some charts for your interest.

The cost for this custom report is $90, although a lower charge may be suggested based on how tightly focused your questions and needs are.  A check will need to be sent and deposited before the report is undertaken.  Those details will be covered in our e-mail contacts.  My e-mail address is    You should feel free to ask any questions prior to requesting a report.  Dave


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  1. Aron says:

    How do I get in contact with you regarding ordering solar return charts? You have no contact info or phone number on your page.


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